October 18 – 24

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Amber

Even as the amber sap of ancient trees carries the history of things long past, dragging along bits of foliage and bugs that got caught in its web, so this week will bring forth memories of things past.  These memories will cling to you as the week goes on.  Analyze those memories as they contain messages that you were not ready for when the memories were formed.   Treasure the lessons that you learned, and move forward with new knowledge.

This week promises to be one of clearing out and cleansing.  New energies have been coming in  with strength and purpose.  They are shaking up the way the old things used to be.  You will be seeing more and more evidence of these new energies as things in the news and on the media begin to indicate that things are falling apart.  There is the possibility of power outages and shortages in different areas along with reverberations through the weather and within the Earth..  Take time to get some perspective on the situation.  There is meaning here.  You must find it for yourself.  You may find yourself wanting to get rid of things.  You may find yourself finding things just too much to deal with.  Physically your body will be doing its own cleansing on all levels.  Do not be surprised if your tastes have changed as well as some of your habits.  You will be more tired than usual, so factor that into your sleep schedule.  When bouts of tiredness overcome you during the day, take a moment to center and meditate.  It will all come out well.  Do not give into fears that people will be presenting to you in public, private, or in the media.  Keep your focus on your connection to Infinite Consciousness, and you will find that things begin to make some sense, to take some shape, and that you are more in control. This is also a good week for tying up loose ends in terms of friends and family members that you have been meaning to get in touch with.  Take advantage of the open energies of this time to being things out into the open.  Much healing and resolution can take place.   Oh, and you will find that your patience with people with whom you do not resonate is wearing thin.  Watch for upheavals in the Earth and in the news.  This is a week when conflicts can begin or rekindle.

Sunday, October 18:   Medium Blue Green

New Moon.   Take time today to work with focusing on what it is that you wish to accomplish.  There is much confusion in the air.  This is a time of almosts on so many levels, so do not expect to get too much done today.  Be patient and kind to yourself.  Things will seem out of focus and there will be much confusion.  It is important to work on your own sight and vision.  Be aware of the things that are happening at the periphery for there is more meaning in those than in that which is presented straight in front of you eyes.  Look for messages in nature, anomalies in the water, rocks that fall into your path.  Take time out to center and focus on what it is that you are trying to realize within your life.  Hold on to that goal, for it will guide you as the times become more and more confused.  This evening to do a small New Moon ritual to bring into focus what you are wishing to create.  Plant it under the light of this moon, and expect to see it blossom by the time of the full moon.

Monday, October 19:    Daffodil

You will be feeling that there is something new in the air today.  You will feel yourself more positive than you have been in a while.  Paradoxically, along with that sense of things going well, you will also be feeling deep down a kind of sorrow, an unease, a sense that things are happening below the surface.  It will act as a reminder that there are ups and downs in everything.  You will find that you are looking at yourself, your personal situation, your belongings, and your friends in a different light, and  questioning why it is that you are doing things as you do, why is it that you have put up with various habits and peculiarities of certain people for so long. why it is that you have allowed yourself to develop habits and traits that you do not really like.  This is a day for decision making and for opening up.  Take time to journal, to draw, or just to think through what it is that makes you happy and what it is that you are no longer happy with.  Then it is time to determine a strategy for bringing more joy into your life by getting rid of those things that no longer serve.

Tuesday, October 20:     Medium Straw Yellow

There is a sense in the air today that things are not right, that you are not getting the whole story.  You will find yourself questioning people, events, and things because there seems to be in each area things that are hidden.  Your patience is wearing thin, which surprises you because to a certain extent you have felt that it has been just that patience which has gotten you through to today.  You are developing a new sense of WHO you are and that new you is not longer wanting to deal with half truths, hints,  and insincerities.  There will be times today when you will feel like you just want to chuck it all, go home, and take a nap.  When that happens, go into your heart center and focus on the situation at hand, and then you can truly see what it is in that moment that is causing you to react in this way.  Then follow that realization to its core to find a renewed sense of our own personal truth and how to make your truth a reality.  You will be looking around you at your stuff.  You will see how complicated, cluttered and confused things have become.  This is a day to look towards what simplicity is.  Take time to work with the idea of simplicity and what that will mean for your own life on all levels.

Wednesday, October 21:    Pale Violet

Orionid Meteor Showers Peak:    Nostalgia and sadness are part of the energies of the day.  This is not a good day upon which to look to get too much done.  If there are things that you need to do, then do not set for yourself a rigid schedule.  Expect things to take longer, and if you happen to run into old friends or new who wish to converse, take the time to do so.  There are things that need to be said.  Listen carefully with your heart as there is a new understanding arising, and you can begin to get some clarity on issues that have plagued you for some time.  This is a day when there will be hints in the air of things to come.  Be aware of synchronicities.  Take time to wonder what things mean.  There is a new paradigm shaping up and all these seeming anomalies are part of that puzzle.  By being alert to the energies and the hints around you, you will find yourself stronger and more in control as the year winds down to an end and more fear based things are thrown at you from outside.  If the inside is strong and clear, you will be able to see these things for what they are — illusion.

Thursday, October 22:    Medium Grey

Patience will not be your best thing today.  You will be feeling out of sorts.  Things will not be happening the way that you would like them to.  Allow yourself to go with the flow today, even if it seems that the flow is taking you away from what it is that you wish to accomplish,.  By going with the flow, there are lessons to be learned that will bring a renewed sense of clarity as the time goes on.  There are things that need to be experienced and today is a day when things that will happen to you and around you that seem not so great on the surface, but they are right for this time.  These are, in fact, easy lessons.  There are things yet to be learned in terms of WHO you are and what it is that you wish to accomplish and the lessons of today will make sense to you if you take the time to gain some perspective on them.  Even if things still seem confused, in a few weeks, you will understand where they stood in the greater plan.  You will be enjoying yourself this evening as things get lighter and you find a new joy coming in.

Friday, October 23:   CalColor 15 Green

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!    Take nothing at face value today.  Honor what makes you strong.  Find joy in those close to you, your home, your family, pets, friends.  Look for understanding within your heart.  This is a day that will create itself as time goes on.  Because of this, it is important to stay focused, grounded, and centered.  There are challenges which can be overcome, however if you come from a place of power, you will not see things as challenges, hurdles, or obstacles, rather they are just things that happen.  Stay away from fear and strong emotion.  The energy today is such that people fall into extremes.  Be the observer in all things.  Put off decisions until another day.  There is an unexpected person who will present him/herself today.  Answer only questions that are asked, but ask whatever it is that you wish to know.  There is the possibility today that you can get answers to some issues that have been eluding you for some time.

Saturday, October 24:    Orange

There are difficulties afoot today.  Things that you thought you could do easily, you will find some difficulty in accomplishing.  Even so, this is a good day to be together with friends.  There is much to be discussed, and the energies of the day allow for a new kind of openness and security.  Things spoken today will be held  secret should you so wish.  But another lesson of the day is that in speaking your truth, there is never any need to hide or to keep back.  Words have different meanings for different people, and because you do not know how one person will interpret what you say, it is good to allow your heart to formulate the flow that the conversation will take.  Be aware that any uncomfortable physical symptoms that you are feeling today are temporary as long as you do not give them power by becoming overly concerned.  This is not a good day for judgment or criticism.  Be open and if times of stress arise, take as your mantra “It is what it is”, and do not become too deeply invested.