December 27 – January 2, 2010

Overall Color For the Week:    Primary Blue

This is a week for prioritizing, for getting in order those things that are truly meaningful for you.  It is a time when you will have the proper perspective for getting rid of all that stuff that no longer serves you — the things you have outgrown, the crap that you hang on to because of other people or past attachments.  Memories will always live within, and you can choose the memories that you love.  Let the others go.  Look at the things around you, ask yourself what they really mean for you.  Are there things you keep even though you have outgrown them.  What about the stuff you have because you feel an obligation to hold on to it?   Do not be surprised if you find yourself no longer feeling attached to friends that you have had for a long time.  Perspectives are changing and you may be fore the first time seeing them for what they have become.  If it is no longer right for you, then gently honor them and let them go.  And memories — are there some that you keep just so you can feel bad?  Let go of the things that hold you back.,  A new year is dawning, and you want to race into it without being dragged down by the past.  This is a week for establishing your theme for the New year.  Enjoy the beginning of the week.  There is lightness and fun in the air. It is not a time for seriousness.  That will come later.  Take time this week also to hone your powers of perception.  You will want to have clear vision and insight as this year progresses.  The energies of time, Gaia, and the Universe have many surprises that will unfold this year.  You will see that institutions, people, things and issues that you thought had all the power begin to become shaky.  Take back and own your power, then you can truly create your own destiny and manifest your desires.  There is much at stake this week, as themes are being set, lessons learned, relationships closed, and other relationships opened.  Focus this week on WHO you are in each situation. Stay grounded, and look with heart-centered eyes into every occasion.  Look also to your dreams this week for there is meaning for you in them.

On the broader scene things will be shaking up all over.  There will be fear mongers out there who will be trying to instill fear in order that the new year begins with a sense of panic.  But fear no longer works the way it does in the past.  People will be a bit crazy and frazzled.  They will be feeling out of touch with themselves.  So expect reactions in every area to be different from what they have been before.  And then, as if realizing what they have done, people will take a different turn and do something totally out of character.  With the energies of the new year, old paradigms are changing.  Be aware of this and you will be fine.  But the shake-up is happening now and that will be the theme on the wider scale for the week.

Sunday, December 27:    Deep Pink

This is a day when things (and perhaps people) will be leaving, but it is a good time for them to go.  There are changers on the horizon, and this is a time to face them with optimism and hope.  There will be emotional ups and downs today and you may find yourself in situations in which you cannot control your reactions.  But let it all happen.  Before the new year arrives, it is time to allow the catharsis,  this year has brought trials, some successes, but most hard won or gotten with difficulty.  Get rid of all that old worry and stress.  Prepare yourself today to reach deep with and connect with the truth of your own self.

Monday, December 28:    Pale Gold

Today is a somewhat quiet and reflective sort of day.  Do what you have to do, but do not expect to get a lot of large projects done.  Also, do not attempt to start new projects today as you will find them difficult, and when you return to them at a later date, you will not be able to get the energy together to follow through.  This is a day to reflect on what it is that makes you happy and fulfilled, whom it is that you love, and where it is that you would wish to be.  It is a step back day, but one in which you will nevertheless be able to live in the moment.  Do not let this opportunity pass.  These times do not come too often.

Tuesday, December 29:    Light Orange Sun

Things will be peeking out from the sidelines today.  Expect partial revelations to be at hand.  Also take time to look into certain slips of the tongue, both by yourself and by others, for there is something there that wants to be known.  And these are hints.  If you are observant, you will be aware of more slippage between the dimensions.  That little man you see out of the corner of your eye is there!  As the times proceed the veils between the dimensions are getting more and more full of holes.  At this time, be clear in how you choose your reality and be sure that the reality you are choosing is the one you truly desire.  Decisions made now are ones that are closing off a period in your life and beginning a new one as the new year dawns.

Wednesday, December 30:    Light Pink

Expect things to seem somewhat unreal today.  You will find yourself walking in a fog.  You will do things or speak to people and wonder afterwards what just happened or what was said.  The interesting thing is that you will not be overly concerned.  But take the time to center and make the effort ot be alert to things that are happening around you for there is a message in what is seeming terribly routine.  Things are getting a bit crazy on all levels and all levels are trying to hide what is going on.  There is much that is brewing right now and if you are alert to synchronicity and pay attention to your hunches, you may just find that you are able to understand some things a little better.

Thursday, December 31:    Medium Pink

New Year’s Eve:   Full Moon/Blue Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse:    You will feel yourself excited today and full of expectation, bur there will be some sense that not everything is going to turn out the way you would like it.  Ignore that feeling, it is a residual fear coming from all the doom and gloom forecasts that have been throw about throughout this year.  This is an evening to invent and carryout some kind of small ceremony or ritual or thing to do that will close 2009 and put to rest all those unresolved issues, thoughts, and memories of the past.  Let them go and walk into the New Year with joy and the sense of personal power that you can experience by being centered in WHO you are and working from your true heart.  And remember, in all you do, you do the best you can.  There are no regrets, just lessons.

Friday, January 1, 2010:     Blue Green

Happy New Year!    There is joy in the air today and a true sense of new beginnings.  You can do what you want with it, but it would be well to take time to write out, journal, draw, or just imagine what it is that you would swish to get out of this year.  There is a web of potentiality out there today, and if you are clear on what it is that you are desiring for this year, what it is that will  bring you fulfillment, then you can take that energy and set those desires on the path to manifestation.  There will be ups and downs as the year progresses, but the underlying themes, if clearly outlined, will not be erased.  Go within today.  Retreat to your inner core and just be with yourself.  It does not have to be for long.  Just take some time to love WHO you are for that love, if firmly grounded can work to attract all that you wish to create.  Enjoy the day.  Celebrate the New Year and the energy of 2010.  Your wishes and desires collectively will affect the outcome of events on all levels.  Know your power.

Saturday, January 2:    Flesh Pink

The second day of the New Year, and already things are showing themselves to be what they are.  There are revelations coming on every level so be alert today for word spoken and things done.  People will be showing things about themselves that they can no longer keep inside.  There is a strong sense of emotionality in the air today, so be grounded in your heart.  let the emotions flow and love them for the lessons that they bring.  Unexpected events and issues can arise today in the news and weather.  Expect change to be coming.  You will see hints of this as the day progresses.  Know that at this point in time, you have the opportunity to make yourself anew.  If there are things that you would like to shift in yourself, the energies of today will make that transition easier.