November 15-21

Overall Color for the Week:    Magenta

“It is well.  All is well.”  Let that be your mantra for this week.  There are ups and downs coming your way and the possibility for much misunderstanding.  Look for old things to rise to the surface.  Take the time this week to deal with them and put them behind you.  They no longer serve you and to dwell on them merely chains you to times and places that have contributed to WHO you are but are not the totality of WHO you are.  This is a week in which all things will be done in pieces.  Do not be quick to make up your mind or form an opinion.  Check first that you have the whole story.  The energies are shifting and clashing this week so look for weird weather and strange things in the news.  Do not give into distractions for as more and more people are coming into their own power, the media and those who think they hold the reins are finding that their fear tactics are not as effective as they have been.  There will be innuendo in the news that will suggest  things might be happening in a certain way, but that very innuendo is a tactic to connect with  your personal fears so that you create the sense that things are wrong.  Nothing has changed, but they wish to make you feel that things have changed.  Stay centered in WHO you are and keep a sense of humor and a long perspective and all will end up quite well thin week.

Sunday, November 15:    Congo Blue

Things will be coming forth today that you had not expected.  You may find that some of these revelations cause you to rethink your opinions of persons, places, and ideas.  There will also be a note of the exotic in the air, so prepare to be adventurous.  This is a good day for trying new foods or experimenting with changes in your wardrobe, etc.  Do not let go by an unexpected offer to do something, try something, meet someone.  There will be more to the event than you are expecting.  Also you will find that friends and family will be acting differently.  This is okay for they are responding to that hint of something mysterious also.   Look for a solution to something that has been puzzling you to come this evening.

Monday, November 16:   Double Blue

New Moon:    The energies today are somewhat confusing.  Things will seem to be the way they used to be, but somehow it just will not be the same.  You will find that some people you know will be showing a different side to themselves.  All in all, there will be a sense of urgency about today, a feeling that things need to be done.  Expect traffic to be crazy and people in general to be impolite.  Yet, through it all there remains a hidden opportunity that is coming your way.  Be alert for that, and seize the moment.  Although it will not clearly be an opportunity, it holds the promise for good fortune within the next two weeks if you take advantage of it.  This sounds confusing, but you will know when the opportunity presents itself.  Be aware, however, that it may not at first seem like something you want, so consider carefully choices that you make today.

Tuesday, November 17:    Light Salmon Pink

Peak of Leonid Meteor Showers:    This is a day to let go and indulge in things that you enjoy.  There will be much out there to tempt you, and you will know which temptations are worth the trying.   You will be feeling optimistic and somewhat joyous.  This is not to say that this is a great all around day, rather it is the kind of day that makes you feel that all can be better.  Take time to work on works in progress.  Much progress can be achieved.  Also there is the sense that you will be facing a choice today, and that the choice will help you in putting into perspective some issues that you have been worried about.  This evening, take time to relax.  There is a lull in the general craziness of things today, so you might as well take advantage.

Wednesday, November 19:    Lavender

Expect today a lot of old memories, thoughts, ideas, and even persons to cross your path.  This is a day nostalgia, but do not allow yourself to fall into it.  This is the nostalgia of the observer, so watch what has happened and know that with the new energies that are now here, it is most important to be present in every moment today.  There are things in the air that are tricky, so do not take things at face value.  The Trickster is afoot, and he has much in store for those who are not careful.  The times now are shifting and when things shift, all sorts of energies leak through the dimensions.  Put your best foot forward in everything, brush off your sense of humor, and enjoy the challenges of the day.  The Trickster can be challenging, but he can also bring into life a little fun.  So there is room here to day to be a little crazy.

Thursday, November 19:    Calcolor 60 Blue

Do not expect things to get completed today.  While the energies favor beginnings, they really do not favor endings.  Anything you try (and it will be a struggle) to conclude today will turn out within the next few days to be unneeded, incomplete, or inconclusive.  Take the time today to deal with things you are working on.  Do not try to finalize any of your tasks because the way things are going now, if you take a comfortable solution for tasks you are working on, you will find that what you ahve spent time and energy on turns out to be irrelevant.  This is a good thing.  There is novelty in the air, so try something new.  Be alert to new ideas and new trends.  If you catch on to them, you will. find yourself way ahead of the curve when things start flying apart in mid-December.

Friday, November 20:    Medium Blue Green

Get in control of your emotions today from the moment you awake.  You are going to feel yourself pretty much on the edge all day.  Stay away from people that make you crazy, situations that you dip not like, and places that are not right for you.  If you do not, you will find that you will be saying things you regret.  Be the center point.  Be stillness.  Look within to your own power.  Let all the craziness of the world range around you and just be the observer.  From that viewpoint, you will know when and how to react.  If the time is not right, you will do nothing.  You will also be in a good position to see potentials which are now coming up on your horizon.  You are changing, and you need to recognize and honor that change and let a lot of the old habits, patterns, and lessons go.

Saturday, November 21:    Brilliant Blue

The lights are on today and everything is standing out in stark relief.  Make sure that you have nothing to hide.  This can be a great day if you hook into the potentials that are there.  This is a time to clarify, understand, explain.  If you do these things, you will find that a lot of old issues are resolved.  Be aware, however, that the clarification, understanding, and/or explanation can just as easily be doing it to yourself about events in your life.  This is not the time to confront people.  A lot of old issues are not longer worth dealing with, so put them aside.  To say sorry or forgive in the energies of the Universe, is just as effective as making a phone call or saying it in person.  We are all part of Universal Consciousness and no good deed is ever lost.  This is a also a good day for determining what abundance means to you.  The potential for manifestation are part of the energy of the day.