December 6-12

Overall Color for the Week: Surprise Blue

And this is just what this week will be all about, so expect the unexpected and be ready for anything.  There is a lightness in the air, a sense of anticipation, and a feeling of joy.  Things can get done this week that were impossible before, so get out your list of items that you have always wanted to manifest, concentrate on them, and make them happen.  Serendipity is the theme this week.  While there will be blips in the weather.there are actually opportunities to change your focus and see things in a new light.  Do not be tied to the old and the traditional this week. Look for new solutions to problems.  See people in a new light and take time to laugh.  If you make this your modus operandi for this week, you can accomplish great things and create fulfillment for your sense by the end of the week.

in the news, there will be a lot of “what-the’s” going on.  People will be wondering how events that seemed destined to have one ending all of a sudden took a turn and had a completely different outcome.  The doom and gloom sayers will find themselves hard pressed to be believed for the very things that they are saying will come to pass, just fall apart.  So expect confusion in the world of politics and finance.  Do not try to understand any of it.  Let it be.  This is a time when the trickster is abroad on the larger scene. Look for odd weather events and lots of wrong forecasts.  Stay centered in WHO you are.  This is a week to be both observer and participant.  The trick is knowing when to take which role.

Sunday, December 6:    Brilliant Blue

Things will be set out in clear relief today.  You can expect answers to questions that you have been dealing with for some time.  Some of these answers, however, will be more on an intuitive level so it is a good day to trust your intuition.  There are people out there who are working to make a change in the world and as they connect with the new energies that are coming in, more and more are finding that there are little synchronicities that are coming about in their own lives.  The reason for this is that these people are working with the incoming energies to establish the foundations for compassionate communities that will be growing and growing as people find themselves being drawn to certain places, events, and personalities.  This is a good day to determine what it is that you are truly desiring to manifest.  The energies of the week are good for bringing about miracles.

Monday, December 7:    Light Salmon Pink

Take time to enjoy yourself today,.  This is not a say to begin big projects, rather it is a time to look around at the elements that make you WHO you are, the things you enjoy, the people you love, the goals you have.  See things in a new light today.  Old ways and efforts no longer will serve you in working with the energies of the times.  It is a day for looking inside and feeling what it is that attracts you.  Then make out a plan and go for it.  If you work with the vibrations of the day, you will find that you are able to make progress on some plans and activities that had seemed overwhelming.

Tuesday, December 8:     Green

This is a day for getting done all the thins that you could not do on Monday.  The Monday energies were not conducive to finishing important tasks, although little things could get done.  This is a time to concentrate on what is really important for you and go for it.  Three is a push in the current energies that will smooth out difficult spaces and open up opportunities that you had thought were closed.  Take time to connect with someone or ones that you have not heard from for a while.  It is a good day to start on Holiday greeting cards.  There is something that needs to be said, and in expressing it to someone else, a message that you need to get will be coming through.

Wednesday, December 9:    Salmon Pink

Expect to get real results today.  Expect also to have to put some effort into those results.  Expect additionally to find some joy and fulfillment in the results that you get.  This is a day for working on things that you have always wanted to do.  If you cannot find the actually time to start these things, then take some time to daydream about how great it will be when you can do the things in which you truly find your happiness.  Expect a helper to be there when you need them.  This is a day when business deals will be positive and much will come about.  Things that you have been waiting for will come to pass.  If there is no immediate completion to the deal, a firm word will be received to let you know that things are progressing.

Thursday, December10:    Azure Blue

Okay, so you are feeling that you are completely at sea.  In that case, the best thing is to go with the flow and do not make waves.  If you make waves, you may find that your canoe is capsized.  Listen, watch, learn.  Make judgements, and figure out how you fit into the big picture.  This is a day for stepping back, relaxing while being observant.  Let others think that they can pull the wool over your eyes.  This will be of value as the new year starts, and many who have tried to take advantage of you find that not only does their subterfuge no longer work, but that you have a strong and fact-filled response to the positions and the perhaps even criticisms and accusations that they are making.  People at this time are feeling incredibly vulnerable and since they feel uncomfortable in that vulnerability, they are looking for fall guy.  If you take time to watch, take heed, and listen to your intuition, you will find that in the first two weeks of the new year you will be finding a new strength and solidity within yourself that will act as your guide and guard as 2010 progresses.

Friday, December 11:    Broadway Pink

Happy Hanukkah!    Put your best foot forward today and strut your stuff.  You cannot fail at anything you do if you just go with the energies.  DO not stop to question ANYTHING.  Stay grounded in the Now and BE WHO you are.  If you do that, you will be invincible and you will find that new talents, abilities, and capabilities will make themselves known to you.  If you choose rather to be a wilting flower, then you will find that your efforts today and for some time will be half-hearted, will meet with obstacles, and will go unrewarded.  This is a day to celebrate yourself and in celebrating WHO you are and what you can do, you will attract to yourself all that you desire.  Go for it.  This is a rare opportunity, and please, please, please do not pass it up.

Saturday, December 12:    Three Quarter Blue

Be strong in yourself today because there are challenges on the horizon that will attempt to shake you in your very being.  This day marks the beginning of a ten day period when things will become ever more challenging.  Take them as that —Challenges.  Do not allow them to become problems, obstacles, irritation, or anything else.  DO not use words that will take your power away from you.  Deal with the energies of chaos that this day will bring.  If you take chaos by the hand, know that you can tame it into order and create all that you desire.