October 11 – 17

Sunday, October 11:    Light Opal

Today there will be more clarity in terms of what it is that you are looking for and paradoxically, what it is that is looking for you.  This is all part of an opening up of dimensions which will reveal itself in odd instances of synchronicity and recognition.  This is a recognition that is only somewhat related to deja vu for it has to do with a recognition of people and events and sense that all thing are falling into place.  There is a bit of playfulness in the air today, so do not take things too seriously for if you do, you might just miss what it is that they really mean.  It is a day to feel good about yourself so do something that makes you feel more WHO you are.  Look for an unexpected message that all play out in the latter part of the week.

Monday, October 12:   Flesh Pink

Columbus Day:    A lot of things will be coming out into the open today.  There will be revelations made on all levels, including in terms of personal knowledge .  Be prepared to deal with unexpected people who come your way.  It is also a good day to take care in vehicular traffic.  There is much distraction in the air.  People will be having a hard time concentrating on things, and this can lead to mis-communications and mis-perceptions.  Take everything with a grain of salt today and do not become too invested in things.  You will find that there will be movement later in the week as people try to cover up things said and done today.  If you remain centered and true to yourself, you will have no regrets and you will find out some things about people and events that you suspected but had not gotten any clarity on.

Tuesday, October 13:    Orange Red

Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. Portugal:    Take care in your dealings with people today.  There will be emotions at the surface level and you can trip an emotional reaction without meaning too.  Know also that you may be feeling within yourself a kind of loss and nostalgia, and you will not really be able to put your finger on just why it is happening.  This is a day when passions can be released so take time and consider your words and actions when people seem to come at you wanting you to do something.  You might find that the best way to deal with situations is to approach them from a different aspect.  DO not do the expected today unless you are ready to deal with unexpected results.

Wednesday,  October14:     Congo Blue

This is a day when you should be prepared to meet your shadow on many levels.  You will be encountering people, some you know, some you have not met, who will bring to the surface old feelings and urges that you thought you had sufficiently stuffed, so much so they they would never again appear.  Expect yourself to become involved in excess today.  You will tend to want to do too much — too much talking, too much drinking, too much eating. etc., etc., etc.  All of this is symptomatic of a desire not to have to face the shadows that are asking for recognition.  The good thing is that if you choose to face them and work with them, you will find out more about yourself.  You will also find out that essentially, they are not negative, rather they represent actions, lessons, emotions that were left unresolved.  Tonight is a good time to catch up on things you have always meant to do.  Take time to be good to yourself and to see that you are opening up to a whole new level of creativity.  Hey, you might even dye your hair green.  Who knows!!!

Thursday,  October 15:    Roscosun

The Ides of October:    It is always a good idea, when the sun is out, not to look into the sun.  This is a day when you ill be feeling the need and the desire to see what the sun has to bring to light.  Unfortunately,. the clarity that you wish to get in terms of your relationships, your Job, your financial situation is not there.  This is a sun that is somehow occluded.  So take nothing at face value and just learn to wait.  That that is the theme of today.  Waiting. Be the observer.  See what happens before you.  But do not judge.  Any final judgment taken today will prove to be premature.  There will some situation arising with a person, for some a friend, well known, for others, a chance encounter.  But this is an important coming to meet (hexagram #44 in the I Ching — refer to it)  Look into the encounter and be prepared to learn more about how things are working out for you.   They are working out.  You just need to add your feelings into the equation.

Friday, October 16:    Calcolor 30 Blue

Do not expect to get a lot done today int the outside world.  You will feel yourself tied down, like Gulliver.  Little tiny ropes.  There will be little tiny blockages to things you want to do.  Nothing major.  Splinters.  They bug you and get your attention, but you feel you can move on beyond them.  That they do not matter.  But do not underestimate the power of the small, the persuasion of the weak.  This is a day when it is very important to stand in your own power, for all those little stops and irritations actually can cause very larger problems and blockages if you do not pay attention to them.,  When the little irritations arise, deal with them  the moment.  In that way, they can accumulate and cause a big blow.  Yet, you will be feeling yourself tired and out of sorts today.  So take time to deal with physical issues as they arise.  If you are hungry, eat.  If you are tired, nap.  The old Taoist adage of letting it be and going with the flow will get you through.

Saturday, October 17:     RoscoSun 1/8

Dwali, Festival of Lights:    Take time today to rest.  You will be feeling yourself out of sorts and not able to accomplish much.  this is not a day on which to deal with people with whom you are not comfortable — in-laws, rivals, so-called friends, law officers/  You will not be able to come off in your own power.  Hold back today and take time to center within yourself.  This is an opportunity to see beyond the present moment into that which you wish to create.  Take it.  Spend time in meditation.  Journal.  Draw.  Cry.  Close up old wounds.  Finish old projects.  The energy is right, and once you have done that, you can march forward in new strength.