November 8 – 14

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 30 Magenta:

This week promises to be one of surprises on all levels.  So take nothing for granted and do not use old premises and expectations as your guides.  People are changing, and situations, events, and things are changing. You are changing.  There is new knowledge coming into you, and you can either embrace it or ignore it.  Time will tell if the decision is proper for WHO you truly are.  This is a time when the WHO is becoming ever move important.  If you accept all those things about yourself that you were afraid to look at before, you just might find that a whole new world and community is opening up for you.

This is a week of beginnings and endings.  Look for changes on all levels where old contracts are abolished, old allegiances are done away with, and old relationships are shaken up.  At the same time, look for new things to be brewing on these levels.  There will be much happening in terms of earth changes, so do not be surprised by out of season storms, earth shakeups in unusual locations, and weather anomalies.  There is the possibility for  trends in politics, finances, etc. to go in two directions at the same time.  Contradictions are in the air.  Take nothing at face value.  Do not give in to any fear based news.  There will be more coming out about health items and issues, but at this time, ta lot of it is being done to see how the media will spin it and how people will react.  Approach all of that with a huge block of salt.  There is more fiction than fact behind a lot of this.

Sunday, November 8:    Medium Amber

You will be feeling today as though you are walking through mud.  Everything is going to take more effort than you think it should.  People will be taxiing and overly demanding.  If they as you a question, you may have to answer it three or four times, and even then they do not hear what it is that you are saying.   This is a time when you will be wanting to look into old things that made you feel comfortable — old traditions, old beliefs, old friends, old foods.    Unfortunately, the comfort you were looking for will not be there.  Rather, you will be challenged to see the old things in a new light and to take a stand on WHO you are as the energies shift and change.

Monday, November 9:    Light Lavender

There is a lot of emotion in the air today, so be watchful in what you say and how you approach people and events.  You will find yourself also reacting quickly without taking the time to analyze what is being said or done.  Know that there will be an edge on everything today and double meaning will abound, so be sure you understand exactly what was said of done before responding.   There will be ups and downs in all areas, so take care in your actions, driving, etc.   Where once things seemed easy, today they will be difficult, and the  things that were hard will be easier.  Take advantage of this energy to tackle jobs and challenges for there is a good possibility that they will finally be taken care of.  You will find that old friends or family members have news for you that you are not wanting to hear.

Tuesday, November 10:    Cherry Rose

This is a good day for getting things done.  This is also a good day for spending time with friends and family members, as well as dealing with difficult personalities.  There is a general lightness in the air today, and people will be more open to suggestion  and change than they have in a long time.  Also, if you have been planning to make some alterations in your lifestyle, this is a great time to get started.  There is a kind of pushiness in today’s energy along with a playfulness.  You will find that first steps in new areas will not seem quite as challenging or overwhelming as they might otherwise.  Hold onto your center today and take time to ground.  There are opportunities now to expand your power, so do it.  Energy shifts and changes, along with weird news and earth events are on their way.

Wednesday, November 11:   Eighth Blue

11/11:  Veterans’ Day:    This is a day for contemplation, regrouping, and calling in of your energies.  Take time to meditate or journal or make lists to prioritize what is truly important in your life.  The energy today will help you in seeing more clearly what it is that you are striving for.  Look for some physical discomfort that is not related to illness, rather to changes in your body as it shifts in the new energies.   Look for misunderstandings with friends, co-workers, and family.  Be careful in what you say and do not react prematurely.  Although you are going to want to stay home and hibernate, this will not happen.  There are things “out there” that you need to see and be aware.  Keep your eyes open and your hearing acute.  There are messages and signs that will have strong bearing on events to come.

Thursday, November 12:    Sky Blue

You are not going to be feeling yourself terribly grounded today.  This can lead to problems as you find yourself unable to take seriously things that other people feel are very important.  You will be seeing the humor in people and events.  If you have to be involved in some critical discussions or decision making, keep a tight rein on your temper.  You will also be unable to focus minutely on events and issues.  You will be wanting to see the bigger picture.  You will be looking for the context within which things are fitting.  Hence. this is a good day to take a look at how things are going in your own life on a broad scale.  Be aware of the impressions you are getting.  So often we lose sight of the big picture as we become embroiled in the details.  Having the bigger picture in mind, the little stuff does not seem quite so important or overwhelming.

Friday, November 13:    Sapphire Blue

This is a deep day, a day of deep meanings, deep emotions, deep revelations.  Know that with this is the air, you will feel yourself conflicted in relationships and uncertain in actions.  Having to deal with deep seated and deep rooted emotions, ideas, thoughts, and actions can be traumatic.  Shadows can come out of hiding at these times.  Before going out today, take time to center in yourself and put up your protections.  Approach things with consideration, look at the bigger picture.  This is not a day for quick actions.  Be aware also that this sense of things churning and being unsettled will affect everyone and everything.  You are not alone in this.  Today gives you the possibility of dealing with old thoughts, feelings, and ideas, but you must be ready to see them in the perspective of WHO you truly are.

Saturday, November 14:    Pale Violet

This is a good day for a rest.  Take time to do things that you enjoy, to speak with friends and family that you might have overlooked.  Take some time also to do something you love — paint a picture, cook some comfort food, read a book.  There is a sense of relaxation in the air.  People will be feeling less clutched and anxious than they have for a while.  There is a renewed sense of confidence, radiating from you.  This is a good time to get in touch with your own strengths and abilities.  As times continue, knowing that you have the power to create what it is that you truly desire will make quite a difference.  It is also important, however to activate your potential for manifestation.  Take some time to deliberate over what that means, and go for it.  This will be important as old and new energies begin to confront each other within the next six weeks.