Fate includes both what you are and what you are becoming.  Each person has a kind of fate in their life towards certain happenings, etc., but it is not unchangeable.  Rather, fate is the working out of the wishes and lessons of the individual in becoming the WHO you wish to experience in this turn of the wheel. It is sort of like being on a stage with   a role to play, other actors, props, etc.  But just as much as you are the lead actor, you are also the director and you can change things to suit you as you go along.

That is how it is with fate.  It is what you have decreed for yourself at this time, and this means that both necessity and freedom have parts to play. The necessity derives from the physical situation, the time in which you live and all the variables of that environment.  Added to that are the experiences that you wish to have as part of your unfolding of your experience of being universal consciousness.  The freedom derives from the fact that at any time, you can rewrite the script.  You have power for change in your life.

There are people who have done a complete turnabout, oftentimes after some life changing event, say a Near Death Experience.  These things, however, come frequently as the result of some seemingly small happening.  When they happen, it is like you have skipped a grade in school.  You have compressed a bunch of lessons into one, and you are ready to move on along a different track.  Necessity is being fulfilled, you are experiencing consciousness as this person that you are, and freedom is at work, time to move on to something new.

So fate is not static, carved in stone, or immutable.  Fate is active and works with you as you change.  As the unfolding of the Universe accelerates, you too accelerate in your own development.  And the end result of that is the joy of ever-growing self knowledge and love.