December 13-19

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal Color 90 Magenta

Expect things to happen this week and expect things that you have been waiting on to come to a conclusion.  These endings have the potential for being somewhat tumultuous, or at least, a bit more charged emotionally or otherwise than you would have expected.  But all in all, you will find satisfaction in the outcome of things this week.  It is a good time to send out those Holiday messages because the sentiment will be sincere and the recipients will be open to reading between the lines.  Expect to see more unusual items in the news.  There is the possibility of more sightings like the one last week in Norway.  These things will leave people wondering.  You might have to look on the Internet for the reports, as the American Press is trying to keep a close watch on what is published so that no news comes in that can challenge the reality they are trying to portray.  Look also for more electronic glitches and do not overreact,.  There is the possibility also for some activity from the sun to causer unexpected crossing of signals.  This is a week in which anything can happen as all the strands of potentiality that have been growing throughout this year of 2009 begin to cross and reach completion.  Things are getting a little wild, so be ready, stay centered in yourself and the truth of WHO you are and all will be fine.

Sunday, December 13:    Sapphire Blue

Things will pretty much just be as they are today.  Take it easy and expect others to be feeling the same.  You will find that a lot of issues are being put on the back burner today.  There is a shift of focus in the air, and all are responding to it in their own individual ways.  This is good, for each shift requires a period of preparation, and today is a good day to prepare for things to come.

Monday, December 14:    Neon Pink

Stuff is out in the open today.  You may find yourself getting agitated and irritated by people.  They seem to be demanding more of you than you want to give.  There is a potential for misunderstandings today, so make sure that you clarify.  Take time to analyze situations and do not jump to conclusion.  The energies of the day are tricky, and you do not want to become the one who is fooled.

Tuesday, December 15:    Light Green Blue

Expect things to be a little easier today.  Be aware, however that there is growth happening on many different levels.  As the dimensions begin to shift and overlap even more, you will find that your perceptions seem to be tricking you when, in fact, you are seeing through some of the illusion of this dimension into the next.  This is a good day for trusting your intuition.  This is a good day for analyzing what and who are right for you.  Look also to the animal world  today for they are always more in tune with the energies of the dimensions and they have messages to bring.

Wednesday, December 16:    Rose Purple

New Moon:    This new moon is one of goodbyes and hellos, so decide what it is that you are wanting to get rid of and know what it is that you are desiring to create.  All the energies now are tending towards a kind of unraveling, leaving you free to re create what you wish for the new year.  Take time today to be grateful for the things in your life that make it worthwhile.  Be grateful also for yourself and the lessons that you have been learning in this turn of the wheel.  On a wider scale, people will see friendlier today and things will just be a bit easier.  There are anomalies afoot today.  Do not be startled by them but see them for what they are as harbingers of the changes that are stirring things up on all levels.  Spend some time with yourself in journaling or meditation and perhaps you will find that a problem or issue that has been bedeviling you for some time can be resolved.

Thursday, December 17:    Bastard Amber

Know what your truth is today and stand firm in it.  There will be issues, situations, and individuals that may lead you to question just WHO you are, but you know WHO you are.  Do not fall into the realities of others.  Things that seem real are not so today.  It is not a day for decision making or planning.  Wait and consider all your options carefully and then tomorrow go ahead with the actual carrying out of plans.  Be aware that there will be situations or news items that you will encounter today that will be unsettling, but know that through all of that, you have the strength to know what is the truth behind things.  You can grasp the bigger picture if you are willing to allow yourself to move out of logic and into your feelings.  The energies today are good for that.  Working through the heart is a great exercise for seeing into the essence of reality.

Friday, December 18:    Blue Green

Follow your intuition today.  There are going to be some issues airing in odd ways that might take you by surprise, but actually they hold information for you that will assist you as the times grow closer to the new year.  Watch for odd behaviours in people that you have known for a long time.  Many people are reacting strangely to the changes that are happening on all levels, and some are finding that they can no longer retain their normal composure.  If you stay in your heart and allow yourself to be led by what you are feeling, you will find that today is a great one for creating outcomes that you have been desiring for some time.  Watch for some serendipities and synchronicites.  Also you might find that things you are looking for just happen to appear, seemingly out of nowhere.  there is also a tendency on the energy of today for things to happen in twos.  There is some fun in the air today.

Saturday, December 19:    Full Blue

This is a go-for-it kind of day, so be prepared to take some chances.  Because of the vibration of today, there is a great possibility for things to work out just the way you would like.  There are going to be, on the other hand, some issues with people you feel you know very well.  Look for some unexpected behaviours, even outbursts.  As the old and the new begin to move, and the vibration of the Earth changes people who are not grounded or centered are finding themselves to feel threatened more and more.  The tendency is for them to lash out at what is close by.  This is a trend that will be continuing for the next three months as the Universe shifts and changes and the solar system, along with the Sun, begins its period of reawakening.