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Magnetic Creation and Fractals

Sarah Biermann
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Thursday, 27 September, 2012
The Beginning: Magnetic Creation

There is a basic, underlying force that allows for creation. This force originates from Creator and is very much like magnetism. It has two aspects to it. Part of the force is attraction, like when a magnet pulls toward another magnet. The other aspect repels, or pushes away. The magnet itself is neutral. Creator, like a magnet, creates both attracting and repelling forces, but is itself neutral.

With each split, the individual pieces lowered in frequency.  Each fragment set off to gain experience and to create, and the Universe was formed, with all its diversity. This creation could not have happened without the repelling force being dominant.  It is through this magnetic force that Creator communicated with its creation. Ahrazu calls it the Outbreath of Creator. Creator’s desire to separate became the desire of the fragments. This desire led the parts to seek separation, lower vibration and increase density. This magnetic force is the deepest communication from Creator.

Attributes of the Repelling Force

Lower Vibration
Negative Emotions
Veils of Illusion

Attributes of the Attracting Force

Higher Vibration
Positive Emotions

During the Outbreath the energies continued to divide. Each fragment would retain awareness of itself and it’s fragments, but the fragmented parts are aware of only their individual part and their fragments. With an infinite amount of life to begin with, we could divide and divide and never run out of life. Though the creation of the Universe is not only two dimensional, I don’t know a way to illustrate that on this piece of “paper”. Figure 1 is a two-dimensional illustration representing a multi-dimensional experience. With each division we spread out from the center. The lower frequency parts are shown as being farther from and smaller than the center. Since Creator is comprised of all that is, then no part is actually outside of Creator.  

Figure 1

The fragments are fractals of the greater whole. From Wikipedia “Fractals are typically self-similar patterns, where self-similar means they are the same from near as from far. Fractals may be exactly the same at every scale.” Below is a very simple fractal based on the simple Y shape and forming a tree. Fractals exist in all levels of creation, from the micro particle like the atom to the macro solar system and both larger and smaller.


Figure 2

Fractals were discovered by a researcher at IBM named Benoit Mandelbrot in the 1970’s. It wasn’t until the creation of computers and their processing power that the complex math could be expressed in images. Wikipedia has a great video of a complex and beautiful fractal created from the Mandelbrot Set, which is a “mathematical set of points whose boundary is a distinctive and easily recognizable two-dimensional fractal shape”.

Creation of Individual Souls

Life continued to divide down to the level of an individual Being that has been call the Higher Self or Oversoul. (I call it the Greater Self because it’s not higher or better than you, it just more of you.) There are many places in the universe that are inhabited by beings like this. They can’t die and so know themselves to be immortal. The Greater Self Beings then fragmented themselves into individual souls. The Oversoul shares in the lives of all its fragments. The fragment is a part of the Oversoul but at the same time it is something separate. It is like your relationship with your thumb. It is part of you, you feel what it feels, but you are aware of yourself as more than just your thumb.

On Earth the Oversoul or Greater Self is fragmented into individual souls, each with its own lens through which it will experience life. The souls have a masculine/feminine ration. Most are in the range of about 70/30 either way. Souls will have more incarnations in bodies that match their majority energy (male or female) and will be more comfortable in those bodies than in bodies of the minority energy.

But that’s not the end of the dividing. Within each lifetime there is a body, mind/ego, several energetic “bodies” as well as the soul itself. On a psychological level you have inner parts, such as your inner child, male, female, critic etc. Also, traumatic experiences can cause one to psychically split. Part of ones’ life can be hidden away, pushed outside of the person’s energy field, possibly forgotten. And our bodies have their own consciousness’ as do each organ and gland, down to each cell and smaller. The amazing thing about fractal creation is that it is infinite; infinitely large and infinitely small.

Cycles of Creation

Figure 3

Creation is cyclical; Outbreath, Inbreath. Within the great cycle are smaller cycles of expansion/contraction, separation/unification, lower vibration/higher vibration. These cycles are fractal. There are large cycles and small cycles. Figure 3 shows two levels of the cycles of creation in a 2-D representation. There are actually an infinite number of levels that are multi-dimensional. But, I don’t know how to draw that. :-)

A cycle that many are aware of is the 26,000-year turning of the ages. Thirteen thousand years ago Earth was at the end of an Inbreath or higher vibration cycle. Then the Outbreath began as the repelling force dominated, warlike societies overran the peaceful ones. This began a period of darkness that lasted up until fairly recently. The longer the cycle, the longer the transition from Outbreath to Inbreath (and visa versa) takes. The Outbreath cycle that began about thirteen thousand years ago started turning around toward the Inbreath about 2000 years ago with the joint energies of Jeshua and Miriam (Christ and Mary Magdalene). There have been smaller cycles within the 26,000-year cycle, such as those times called the Dark Ages and the Renaissance. Currently our planet is at a stage of very rapid change as we transition into a thirteen thousand year cycle of Inbreath energy and more and more people are waking up. During the Medieval Renaissance we experienced an awakening to the value of beauty and art. This Renaissance is about becoming aware of and opening to the power of the awaked human heart and “magical” manifestation.

At the farthest point of separation, the end of the Outbreath of Source, Each of these pieces is unaware of the rest of itself. At this point the body was considered to be the self, all of the self.

From Ahrazu: It is important to understand that during the Outbreath, the energies sought to lower their vibration and forget their true nature. This was the will of Creator and so it was desirable and appropriate at the time. It was perceived as being right or good. At the present time Creator’s will is to unite so we currently seek to raise our vibration and remember more of our multi-dimensional selves. When you are tempted to look down on someone who is of a lower frequency than you are, remember that at another time it would be the other way around. During the Outbreath there was a spiritual competition to achieve density, forgetfulness and to experience the drama and trauma on this planet. No level of experience is better than another. It is all part of the game.

This expansion continued for eons of time, with minor cycles happening within the major cycles. At a point, the scattered fragments were so far apart that the force of separation diminished and the two forces came to a balance.

The Inbreath Begins

From Ahrazu: And so the Inbreath began. The will of Creator was to re-unite. The parts began to become aware of each other. First you discovered that you were not just a body, you had a soul and this was the beginning of religion. This was when the concept of God began as a powerful life force outside of the self. More recently we discovered that we had a mind, separate from the body. Psychology was developed to reunite the mental/emotional parts of the self that have split during this life. Psychological understanding developed to include the concept of the inner sub-personalities such the inner child work that has been so popular in recent times.

As the parts reunite they don’t blend together and loose their individuality. They are, instead, incorporated into your concept of your self. Imagine that you meet someone who you knew long ago, perhaps at a family reunion or school reunion. They say to you, “Remember when we did …?” For a second you don’t remember, then suddenly is comes back to you, a part of you that you had forgotten has now been remembered. You sense of self has expanded to hold a bit more of you.

During past life regression work, people begin to integrate an even larger part of themselves. Each life is remembered as a separate experience, yet they are all part of YOU. It is like remembering the different grades in school. Each year was a separate experience, with a different teacher, different classmates and lessons, but they are all part of your life.

In exponentially increasing numbers humans are waking up, breaking free from the limiting belief systems and reconnecting to their Greater Selves. At first the Greater Self is perceived as being separate from the self. It is joyous and inspiring experience to connect to one’s Greater Self. Since this part is aware of being immortal and so can’t be threatened, you experience a profound sense of peace when connecting. It feels like everything is truly OK, all is as it should be. There’s nothing that you need to do to fix anything or change yourself in order to be loved. You are inherently loved and valued just as you are, simply because you are a part of Creation.


This is the aspect of our selves doesn’t judge or blame because it knows that the concept of good and bad, right and wrong is an illusion. It knows that we have all played the roles of victim and perpetrator in many lifetimes and many variations. It knows that during the Outbreath cycles it felt good and right to do things that lowered the frequencies and created separation. What matters is that we obtain experience, sometimes quite intense experience.

Our remembering who we are in a larger, multi-dimensional way is the beginning of freedom from the rules of the Earth Game reality. What’s happening here and now is an exciting and unprecedented transformation. The whole Universe is watching us as we remember who we truly are while still keeping our physical manifestation. Our success is assured! Breathe deeply and feel it. It’s happening! The transition can be challenging. We know the possibilities of the New Reality but the Old Reality is still overlapping it. Our minds and bodies are transforming also. This process creates takes us through many small Inbreath/Outbreath Cycles.

Splash Out

I use the metaphor of water to represent the programming, limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions etc. that we all carry. This water is held in a vessel, your physical and non-physical system. When you make a shift in consciousness, everything that doesn’t match the frequency of the new awareness will automatically come up and out for clearing. This could be emotions, thoughts, and even physical symptoms. I call this phenomenon Splash Out. The Inbreath experiences are beautiful gems. When they drop into your vessel the Outbreath energies splash out. One way that a gem can be tossed into your vessel is when something really loving and supporting is given to you. Imagine someone telling you that (s)he loves you very much. That’s a nice big gem getting tossed into your vessel. What splashes out is all the energy of feeling “un-lovable”.

The key is to realize it’s just Splash Out, feel it and let it go. If you judge it, you will try to suppress it and you’ll just have to do it later. Say, “Yeah, here it comes, up for clearing and out it goes.” Avoid trying to understand it or figure it out. You haven’t done anything wrong. Creation is cyclical, inherent in the process of transformation are various large and small cycles. It’s just experience. Be like the magnet, able to contain the energies of both poles, yet being neither. You are neutral.


CME Incoming 9/30

CME IMPACT: A coronal mass ejection hit Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 30th at 10:25 UT. The impact was weak, lifting the solar wind speed around Earth barely above 300 km/s. Nevertheless, auroras are possible around the Arctic Circle as Earth’s magnetic field reverberates from the impact. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

The CME was propelled into space on Sept. 28th by an eruption of sunspot AR1577. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory caught the cloud expanding toward Earth at 2.2 million mph:

Although the initial impact was weak, a geomagnetic storm could develop in the wake of the CME.


Irving, Texas Earthquake

Earthquake in Irving, Texas

Last update: September 30, 2012 at 11:49 am by By

Earthquake in Irving, Texas
The epicenter was only 3 km from Irving, Texas. The extremely shallow depth of 5 km resulted in a very strong experience, even with a relatively weak Magnitude. A max. MMI of IV has been reported by the USGS (light shaking).
The earthquake happened at 23:05 local time.
The reason of the earthquake will have to be researched by seismologists.  Texas had multiple small to moderate earthquakes the last couple of years. Today’s earthquake is one of the weaker ones.
Some people even felt the shaking in Ennis, which is relatively far away from the epicenter.
We can confirm that the epicenter is below Irving as most on the people online in this site are coming from Irving.
The mainshock was followed by a lower intensity aftershock about 5 minutes later.
We appreciate the many I Have Felt It reports from people who have felt the shaking. does not expect any serious damage or injuries from this earthquake, however small cracks in walls and falling objects will certainly have happened here and there.
Update 04:54 UTC : Aftershocks can be expected as the earth layers are looking for a balance. These aftershocks are rarely bigger than than the first shock. The night may be disturbed by such events. They will normally only be felt very close to the epicenter,  in this case Irving.
Update 05:05 UTC : Luckily and as expected, we could not detect any damage so far
Update 05:21 UTC : USGS listed the epicenter at 32.847°N, 96.956°W.. That’s just southwest of Las Colinas Country Club near North McArthur Blvd. and West Rochelle Road. It was southeast of DFW International Airport. However, this has to be taken with a serious error margin. Seismology is a very complex science and in this case the horizontal error margin was set at 11.7 km and the vertical one at 3.1 km. The exact epicenter will only be located later on.
Update 05:34 UTC : We will have to wait until tomorrow morning before a final assessment has taken place. Hopefully all of you will have an undisturbed sleep.
Update 11:42 UTC : 6 hours after our latest update, we can now confirm that local authorities did not receive any report of damage or injuries. In addition to what we have told so far, we also mention that the greater area has been hit by a number of similar quakes since 2008.


Detox Diet Tips

Detox with 4 Super Foods to Remove Toxins From, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Drugs & GMO By-Products

26th September 2012

By: JB Bardot –

Detoxing can be hard on your body and cause a wide variety of alarming side effects. After all, the substances being removed are usually pretty horrible, consisting of toxic chemicals from Teflon, vaccines, pesticide residues, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy residue, heavy metals, aluminum, radiation, and even by-products from GMO foods. There are numerous detoxing agents and methods available — some more costly than others — and some producing very intense experiences with potentially dangerous side effects.

However, there are several ways to remove these noxious substances gently, with kindness to your system. These techniques may take a bit longer to achieve completion; however, if you have the time and are sensitive, or just don’t like pain, one of these methods should work for you.


Fruit pectin is probably the most gentle method of detoxing contaminants. Pectin comes from the fibrous portion of the fruit and is most commonly found in the pith of limes, lemons and other citrus fruit as well as in apples. Other sources of pectin are bananas, grapes, carrots, and cabbage. Pectin helps to release heavy metals, chemicals and other substances into the blood stream, where it binds to them and flushes them from the body. Simply eating fruit high in pectin will help to cleanse your system, or you can add a pectin product to a glass of water, organic grape juice or fresh veggie juice to speed the detox process. Beware of pectin sold in grocery stores, as some brands may contain MSG. Check health food stores for the best products.


The delicious culinary herb cilantro, happens to be one of the most effective and gentle detoxifiers of mercury, heavy metals and other toxic contaminants. You can buy cilantro juice at health food stores or simply include the fresh herb in your diet as pesto or seasoning to control the amount consumed and limit unwanted side effects. It’s inexpensive and works without the addition of man-made chemicals. Cilantro also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, quickly reducing infection and inflammation as it works to clear your system.


Chlorella is a single cell algae sea vegetable that grows in fresh water. Some of the best cholrella reserves have come from Japan; however, use caution when buying Japanese chlorella due to possible exposure to radiation from Fukushima. Chlorella is an easy-to-digest superfood best known for being able to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the cells. Too much chlorella can produce side effects — mostly in the digestive tract — where it works best to bind to mercury, eliminating it. Start with the lowest quantity and work up slowly for a gentle detox.


Juicing fresh produce and grasses such as wheat or barley grass provides an excellent way to remove toxins from the system. Wheatgrass is high in nutritional content, and provides vitamins, minerals and all nine essential amino acids. Wheatgrass can be a powerful detox, so start slowly with only a small amount of juice to keep it gentle — 1/2 ounce a day — and work up to avoid symptoms.

Using gentle detoxing products requires that you repeat treatments over a period of time until all symptoms have cleared. Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, dizziness and fatigue. Additionally, detoxing can cause a flare-up in your condition temporarily. It’s just the toxins leaving your system and should pass shortly. If side effects are severe, reduce the quantity of whatever you’re using to detox. If the symptoms continue, stop and consult your natural health practitioner for further instructions.

Tips on Food Storage

Food Storage: 20 Crops That Keep and How to Store Them

25th September 2012

By Barbara Pleasant –

Here in southwest Virginia, my partner and I take pride in growing and storing most of our fruits and vegetables. Knowing where our food comes from gives us confidence in its goodness, plus we save about $5,000 a year through our gardening and food storage efforts.

There is another benefit, which is the utter convenience of having a self-provisioned home. In early winter when our stores are full, I feel like I’m living in a well-stocked organic grocery store.

We bring many years of experience to this quest, and we’re still learning. Measured by weight, stored garden crops make up more than half of our overall harvest, with every onion and potato just about as fresh as it was the day it came from the garden. Our mix of storage vegetables and fruits varies from year to year and we’ve learned that putting by storage crops is something anyone can do — even if your produce comes from the farmers market. By making use of cold storage spots in your basement or garage, and perhaps adding a seasonal second refrigerator, you can use our charts to easily store 20 storage crops for winter eating using simple, time-tested methods.

Sleeping Quarters for Storage Crops

Success with storage crops hinges on finding methods that convince the crops that they are enjoying a natural period of dormancy in unusually comfortable conditions. This typically involves slowing physiology by controlling respiration (usually by lowering temperature) and/or providing moisture so crisp root vegetables sense they are still in the ground. Some staple storage crops, such as garlic, onions and shallots, need dry conditions to support prolonged dormancy.

Most storage crops need to be cured to enhance their storage potential. During the curing process, potatoes and sweet potatoes heal over small wounds to the skin, garlic and onions form a dry seal over the openings at their necks, and dry beans and grain corn let go of excess moisture that could otherwise cause them to rot. Harvesting, curing and storage requirements vary with each crop — see the charts in How to Harvest, Cure and Store 20 Storage Crops for full details. In my experience, harvesting and curing vegetables properly leads to much more flexibility when it comes to long-term storage conditions.

Storing Potatoes

Seeking out good food storage spots in your home or on your property can lead to interesting discoveries. Take storing potatoes, for example. When we asked the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Facebook community to share favorite ways for storing potatoes in winter, we received dozens of great ideas, including these:

Place cured potatoes in a burlap bag, tuck the bag into a plastic storage bin left open a wee bit, and keep in an unheated basement.

Line plastic laundry baskets with newspapers, with potatoes arranged in layers between more newspapers. Place the packed, covered baskets in an unheated garage.

In the basement, make short towers of potatoes by stacking them between layers of open egg cartons. Cover the towers with cloth to protect the potatoes from light.

Place sorted potatoes in cloth grocery bags that have been lined with black plastic bags, and store in a cold space under the stairs. A similar method: Sort different potatoes into paper bags, then place the bags in milk crates to prevent bruising.

Use an old dresser in a cool room or basement for storing potatoes in winter. Leave the drawers partially open for ventilation.

In a shady spot outdoors, place a tarp over the ground and cover it with an inch of loose straw. Pile on potatoes and cover with more straw, a second tarp, and a 10-inch blanket of leaves or straw.

Bury a garbage can horizontally so that its bottom half is at least 12 inches deep in the soil. Place potatoes in the can with shredded paper or clean straw. Secure the lid with a bungee cord, and cover with an old blanket if needed to shade out sun.

Here in Virginia, we have vole issues that require us to harvest our early spuds promptly, so my buried garbage can gets plenty of use for storing potatoes. Buried coolers or even buried freezer bodies (with machinery removed) can work in the same way.

Storing Crisp Root Vegetables

Theoretically, root vegetables that grow well below ground can be mulched over in fall and dug as needed in winter. This often works well with parsnips, but most gardeners would risk losing much of an overwintered carrot or beet crop to wireworms, voles or other critters. Repeated freezing and thawing of the surface soil damages shallow-rooted turnips and beets. It’s always safer (and more convenient) to harvest root crops, clean them up and secure them in cold storage. In Zones 7 and warmer, you’ll probably need a second refrigerator, as you won’t have naturally cooled spaces that stay below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. In colder winter climates, you have several options:

Bins, buckets or trugs packed with damp sand or sawdust and stashed in cold spots around your homestead, such as under your basement stairs or in an unheated garage or storage shed. This method works amazingly well if you can find a place with temperatures in the 32- to 40-degree range. Every few weeks, dump out containers and repack them, eating any roots that are showing signs of softening.

The previously described method of storing potatoes in a buried garbage container works well for root vegetables, but you’ll need a second one (or a buried cooler) for roots that need moist conditions. Pack these in damp sand or sawdust to maintain high humidity.

Working outside the fridge, the biggest challenge in storing crisp roots is maintaining high humidity without promoting molds and soft rots. That’s where packing materials, including damp sawdust or damp sand, come in handy. Sawdust is clean and lightweight, and the residue can be shaken out into the garden. Sand weighs more but is reusable — simply dry it in the sun and return it to a bucket or bin until you need it in the fall.

A seasonal second refrigerator is worth considering if you have a lot of carrots or beets to store, live in a climate too warm for underground storage, or want to store root vegetables to sell or trade later.

When preparing to store carrots, beets and other root vegetables in plastic bags in the refrigerator, sprinkle in a few drops of water as you pack each bag. Ideally, a few drops of condensation should form inside the bags after they have been well-chilled in the fridge.

Storing Squash

Now for something really easy: storing winter squash. The hard rinds of winter squash protect them from drying out, so all they need is a cool spot where you can check them from time to time. Look for signs of mold, and promptly consume squash that have developed minor blemishes, such as discoloration or soft spots.

Some types of winter squash store longer than others, so it’s important to eat them in proper order.

Squash and pumpkins classified as Cucurbita pepo tend to keep for only two to three months. These include acorn squash, delicata or sweet potato squash, spaghetti squash and most small pumpkins. Eat these first.

Buttercup and kabocha squash (C. maxima) will keep for four months under good conditions, but after two months the fruits should be watched closely for signs of softening or mold. Many squash pie devotees bake up all questionable buttercups in early winter and stash the mashed squash in the freezer. This is a wise move, because it’s far easier to make a pie or batch of muffins if you have frozen squash purée waiting in your freezer than it is to face down a squash the size of your head.

The smooth, hard rinds of butternut squash (C. moschata) help give them the longest storage life (often six months or more), so butternuts should be eaten last. We grow more butternuts than any other winter squash because they are such a cinch to store.

A Second Fridge for Storing Fruit

As owners of six mature fruit trees, we couldn’t manage our harvest without a second refrigerator for storing apples and pears. Our Asian and D’Anjou pears will last to December, with apples going a bit longer — but only if they are refrigerated in containers that retain moisture. So we plug in an old, semi-retired refrigerator in August, then clean it out and turn it off in January. We don’t mix fruits and veggies in the same fridge, because fruits give off so much ethylene gas that they can cause vegetable crops to deteriorate in wacky ways.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t exactly approve of second refrigerators, in part because most Americans already maintain more refrigerator space than they need. A more serious issue is the age of many second refrigerators and freezers. Newer models are often three times more efficient than older ones. According to the EPA’s Energy Star statistics, a refrigerator from the 1970s can cost an extra $200 a year to operate, while a 1980s vintage refrigerator may cost $70 more to run compared with a new model.

We will eventually upgrade our elderly, part-time fruit fridge to an efficient Energy Star model, but meanwhile, it earns its keep. Storing apples in a refrigerator often greatly improves their flavor, which is definitely the case with our midseason ‘Enterprise’ apples — three weeks in the fridge changes their flavor from good to spectacular. Sometimes how you store a crop is just as important as how you grow it.

I don’t mean to make self-provisioning sound too easy. Only top-quality produce should be stored, and every season some crop I planned to store either fails or doesn’t make the grade. These losses are soon forgotten as August and September whiz by in a blur, with one food storage project after another. Then October comes and we’re amazed at what we have: a basement brimming with homegrown winter squash, onions and garlic; a well-stocked pantry with organic dried beans, peppers and canned goods; and the fridge and freezer full, save for enough space for two turkeys grown by local farmers. If this is not the good life, I don’t know what is.

20 Vegetables and Fruits That Store for Two Months or More

  • Apple
  • Dry beans
  • Beet
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Celeriac
  • Celery
  • Grain corn
  • Garlic
  • Leek
  • Onion
  • Parsnip
  • Pear
  • Potato
  • Pumpkin
  • Rutabaga
  • Shallot
  • Sweet potato
  • Turnip
  • Winter squash

Find out the full details on how to harvest, cure and store these crops using the charts in How to Harvest, Cure and Store 20 Storage Crops.

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About the Author

Garden writer Barbara Pleasant provides detailed instructions for food storage, including curing and storing onions, potatoes, leeks, cabbage, apples, squash and other produce that will last all winter.


The Economics of Cancer

The Biggest Moneymaker of all Time: Cancer, and Why the Profiteers Don’t Want a Cure

17th September 2012

By Dr. Dennis Antoine

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

People wail, cry, and question why him /her, how could this happen to a child? Immeasurable grief.

Yet the answers are quite clear: humans are unknowingly exposed to far too many chemicals on their food, in their water, their clothes – even when buying a new car. That new car smell? Major cancer causing chemicals that have been used to treat the new leather and the rugs in that new car. And people get in and snort it like they smelled a bouquet of flowers.

Food sprayed with chemicals to make them last? Preservatives. At one time, you could not patent food. Yet we now have a patented soybean. Just so Monsanto can profit. This fooling around and injecting chemicals in food has got to stop!

This is why you must demand that food be labeled GMO! Go California!

Even new clothing has been treated with chemicals that can seep into the body and wreak havoc especially in young children. Not to mention the pesticides that are used on your food. What is very interesting is how many people from Monsanto wind up working for the FDA. The FDA is supposed to protect US citizens from poisons, right? Do enough of your own research and the more you learn the more outraged you will become. This is what is meant by the wolf guarding the henhouse. They eat healthy, sure. And you can bet the ranch they don’t eat the food they sell.

Dr Max Gerson, who in 1938 made a startling discovery that his safe natural treatment for cancer patients held enormous promise. He was getting people well by using something that could not be patented – vegetables. At this time in history, a bill was appropriated for 100 million dollars to anyone who could show promise and results in treating cancer. Dr Gerson in 1946 presented 5 terminal cases and 5 additional patients’ records showing his effective treatment and cure of all of these cases. Well, guess what? The Pepper-Neely bill was defeated by four senators who were medical doctors.

Also of note, radio announcer Raymond Gram Swing who was in the room, was as astonished as any of the others and made a broadcast that night detailing these events and Gerson’s effective treatment. Two 2 weeks later, Swing was fired from his job.

The following video is life changing. The angel Charlotte Gerson is still alive and living in San Diego.

Gerson died in 1959, eulogized by long-time friend, Albert Schweitzer M.D.:

I see in him one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them. Yet, he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. He leaves a legacy which commands attention and which will assure him his due place. Those whom he has cured will now attest to the truth of his ideas.

Dozens of treatments have come and gone and have just as quickly been termed “not effective”. When an individual encounters a pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus) their immunomodulators in their brain kick in to use and many different self-preservation events occur. One of the first is a fever. Almost all pathogens function best at 98.6, or normal body temperature.

The aspirin companies have convinced the public that a fever is bad. “We’ve got to break the fever” “if it gets too high we could cause brain damage”. And so this is drilled into caring parents’ minds and they immediately freak and start giving aspirin.

The body knows what it is doing and we interfere. Because we have a degree from a prestigious school and a stethoscope around our neck-we know better. But the fever is designed to make a poor quality environment for the germ, and eventually kill it off.

Instead, the aspirin, or Tylenol, does lower the temperature in some cases and the pathogen can now flourish.

The following was written by a medical doctor and comes from The Cancer Prevention Coalition: The verdict is unassailable. The American Cancer Society bears a major responsibility for losing the winnable war against cancer. Reforming the ACS is, in principle, relatively easy and directly achievable. Boycott the ACS. Instead, give your charitable contributions to public interest and environmental groups involved in cancer prevention. Such a boycott is well overdue and will send the only message this “charity” can no longer ignore. The Cancer Prevention Coalition (chaired by the author) in April 1999 formally announced a nationwide campaign for an economic boycott of the ACS .


The American Cancer Society has close connections to the mammography industry. Five radiologists have served as ACS presidents, and in its every move, the ACS reflects the interests of the major manufacturers of mammogram machines and films, including Siemens, DuPont, General Electric, Eastman Kodak, and Piker. In fact, if every woman were to follow ACS and NCI mammography guidelines, the annual revenue to health care facilities would be a staggering $5 billion, including at least $2.5 billion for premenopausal women. Promotions of the ACS continue to lure women of all ages into mammography centers, leading them to believe that mammography is their best hope against breast cancer. A leading Massachusetts newspaper featured a photograph of two women in their twenties in an ACS advertisement that promised early detection results in a cure “nearly 100 percent of the time.” An ACS communications director, questioned by journalist Kate Dempsey, responded in an article published by the Massachusetts Women’s Community’s journal Cancer:

The ad isn’t based on a study. When you make an advertisement, you just say what you can to get women in the door. You exaggerate a point. . . . Mammography today is a lucrative [and] highly competitive business.

The way women are treated when they have a mammography is deplorable. The tender, sensitive breast is jostled around, roughly handled and placed in the device to obtain the x-ray. The already angry area (angry with cancer cells) is now irritated further, enhancing the probability and possibility of cells spreading to other parts of the body.

Not only that, the tumor has a capsule around it. All the rough movement of the breast only helps to disrupt this capsule and enhance spreading or metastasis. Want a little more irritation? Let’s biopsy the area. A needle is stuck into the balloon and cells removed. Don’t you know there will be some leakage of the cells contained in that capsule?

Lung cancer and esophageal cancers too, are extraordinarily lucrative. It is one of the more difficult cancers to treat. There are miraculous stories about using Hydrogen Peroxide in the proper form to treat the body with oxygen.

Madison Cavanaugh has written a book called The One Minute Cure detailing the effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide on various health problems. Get the book.

To be clear, Hydrogen Peroxide must be Food Grade, meaning NOT WHAT YOU BUY IN THE SUPERMARKET. You must find food grade at 35% and then dilute it to 3%. What they sell in the brown bottle has preservatives in it and is not meant for internal use.

Cancer despises oxygen. It also loves 98.6. And it loves fatty tissue. It’s nirvana for the cancer cells. Cancer also has a unique capability to do what is called angiogenesis – it makes it’s own blood vessels to bring more blood and more food to feed it’s crazy appetite. It has this appetite because it is making cells at such a rapid pace.

Sugar is perfect fuel for cancer. High fructose corn syrup is a form of sugar that is ideal, as the high mitotic rate (cell division and tumor growth) calls for energy.

So here we have the “perfect storm”- you take a body, make it overweight – eat low quality food with all kinds of chemicals in the food and expose that person to fluoride in water, or vaccinations (additional cancer causing chemicals), air pollution, barbecued food (additional carcinogens) nitrates and nitrites, second hand smoke, etc and voila! You have a good potential to develop cancer.

Not everyone takes the cheese of standard treatment however, because there are alternatives to treating even difficult esophageal cancer as evidenced by this next video:

Tumors – Let’s pretend you were away and when you came home your home was extremely hot. You go to the thermostat an turn on the air conditioner. Nothing happens.

Would you then rip the thermostat out of the wall, thinking, “Well that should fix it”?

Of course not. This is what we do when we cut out a tumor. The tumors purpose just may be a “thermostat” a way to measure the presence of sickness. What if the tumor was only an indicator and not a sign of imminent death?

In so many cases, when treated successfully, there are reports of tumors shrinking and disappearing.

So what we do in America, we cut the tumor out. And the wonderful surgeon tells the family “I think we got it all”. Since cells are so vastly small, how could anyone, even with a microscope know for sure that they “got it all?” There is not a physician on the planet that could know for 100% sure they were able to “get it all”.

As a matter of fact, what if the tumors actually served a purpose and acted as indicators to tell us whether improvement is taking place? After all, unless the tumor is pressing on an airway or blood vessel, why take a chance and cut a person open who is already in a challenged state? And leave them susceptible to infection. Many people die from secondary infections due to the immunosuppresion of their bodies brought on by the side effects of chemotherapy. The radiation kills healthy cells. Cancer does not make hair fall out; radiation does that. And poor appetite causing poor nourishment? Caused by the drugs. So how can a body stay healthy if they are not getting proper nourishment?

This does not have to be. This is exactly where Dr Gerson was going. Take away the irritants (bad food, poor quality fluoridated water, fats, and sugars) and introduce ingredients the body can use to fight with-clean water-a healthy liver-vegetables-nutrients, and proper health can be restored.

This is a small sampling of incredible alternatives to fight cancer. The reason hemp is outlawed? Henry Ford many years ago said we should be using hemp for almost anything you can imagine –  more and better use than cutting down all the trees and insulting the earth with mining. Greed is why hemp is outlawed. It is a very powerful solution to a number of health problems.

Rick Simpson in his video Run From the Cure discusses his very effective treatment for cancer-hemp oil.

The suppression of this information is criminal.

Please read Death By MedicineGary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD

This is not about bad mouthing anyone. There are better things to do with time. It is about exposing the truth. There are many fine, caring physicians. When a person experiences a trauma from an accident, a severe laceration, by all means, of course you require medical treatment. Let’s not mix compassion with profit. Medicine started out based on compassion. First, do no harm, right? We should prevent what we treat? Where are we now? Big Pharma sends their beautiful reps to doctors’ offices to convince them of how they should be getting more people on this drug or that one, despite side effects. It’s for profit and it is deplorable and sad.

Be aware of your rights; don’t be badgered or scared into doing what “everyone else is doing” only to wind up a statistic. Do your research now while you’re healthy. Don’t wait until you are in a crisis mode. Stay healthy. Grow your own vegetables. Drink purified water. Take nutrients. Question authority. And by all means Wake Up World!

Dr. Dennis Antoine


New CME?

EMERGING BLAST SITE: A farside sunspot that exploded and hurled a bright CME into space on Sept. 23rd is now rotating onto the Earthside of the sun. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the emerging blast site during the early hours of Sept. 26th:

Because the sunspot is still near the sun’s eastern horizon, foreshortening prevents a clear view of its core magnetic structure. The events of Sept. 23rd, however, suggest that this could be a potent active region. Stay tuned for updates as the sunspot turns toward Earth


September 23-29

Overall Color for the Week:    Blue Diffusion


This week marks a choice point for everyone and on all levels.  A tri-pronged fork in the road has been reached and it is time for decisions.  You can go forward, go backwards, or just opt out.  There is no judgment.  The energies and vibrations at this time are gearing up and their effect is being felt on all levels.  It is time to work with your personal energies and desires and to move forth based upon what it is that you are capable of doing.  This is a time for knowing WHO you are.  There is help, as always.  If you ask for it, it will be there.  The important thing is for you to recognize it when it comes, honor it, and accept it within your framework.  This does not mean that you will necessarily follow it to the letter, rather you will do the best you can based upon your resonance with what is coming forth.  And yes, you do have a sense of what is coming. You are part of the Universal Consciousness.  What is happening at this point in time was made with your knowing.  Within this dimensional framework, however, we have covered up and buried much of what we truly know beneath a layer of sense data.  The senses are what guide us through this dimension.  They also, in many ways, attach us to it.  The intuition, the greater sense, takes you beyond what is here in front of you to another level of knowing.  But allowing oneself truly to “go with the flow”, to be one with the Tao, involves a trusting and a love and a compassion that we find hard to realize.  It involves a very deep commitment.  This is a time for commitments.  You have the power and the knowledge.  The action is up to you.  You know what is important to you.  That is what you need to keep as your focus.


Family and friends will be part of the themes of the week.  There is a lot of emotion in the air.  You are seeing things from a new perspective, and that perspective involves what you really desire as WHO you are. For yourself, the most important thing is to be with WHO you are and make your choices from the depth of your inner knowing.  This week is also going to be about physical issues.  This is a time to work with your body, to listen to it, and to honor that when it has requests they are, in that moment, what is best.  Be open also to the promptings of your intuition.  There are many dark areas of energy that are tumbling around out there, and by being open to your true inner knowing, you can avoid some rough spots.  Know also that there is a wave of love and understanding that is coming forth to our planet, and you can find yourself feeling this and it can bring a deep sense of peace and okay-ness.

On the larger scale, there will be a lot of truth comingout of the general confusion and chaos of the whole political scene.  This can lead many tor econsider their opinions and party loyalties.  There is the possibility of a newface literally bursting into the political aean that can shake up a lot of things.  This can lead to some interesting fall out.  Gaia is restless this week.  She is feeling herself squeezed and she will be reacting to that.  Expect things to be coming out of the earth in different ways and odd areas.  There is movement in the Himalayas that will be noticed further down the line.  Because it is so unusual, people will read into it many portents.  There are ancient prophecies from that area that have told of this thing.  There are also new teachers coming forth.  This can lead to some curious re-evaluations of how people feel about their own spirituality.  Finances continue to be a secret area.  There are things happening in the world of finance, but the truth of the global monetary situation is being kept securely under wraps.  The United States will see some odd movements in their markets and prices rise and fall oddly.  The crop season is largely over, and an overall analysis will not be promising.  There will also be movements from those clandestine forces who wish to remain in power as they are feeling that their grasp is weakening.  They will be the source of various odd headlines.  Look behind what you see and hear and read in the media.  The galactic force is still causing repercussions on the orbits and sizes of the planets and the Sun.  There is a new wave of energy coming in this week.  Much is going on, so much that it will be difficult to focus just on one thing.  It is important, therefore to be grounded and to be focused on what it is that is before you.  You know the context.  You have lived it for years.  Now focus on what really matters to you.  Be strong in your inner core.

Info on Area 51 to be Revealed September 22?

UFO ‘Secrets’ To Be Revealed In September, Says National Atomic Testing Museum

Posted: 09/01/2012 6:20 am Updated: 09/02/2012 4:43 am


In just a few weeks, some kind of UFO-related secrets will be revealed at a Smithsonian Institution affiliated museum.

That’s the implied promise in the title of a special lecture coming up at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas on Sept. 22.

The secrets haven’t yet been revealed, but the players involved certainly present the potential for something intriguing to emerge from this one-night event that’s part of the museum’s ongoing Area 51 lecture series.

Watch this promo for the upcoming UFO lecture at the National Atomic Testing Museum.

“We looked at bringing in some people to talk about extraterrestrials and UFOs,” said museum CEO and executive director Allan Palmer, a highly decorated former Air Force and Navy combat jet fighter.

“We wanted to concentrate on people who had personal stories and exposure to what they thought were real UFOs from the military side, because they might have just a little more credibility than your average Joe,” Palmer told The Huffington Post.

Four of the participants had previous American military security clearances:

Ret. Army Col. John Alexander: Former military insider who created Advanced Theoretical Physics — a group of top-level government officials and scientists brought together to study UFOs.

Ret. Air Force Col. Charles Halt: Former base commander of the RAF Bentwaters military base in England and vital eyewitness to the amazing UFO-related events at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980, where he believed the observed UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin.

Ret. Air Force Col. William Coleman: Former USAF bomber pilot, chief of Air Force public information and producer of NBC’s “Project UFO” series.

Ret. Air Force Col. Robert Friend: Former director of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book from 1958 to 1963.

The fifth guest at the museum’s upcoming UFO lecture is former U.K. UFO desk officer Nick Pope.


What’s going to be different about this one-time lecture compared to previous gatherings where military personnel have stepped forward to reveal details about personal UFO experiences?

“One of the things that is different is that you have high credibility vetted sources,” Alexander told HuffPost. “What you’re getting from this panel are people who have worked with the military, all of whom certainly agree that UFOs are real, and I think most of them would say it ought to be researched.

“Here, you’re getting a small number [of participants], but high credibility people.”

At the Sept. 22 lecture, Pope will speak of the similarities between how the U.K. and U.S. governments had similar UFO study groups and why both countries officially got out of the UFO business.

“In both instances, the bottom line was that we wanted Joe Sixpack off our backs. Strip out all the mistaken sightings of weather balloons and dump all the crazies, and we might just have something worth looking at,” Pope told HuffPost in an e-mail.

“But you can’t do that in a public UFO project, because it’s a kook magnet,” he said. “The trick is to highlight all the crazy stuff in the media, so the subject becomes a joke, pull the plug, then run the whole thing covertly. Now I’m not saying this is exactly what happened, but if an Air Force pilot sees something unusual and it’s tracked on military radar, does anyone seriously think we wouldn’t be interested?”

While none of the participants of the upcoming lecture have offered a preview of any UFO revelation, Pope promises to disclose “some hitherto unrevealed secrets of the British government’s UFO project.”

This isn’t the first time the Las Vegas museum has offered a provocative UFO presentation.

Back in March of this year, the Smithsonian venue opened its doors to an ongoing exhibit called “Area 51: Myth or Reality,” providing a comprehensive look at the historic records of the most secret military installation in the country.

Among the many items displayed are materials presented as “Authentic Alien Artifact” — samples of small objects originating from an alleged UFO crash in Russia.

for the slideshow, go to: