November 22-28

Overall Color for the Week:    Delft Blue

This week will be a good one for rejoicing, for lightening things up a bit.  You will find yourself much preoccupied with the getting ready for Thanksgiving.  It will be your focus this week.  Even if you are not yourself preparing the feast, you will find yourself excited about the whole thing.  This is a time when a break from all the seriousness is needed, and the energies of this week are letting that happen.  Things are feeling better than they have for a while.  Your perspectives have changed and you are feeling more in touch with what it is that you truly want and why it is that you are here at this time.  You will not have the patience to deal with people who are playing games or trying to manipulate you.  Watch how you deal with them.  They are playing in the old energy.  They are not seeing the changes that are happening or the way they have been misled my media and others.  The weather will cooperate this week although there is an increasing sense of something brewing within the Earth.  This is a time of transitioning.  You will see many opposites playing out in the media and in relationships.  Oh, and there may be some unanticipated announcements.  Perhaps the ET’s are really real and really involved in the history of humankind.  Take nothing at face value.  Research the truth of the matter.  Do not worry if old friends no longer hold your interest.  They too are playing with the old energy, and if you are responding to the new energy, then you will find that old allegiances no longer hold the same important or attraction that they did previously.

Sunday, November 22:    Blue Green

Today is a good day for getting things started.  If you are not ready for actual physical beginnings, then take some time to plan out what it is that you are looking to manifest for the rest of the year.  Oh, and do not hold back!  Get out your calendar and set a date for going over what you have accomplished this year.  It is time to realize that even though you have had ups and downs this year, if you have truly been centered in yourself and focused on your goals, you have made progress.  It is time to honor the sense of personal movement and realization.  This is a time to look at things clearly and in focus.  Much is happening around you on all levels and the energy of this day will allow you to see things for what they are.  Take time to enjoy something today.  Feel that feeling and hold it in your heart.  It is time to build upon the little non-physical things that make you happy. You are growing today.

Monday, November 23:    Rose Pink

This is a good day for doing something out of the ordinary, something you might have been wanting to do for a while, but could never find the excuse for.  Be good to yourself and do not worry about small indulgences.  You are feeling a renewed sense of optimism about things.  AND this is a good thing.  Take time today to appreciate and enjoy the good things, people, pets, etc. in your life.  Take time today to determine what it is that you want for yourself for the rest of the year for this is a good time for setting up a success track.  Be aware of synchronicities and serendipities today.  An important message is coming your way.  Do not discount what appear to be random acts or suggestions.

Tuesday, November 24:    Blush Pink

Things are going to be coming out into the open today in all areas and on all levels.  Be prepared to deal with small confrontations or embarrassing questions.  Know that you are only required to answer to your level of comfort.  There are things that we do in certain situations that are appropriate for those situations, unfortunately out of context they can be misinterpreted.  Trust your intuition today even if the hits you are getting seem crazy.  Be alert in your dealing with people for there is much coming forth that can aid you in some upcoming events.  Also know that the Trickster is around so think twice before answering or taking action.

Wednesday, November 25:    Deep Amber

There is a sense of contentment in the air today, which brings along with it a feeling of nostalgia.  You might be finding yourself a bit more emotional than usual.  This is not a good day for making important decisions as you will find that emotions, even below the surface, may cloud the issue.  But then again, if you work from your heart’s true feelings and use the eyes of that heart as your view finder you will find that you gain a deeper insight into people and events.  Take time tonight to enjoy.  This is a day for being.  Do not worry about not getting enough done.  Everything will take care of itself.

Thursday, November 26:    Light Opal

Thanksgiving Day:  Take time today to appreciate all the good things in your life.  This is a good day for companionship.  People and things will appear in their best light, yet at the same time there will be no subterfuge about them.  The energies of the day will not allow it, and those who attempt to take advantage, misrepresent or engender fear will find that no one really cares.  The Emperor has no clothes on.   This is a day to let go of all the angst that has been building up through the year.  This is a good day to set your focus on what it is that you truly desire and make that your main goal for the waning time of this year.  The energies that are about today can be utilized to make this a most rewarding and safe six weeks as the year comes to a close.  There are weather things that are brewing.  And emotions that will be coming up.  Today is a good day to set priorities and know your own power.  That way you are ready for anything.

Friday, November 27:    Gypsy Lavender

The Trickster is about today, so take your time in all that you do.  If you are going out to the Black Friday sales, take along a huge dose of patience.  People will be weird and impolite, but if you respond with a smile, they will find that they too can smile.  There is an underlying sense in the air of what really matters.  People forget sometimes to get in touch with that.  A little reminder can make all the difference.  There is fun to be had today, so focus on the fun factor.  It is a good day to set the tone for what it is you wish to create.  Upheavals are coming, but if you are strong in WHO you are, they will not affect you.

Saturday, November 28:    RoscoSun Orange

There is a sadness in the air today, a sense that something has been lost.  You will be finding yourself out of it, not wanting to take part in things, just wanting to crawl back into bed.  Do not try to get anything done today.  Just take time to look into what it is that you are needing to bring a sense of fulfillment.  This is more of the crazy energy time.  You will feel that you are not truly part of all that is going on around you.  Do not be surprised if you catch sight of odd creatures or unexpected people out of the corner of your eye.  They are there, just not in this dimension.  This is a good time to determine what your reality is and what you want it to be.  Take a little time to appreciate WHO you are.  A good dose of self love is very necessary right now.