December 20 – 26

Overall Color for the Week:    Tipton Blue

This is a week of light and learning.  Take time this week to be the observer and see how things are happening around you and to you.  There is a great shift going on at this point in time.  This shift is moving things that are of the light closer to the light and allowing things that are choosing not to be of the light to sink more into their own lower frequencies.  The question is of one working with your own vibration to make it compatible with the reality that you wish to create.  You have the power to make real any and all things that you so desire, but that power grows and cycles according to how you choose to be, what you truly wish to create and the compatibility of that creation with the vibrational frequency on which you travel.  That is to say that if you are choosing things that are merely of a material level, then your frequency will be of the material level, being both lower and denser.  If you are choosing things of the spirit, then you will be of a higher frequency, and your vibration will resonate with things spiritual.  On that level, you are able to intuit more of the true nature of things.  You begin to see through the illusion and can observe the shifts of dimension.  As we embark upon this last full week of December, it is a good time to take a strong look at what it is that you are desiring.  Time is speeding up and more and more distraction is being placed along the way.  Know WHO you truly are and stay grounded in that, and you will find that the unfoldment of the next two years will show to you the reality of yourself and that of the world behind the illusion.  It is time to determine what it is that you are desiring to manifest in the nest year.  There is much ahead that will confuse and threaten those who are dealing with things on a purely physical level.  Looking beyond the mere physical will allow you to get into contact with Eternal Consciousness.

So this will be a week of revelations to those who are able to see things as they are.  The Holiday rush and crush will become more and more exaggerated as the week goes on.  This will lead to confusion.  People will not be clear on what it is that they truly want, rather they will just be in a mode of unfocused wanting.  This will lead to rude behavior and crazy traffic.  Do not allow yourself ot be caught up in any of this.  Take time early this week to determine what it is that is truly important to you,.  Write a short mantra expressing this, and then let that be your guide as the week progresses.  You will find that you can establish a little island of peace by doing so.  Oh, and there will be those out there also who will be taking advantage of the general good will of the season to bring some joy.  Honor them.

In the news there will be ups and downs on every level, the temperatures, the amount of precipitation, the stock market, escalation of violence and outbreaks of peace.  You will see people in general disengaging from the world news out there and turning to  light entertainment.  There will be a sense of unreality about things this week, as though they just are not happening, which makes it a good time to play the mummer and spread some cheer.

Sunday, December 20:    Booster Blue

Today is one in which you are going to need some help, be it physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally, and if you are open to receiving the help, it will be there.  Do not discredit offers from friends, crazy intuition, or unexpected actions.  They will all be in your best interests.  Take time to step back from everything that is around you and just enjoy the feeling of the planet and the power of Nature.  Consciously be grateful today and you will find yourself rewarded as the week goes on.  Stay centered through everything and do not overreact.  There is a message coming that will make a difference.

Monday, December 21:    Primary Green

Winter Solstice; Sun in Capricorn:    There is a new movement afoot, and if you are aware of what it means, you will find that all your issues will be resolving themselves to yours satisfaction.  This is a day for community and for sharing.  It is a good time to honor the energies of the Winter Solstice, the return of the light.  You can do as small ceremony or just express gratitude for the shift back to the light.  There is the possibility that you will encounter a situation or a message that is going to bring you some peace of mind.  It is related to an old issue that you have not yet put to rest.  There is also joy in the air, so take some time to celebrate.

Tuesday, December 22:    Deep Straw

Admit it — you are feeling tired.  You will wake up today with energy, only to find that it quickly dissipates and that you truly do not have the momentum to get anything done today.  Let people be as they are and do not try to change anything.  You are not awake enough in this dimension to make a difference here.  Take some time to meditate, nap, disengage.  Be aware that if there is some issue bugging you, when you do take your time out, if you concentrate on it you will feel a solution.    Watch what is going on but do not judge.  Just let things be and you will find that your batteries have been recharged by the end of the day.  It is a good night for being with friends and family and just relaxing.

Wednesday, December 23:    Rose Purple

There definitely is some craziness afoot today.  You can see it in the news, the weather, weird earth changes, solar events, and in your friends.  Let it all be.  Something new is coming about at this time and all these odd coincidences and moments of deja vu are just indications that you are tuned in.  Do not expect to get a lot done today, but do expect to find fulfillment in an unexpected turn of events.   Watch your health today, and do not overindulge.

Thursday, December 24:    Rosco Sun 3/4

Christmas Eve:    Today is a day when many of the things you had hoped to get done will just not happen.  Things will somewhat happen, but the cherry still is not on the cake, and the reason for that is that today is a time for you to enjoy the beauty of the seemingly incomplete and all that that can mean.  There is beauty in what is not done, just suggested, and potentiality in what is there for you to finish.  Those final touches, when they are your own bring a sense of belonging to things and events.  Let your imagination run wild.  Put your hopes and dreams into the forefront today and you may find that things will manifest before the season has closed..  Today is a day for emotion and feeling.   Love those whom you love.  Enjoy the things you enjoy.  Live in the moment and do not buy into the reality of others.

Friday, December 25:    Light Frost

Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true!!!!     This is a day when reality will come to present itself to you, but gently and sweetly, letting you know that you have the ability to make it what you so desire.  take the time today to enjoy the energies of today.  See them for what they are and acknowledge the true joy and beauty and love in the giving of self to one another.  There is solace today for the weary, but it is not a sappy solace rather a knowing that all things come with attachments, and that to love and honor one is to accept and deal with all.

Saturday, December 26:   CalColor 15 Green

Mercury goes Retrograde until January 15:    Take time to rest today.  Take time to see, actually feel,  things as they are.  There is much that has been planted this week and there will be things arriving in the next three to four weeks that will be a result of what you did this week.  There are new things coming on the horizon and you will bee meeting new people whom you will recognize, perhaps from a former life.  This is not a day to feel alone, rather a day to feel that there is a community forming for you and that little by little they all approach.