November 1-7

Overall Color for the Week:    Powder Frost

There will be revelations coming to the fore this week, but they will arrive in such a form that they will not be terribly startling or unsettling.  You will feel yourself to be more ethereal than you have for a while.  You will find that there are things about yourself that you like. You will also be willing to take a look at the things about yourself that you do not really like, but with more kindness than before.  The energies of this week are such that you will be able to evaluate yourself objectively and lovingly .  You will have a new understanding of what it is that You are .  On the wider scene, the news will be carrying warnings about things related to war, flu, and finance, but the doom and gloom that they are wanting to advertise will not really seem true.  There will be glitches in each of these messages that make the news seem unreliable.  Watch for there to be a kind of wave like movement on the earth so that earth events seem to start in one place, and slowly progress around the globe.  There is the possibility of some kind of message from space.  Perhaps there will be hints of ET presence.  It is all coming.  The  elections of the week, especially in terms of bond issues, will show that the opinions of people are changing, and that they are becoming more invested in what it is that is truly important.  Watch for some news of a person who will become more important as time goes buy.

Sunday, November 1:   Forest Green

All Saints’ Day:    There is something in the air today that speaks of growth and change.  Even as the year is drawing to a close, there is a new energy on the horizon that is bringing to the fore many things that before were unspoken.  You can expect to hear hints of things today, things that you had expected but not been given any concrete evidence of.  There is someone in the crowd who has some particular message for you.  Do not worry if you do not get out.  It can come in the form of a slogan on the radio, a line in a song, a headline on TV.  There is something that you need to know in order to gain your power as the times progress, and more confusion comes in.   Take time to center.  Look at things with discrimination.  Do not allow yourself to believe things unless they have some kind of backup.  You know now more than before, and there is a new light coming into your experiences.

Monday, November 2:   Medium Bastard Amber

All Souls’ Day:   Full Beaver Moon:    The themes of today are dark and light and the bringing of the hidden into the light.   Be careful in your interpretation of things, for some of what seems real and substantial is merely smoke in mirrors.  There is a need to communicate with a person with whom you have not spoken for some time.  Messages can come in unexpected ways.  Things are coming to the surface.  There will be some physical issues that are not truly of concern, rather they are just your body reacting to the outside energies, and they will pass quickly.  Watch what it is that you are focusing upon today.  There is the potential in the air for creation and manifestation, but you need to define clearly what it is that you desire, for the trickster is waiting in the wings to play his hand in matters. This is, above all, a day for Believing.  Believe in yourself and your power.  With that as your guide, all will work out well.

Tuesday, November 3:    Rose Indigo

Look for mysteries to abound today.  Watch for faces in mirrors and other entities leaking through the veils.  Above all, this is a day for laughter and play.  All of these things are coming forth to make you question what it is that is truly real and who it is that you are.  You will find that things will be easier for you today than for a while, so take some time to deal with issues that you had put on the back burner.  It is a good day to reconnect with the energies of the natural world.  This can be done, just be taking a breath of air with the intention of connecting with the wind and all that it touches throughout the world.  This way, you can experience the Himalayas, the Grand Canyon, the Gobi Desert, Silbury Hill, all the oceans and the other wonders of Gaia, in a single breath, knowing that that bit of air that you breathe in has been part of Gaia from the beginning and connects you with all.

Wednesday, November 4:    Indigo

This is a day of mystery.  Prepare to be startled by things you had not heard of before.  Look also for things of the shadow to be abroad.  Take time in all that you do and do not be hasty.  If there is a decision to be made, look at it from all sides.  Things that seem to be positive may carry along with them something that is not truly desirable.  If you cannot have one without the other, then do not have any at all.  Things that are right for you to do, to have, to be will come back to you.  There are no opportunities that will be lost by being cautious, merely sorrows averted.  Pay special attention to a friend or family member who is in need.  Emotions will be close to the surface.  You will find yourself reacting emotionally to many situations.  Work with your feelings today and know that if you go from the true essence of your heart, all will be well.

Thursday, November 5:    CalColor 90 Lavender

This is a great day for getting things done.  You will find your energy levels high and your desire to get things done in full gear.  Do not allow seemingly negative people or headlines to get you down.  They are just passing whims today.  You feel like dancing, and you will be seeing old things, events, and people in  new light.  because of this, it is a good time to deal with issues that you had not gotten a grasp on before.  Your perspective is different today.  Watch for serendipitous events to come your way.  Oh, and do take time to indulge is some little extravagance.  Know that the positive energies that you expend today in setting forth goals will all play out to your advantage as the holidays approach.  You have the ability today to see things more clearly than before.  The knowledge that you get from this new vision you must take to heart.  Write it down.

Friday, November 6:    No Color Pink

This is a funny kind of day.  You will be torn between emotions and not know why.  You will find yourself easily confused by things.  You may even question decisions that you had made in the past.  You are feeling that things are just not working out for you and that it is time to try something new.  But you have no idea what it is.  You will be feeling yourself less in control than you have in a long time.  You will be willing to take advice from people and headlines that you never really liked nor paid attention to.  This is a spacey kind of day, so do not set any long term goals today.  Do not undertake any major projects.  If decisions need to be made, put them off for a while or take time to write out a list of pros and cons before you take that step. This is is not a day to be in the spotlight.  It is a day for being the observer and analyzing, journaling what is going on around you, what it is that you want, and how you might best go about realizing that.

Saturday, November 7:    Leaf Green

Things will get done today.  You will find that opportunities are in the air.  Things that you have worked on will come to fruition, and you will be recognized for your work.  There is a general sense of quiet joy in the air today.  People are feeling more relaxed than they have in a while.  Take time to celebrate.  This is a day when serendipity and synchronicty are alive and well.  There is a coming together of energies at this time, and like energies are attracting like.  So too, you will be finding more and more that people with whom you do not really resonate will be moving away from you.  There is actaully a relief, as it is easy to become embroiled in social relationships and more difficult to get out of them when they no longer serve.  So take time today to look around yourself.  Feel what it is that you truly wish to accomplish, energize yourself with that feeling, and open up to like energies.  This can be a real winner of a day.