November 29-December 5

Overall Color for the Week:    Gaslight Green

So things will not be terribly clear this week for the most part.  There will be a growing sense that you are getting it, however there will be so many ups and downs as you go through the week, that you will find that sense coming and going.  It is time to see things in a new light.  Try to evaluate situations, friends, money, health, etc. in a new way.  The energies are bringing in much change at this time.  As a result, you will be feeling yourself confused, out of sorts, happy then sad, etc.  And this will continue for at least two weeks and possibly into the new year.  Do not allow yourself to get depressed.  This is temporary. Right now, we are all learning lessons.  A grand shake up of things makes it easier to move into new patterns of thought.  It is not a good time to take people by the letter of their word, allow them some room for interpretation.  You will be seeing unexpected results to situations this week, and that will occur on all levels.  There is a blip in the grid coming.  Also, expect some problems with electronic communication devices, televisions, and radio.  There is a vortex-like energy that is coming out of the center of the Universe at this time.  It has taken some time to get here, and it is affecting the sun as well as every planet in the solar system.  Stay calm and centered.  Allow yourself to feel this new energy without reacting.  Get used to it for there is more to come.  You will see some events in the news that are designed to cause negative reactions.  Do not buy into them.  This week will go well as long as you distance yourself from reaction and get into an action-based mode.  Look into things before taking steps to deal with them.  You have the power and acumen to see them for what they are.  Go with that.

Sunday, November 29:    Deep Amber

There is a lot of stuff brewing inside of you today.  Because of this, you will not be feeling particularly sociable or tolerant.  Take time, therefore, to deal with the issues that you are finding most pressing at this time.  There is a lot of emotion just below the surface, ready to erupt.  Let it come forth in a safe space, and when it does be sure to take the time to evaluate it, understand what has brought it forward, and then let it go.  See the events, feelings, people, etc. who had brought this out as being over and done with.  Tonight take time to enjoy something you love.  Be a little bit indulgent.  That will be the cherry on the cake.

Monday, November 30:    Red Diffusion

Keep a good hold on your temper today.  You will be feeling yourself out of sorts , frustrated, and even angry.  Stay away from those people who drive you crazy because they will just exacerbate the situation.  The energies of the day are confused.  There are things hiding in the wings that should have been let out into the open, but they were kept back.  Now there is a sense that the time is getting to be too late to do something finally about all those little things.  This is a day when you will have no perspective, so do not make any long range decisions.  Take the stance of the observer today.  Let other people do the work.  The energy of today will not allow for any clarity in matters that you have been trying to unravel, so let it go for now.

Tuesday,  December 1:    Deep Straw

Expect yourself to feel tired today.  You will get up and be out of sorts and nowt feel that you have the energy to deal with situations that you know are pressing in terms of career and life decisions.  You have the strength today to make those decisions, but first you must go within and feel your own power.  Take time to view everything in terms of the broader perspective.  There are conversations that will happen today that will make a difference in some decisions that you will be making over the next week or two.  If you have not done it yet, this is a good day for getting your holiday list together.  Spend sometime tonight reminiscing.  See things for what they are.  You may find that you had misjudged someone.

Wednesday, December 2:   Tough Plus Green

Full Cold Moon:      This is a day when much can be accomplished, but be aware that those accomplishments will not be easy.  There is someone who is feeling that they had control over things that you do, but they are finding themselves to be in the wrong concerning that.  There may be some backlash about that in the next dew weeks.  Take time to determine how you will spend the time before the new year.  Also feel the energies around you.  There remains much uncertainty in the air and this will be affecting how everyone is acting.  Be careful in your driving.  Also, if you get an intuitive hint about something, act on it.  Intuition is at a new high these days.  Communities are building of the spirit right now, and there will be a gradual movement towards communities as the new year arrives and moves ahead into spring.

Thursday, December 3:    Light Lavender

Finally a breather in the hectic energy of this week.  It is a good time to relax.  Take some time just to be with yourself.  There is a sense of a masculine presence who will be bringing a message to you, something that you had been hoping for.  Be alert for it, for it is more of an opportunity than a message.  This is a good energy in which to begin new tasks.  If there is something you have been putting off for sometime, think seriously today about going forward on it.  Also, if there are old wounds with others that you would like to heal, this is a good day for that.  Let go of the old, and be open to the new.  Tonight, just go with the flow.  Who knows what might come of that !

Friday, December 4:    Rose Pink

There are messages from the past that you have not taken the time to listen to.  You will find today that there will be many remembrances of things that you had thought you had put to rest so long ago.  Each memory arrives with it a clue as to what you are to be doing at this time.  There is something new brewing, and the lessons of the past can give you a clue as to what they are and how to deal with them.  This is a day to give in to your feelings — if you are feeling tired, take a nap; of you are hungry, have a snack.  Do not worry about being indulgent.  It is in the experiencing of things that lessons are learned and things make more sense.

Saturday, December 5:    Light Green

Things are looking better today.  And a lot of old stuff is coming to an end.  You will feel the pressures beginning to release and will feel a sense of relief.  This is a good day for cleaning out the old, sorting out things you do not want.  With the current energy, you will be able to see things clearly and in a new light.  There will be some revelations coming your way today also.  Some will be self-revelations, basically just accepting things about yourself that you tried to hide.  Others will come from the outside and can make you rethink some old associations, opinions, and allegiances.