October 25 – 31

Color for the Week:    Storaro Violet

Perhaps just because it is Halloween week, we will be seeing so-called anomalies everywhere.  They will start small on Tuesday, and grow as the week progresses.  So do not be surprised if you find yourself doing things that are out of character.  Watch for some unusual clumsiness, and think before taking any action.  There will be more to things than meets the eye.

This week brings ups and downs, but the bottom line is learning.  So do not be afraid of the lessons that will be coming your way this week.   Some will be hard — things that you did not want to deal with.  Others will confirm things you already knew but had not been ready to deal with.  There are friends and strangers who will appear when you need help.  And you will begin to see your own sensitivities growing.  Through it all, you will be taken care of.  Look for masks to fall on political events in the world.  Look also for rumblings within the earth.  A late season tropical storm in the Atlantic can make itself known.  More shake ups in the financial world are coming, with news of the markets being, at best, unreliable.  There is a movement afoot to make people believe the worst.  It has started in the area of finance, and will continue in other areas as well.   Do not be afraid.  Hold tight to your truth and do what you need to do to feel secure.  This is a good time to change your focus.  It does not have to be an huge change, just a small attention to details that you have overlooked before.  There may be, as they say, a devil in the details, but there are angels as well.

Sunday, October 25:    Storaro Yellow

There is a sense today that you have forgotten something.  Also you are feeling that you have too much to do.  People will be calling upon you for assistance, information, and companionship, but this is a day when you will not have much of any of that to give.  You will be feeling that it is time to get things in better order.  It is time to clean the house, get rid of stuff, change your diet, take a nap.  There will be a lot of different and conflicting thoughts and emotions coming your way today.  This is a time to get grounded.  Prioritize.  What is it that you are wanting to do.  Think back on things that have been coming up in your thoughts for the past two weeks and focus on them.  You are laying the foundation for a new phase in your life, and it is important now to clear out things, ideas, and anything else that no longer serve you.  So take some time for yourself.  Take a walk outside.  Take time just to look closely at something in the natural world that you have not paid close attention to in the past.  All of these small shifts of attention will act as guides as a new clarity comes.

Monday, October 26:    Bastard Amber

There will be a lot of things coming your way today that are pretending to be something they are not.  Be wary in dealings with people, especially with people who either ask you to do something for them or those who are trying to tell you that you owe them something.  Before taking action on any kinds of demands like these, evaluate them carefully for the truth of the matter.  Today there will be changes coming your way as well as changes in the earth, weather, and crazy news in the media.  Do not be surprised if you experience a bout of vertigo.,  There is a shifting going on on every level and no one is immune to that.  Do not fall into fear .  Question any assertions that are made to you today unless they come with strong backing.  As the winter approaches, you will find that things are shifting more and more and that your reactions are different from the way they were in the past.  This is a time to determine your perspective on things and to stand fast in that knowing.

Tuesday, October 27:     Rose Gold

Things seem to be going great today.  You will find yourself in circumstances where everything seems to be going your way.  People that used to bug you will seem more tolerable.  You will feel yourself better than you have in a long time.  You will be looking good.  Enjoy this.  Because as the day wears on, you will begin to get hints of something that is not quite right.  These will be only hints today, as the general atmosphere is one of calm and contentment, but do not discount any feelings of uneasiness.  Store them away to deal with later.  There is a message in the air today, and a new direction.  Listen closely and look for sign posts.  Do not take things too seriously and just enjoy.  Know that there will be times for contemplation and review later.

Wednesday, October 28:   Calcolor 60 Red

The day starts out with a bang.  You are feeling yourself under pressure and in a hurry.  When these feelings come upon you, the best thing to do is to take some time to center yourself and be grounded.  Staying within your power will make this an easy day.  If, however, you give your power away to people, things and influences that will be coming at you quite quickly today, then you will end up feeling confused and uncertain.  Listen to the advice of a friend/mentor.  Take come time to review things that have happened to you recently.  When you find that too many things are coming your way today, prioritize and go for the ones that are most important to you.  This is a day to look at things from inside yourself in terms of what it is that you truly want to accomplish and who you truly are.  Take some time to meditate, take a walk, sit quietly, journal.  There is a message for you in the energies of today and by reflection, you can understand it.

Thursday, October 29:    Pale Yellow Green

Things do not seem quite right today.  You may be experiencing some bouts with your health when you feel that there is something coming on or perhaps that you ate something that was not quite right.  Do not allow yourself to become overly concerned.  Actually, you are fine.  It is just that the energies of the day are so unsettled that things are not falling into place the way that they should.  Misunderstandings can arise in work, with friends, and family situations.  Take the time to analyze before acting.  Be careful in where you go and when.  There will be more of the crazies on the road.  This is a day for action, not reaction.  If you can maneuver yourself through this day, you will find that you have gained some insight into people with whom you interact.  Take time this evening to look into your heart and understand the way your reactions today are affecting the path you are now taking.  There is something new under the sun and you are seeing hints of it everywhere.

Friday, October 30:    Salmon Pink

Today is a day when you will feel fine about getting things done.  You will be feeling that your energies have been renewed and you are ready to tackle big projects.  Take advantage of this energy surge to work on projects that you have put on the back burner for some time.  It is a good day for clearing out old stuff.  This is a good day to go forward with ideas and creations that you thought were way too much for you.  It is a good day for finally having that conversation that you have been putting off.  The energies are on your side today.    You will also be finding yourself somewhat more psychic than usual.  Act upon those urges knowing that they are right and will lead you to new information.  Look for a new friend to cross your path, perhaps through your blog or some web related thing.  Pay attention to little things.

Saturday, October 31:    Light Salmon Pink

Halloween, Samhain:    Today is a day that even though you are wearing a mask, you are transparent to those out there that you wish to contact.  You will find joy in small things and there will be tiny bits of serendipity coming to you.  Look for a so-called stranger to seem very familiar.  Once again you are hooking into the Akashic so do not discredit what would seem to be crazy urges and impulses.  This is a very good day to be out in the public. Go shopping.  Join an impromptu party. There is a kind of energy that is being generated in crowds today that can bring a higher vibration to everything that is happening around you.  So, let go.  Know that today there is a strong sense of protection in the air and that paths are opening up.  You have been thinking about something for a while but have been afraid to act upon it.  Today is a safe day for taking the plunge.    And you Daylight Savings Time People, do not forget to turn your clocks back tonight before going to bed.