May 31 – June 6

Overall Color for the Week:    Golden Amber

Shades, hints, storms, conspiracies, questions, assumptions — these kinds of things will pervade this week.  There will be as sense of unreality about things.  You will find that you are not trusting friends as you used to.  You will be feeling insecure and out of control on many levels.  There will be changes all around you.  Be aware and ready for them.  There will be items in the news that will frighten  you.  There will be a mounting sense of more war.  The hurricane season will begin with a blast and the tornadoes in the Midwest will answer with fury.  There will be rain in places where there has been too much.  Borders will be crossed.  The new energies will be creating a mounting desperation in those who rule the media and the world.  They will be looking for sensationalism to cause more fear, even panic.  But some people are tired of the panic, and they will not believe it.  The illusions are not as strong as they used to be.  Things are becoming clearer.  Look for a new sense of power, purpose, and laissez-faire resulting in more spending and less worry about tomorrow.  This will be a crazy week when one thing will contradict another, only to be contradicted by something else.  All of this is an indication of the break down of the old patterns.  Be the observer this week and look toward community. .And look to the skies for signs. Continue reading

FIDE Exercise

This is a great daily exercise to work with for personal manifestation, centering, and fulfillment.  I like the FIDE acronym because it means FAITH in Latin:

The FIDE Exercise consists of a series of four steps:

FOCUS  on what it is you are desiring or wishing to manifest.  Make sure that your focus is clear and not clouded with self-defeating thoughts of worry, guilt, and fear.  Do not dwell on what you lack or what it is that is worrying you at this point in time.

INTENT:  At this point, you engage the top three chakra points, the crown, the third eye, and the throat.  You use the energy of those three points to illuminate, enhance,  and further substantiate your focus.  By doing this, you are taking the vibration of the focus and giving it a greater strength of purpose.

DESIRE:  This is where you engage the bottom three chakra points, the root, the sacral and the solar plexus.  By using the energies of these chakras, you are rooting your focus and giving it a sense of purpose and meaning.

EMOTION:  Now you will go to the heart center.  That is the true core of your being.  This is where you feel what you are.  At this point, you will feel the feeling of having/being that upon which you are focusing.  This is the point of manifestation.  Stay clear in your focus, intent, and desire.  Then send out your feeling as a strong vibration of manifestation.  Feel that it is already there.  Feel that vibration of what it is that you are manifesting.  Do not question or doubt.  Take time to play with the joy of things being as you wish.  This is the point of vibrational matching and attracting.  Vibrations are attracted to like viubrations.  They like to travel in sync.  Quantum physics has told us that all is vibration; all is energy.  When the energy is stong enough, things “Matter”, i.e. materialize, i.e. manifest.  This is the point of taking vibrations and making them real.  Go for it.

Clarity and desire are strong components of this exercise.  It may take some time to become comfortable with accepting and allowing the fact that you deserve what you desire in the truth of your heart, but know that is true.
Take that as your mantra:  I DESERVE WHAT I DESIRE.

You can use this as a kind of meditation practice.  Put on some soothing music.  Sit.  Relax.  Breathe and then work on this exercise.

May 24 – 30

Overall Color for the Week:    Rose Tint

This week is one in which events and issues will be occurring rapid-fire.  Prices will be increasing with no reason — gas, food, clothing, etc.  Questions that you ask will not receive answers.  The media will be presenting itself as though it knew it all.  Additionally, there will be reports of ET events, weather anomalies, and threats of war.  The winds across the globe will pick up bringing hurricanes, cyclones, and tornadoes, while the East Coast will be experiencing record temperatures.  Do not allow yourself to become too invested in these things.  They are fleeting.  What happens one day will be counterbalanced by another.  Moreover, things cannot remain hidden, and more evidence will be coming out that will call into question the integrity of political figures. The change of the energy has picked up speed, the veils grow thinner, and there is a greater influence of dimension upon dimension.  Trust your inner voice to let you know what is there and is not there, and be aware of synchronicity. And while you are seeing that in general people are angry and fearful, know that in this very climate, there is an opportunity for coming to know your own WHO more deeply as you see in clear relief the things that you do not wish to become or buy into.  If you can embrace your power and know the rightness of your world view, you will see the illuision around you.  Your energy will shine and you will attract the people you have been looking for. Continue reading


There are a couple of themes that have guided my personal development.

One theme has to do with the development of Consciousness and the feeling of Oneness.  Since an early age, I have had periods of knowing and seeing.  Knowing things that would come true later on.  Seeing things happen before they occurred.  I had been raised to think that these kinds of things did not happen.  Because of this, I found myself isolated and alone.  But just at the point at which despair might creep in, someone would present her or himself in my path to tell me to trust what it was that I was seeing and to know that these things that I was being told were important.  These were part of the lessons that would aid me in  my development.

Every night, there was an angel that would come and sit by me until I feel to sleep.  She gave me visions of how things were meant to be and taught me that to be strong is to stay true to WHO I am even when I was being controlled, punished, made fun of or put down.  I knew that she was a refuge to whom I could go and tell the odd stories of the day.  She did not laugh, rather she would explain them to me bit by bit.

Another of her lessons was the lesson of timing.  We are not all meant to “turn on” or “come on” at the same time.  We come as observers for a long time.  The period of observation is the time of learning.  We are not aware that we are learning things as we observe.  We just feel passive, that life goes on.  And while we are unaware of the lessons that come through, when the time is right,  they “turn on”.  You may find yourself in a situation in which you feel powerless, and just that situation can be the trigger to turn on some of those lessons, and you surprise yourself.  At that time, you are moving into your own power and knowledge.  Various instances of deja vu are actually just triggers being switched on which let you know that you have knowledge of this situation or one that will shortly come your way.

I studied Shamanic Journeying with Tom Cowan, author of Yearning for the Wind, Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit, Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life. The Pocket Guide to Shamanism, The Book of Seance, among others.  His website is

I apprenticed in the study of Tarot with Cait Johnson, author of Celebrating the Great Mother, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air: Essential Ways of Connecting to Spirit, and A Witch in the Kitchen.  Her website is

In 1997, I became a Reiki Master, going through all the various degrees with Tamara Kelly, an Essential Reiki Master of the Diane Stein school.

Subsequently, I did a course of instruction in Polarity Therapy.

I studied Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Shinto as an undergraduate, along with minors in philosophy and astrophysics.  In graduate school, I focused on world religions and mythologies.

I attended workshops dealing with spirituality with Matthew Fox and Thomas Berry among others.

I truly believe that the life of spirit is the opening up to the infinite consciousness.  My work at the Chromographics Institute, which I founded in 1999, has included research into light, vibration, waves, and healing modalities.   I am the author of a number of publications including The Chromo-Scope, Ch’i-Manations, and The Short Strip. I have given workshops in health and healing fairs on the East Coast.

I have given individual counseling sessions and psychic readings for people throughout the country.  My work in this area began when I was young and was able to untangle signs and find answers to questions for first people in my family, then friends, and finally others began to come with questions.  My psychic work continues to this day.

I am also an artist.  My oil paintings tend toward the abstract, and I look at them as evocative — calling out to the spirit within, joint in the Universal dance.  My watercolor paintings are done on board.  They consist mainly of faces, each one tending towards an expression of what it means to be on this wheel.  And then there is clay work.  That is multi-faceted, idiosyncratic, and fun.  Visit the Gallery to see some examples of all!

Do not miss also our Photo Gallery.  There is much energy coursing through the Universe and the world at this time, and some of it seems to like the vortex that is here on the land.  We have been gifted with amazing and unusual scenes of all sorts.

May 17-23

Overall Color for the Week:    Red Diffusion

There is no clarity in this week.  Things will be hectic and out of control.  Things that formerly were easy will become difficult.  Fun activities will no longer seem to be quite so much fun. There is the potential for misunderstandings in relationships on every level as things are out of sync. This is due to an onslaught of new energies upon the planet.  These are conflicting waves and vibrations manifesting themselves and clashing with each other as the week progresses.  You will wonder what is “normal” any more.  You will be seeing weather anomalies, late snows, large blows.  The media will be full of instances of man’s blatant inhumanity.  On a personal level, you will find yourself experiencing synchronicity on almost a daily basis.  Rather than appreciating and honoring this, many will find themselves perplexed and frightened by this show of personal power and attendant responsibility.  The energies and vibrations that are being felt at this time will help those who wish to fully realize their own WHO and all that that means. Continue reading

May 10-16

Sunday, May 10:  Canary

Mothers’ Day:    Oh, what a beautiful morning, but do not overdo for the rest of the day.  Things feel wonderful , and life seems to have taken on a new sheen.  Watch out, however, for too much of a good thing.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and do what feels right, but let moderation be the key.  You will feel the energy building as the day wears on, and that very build up can cause a drag on your emotions.  You may find, as the day winds down, that you are getting a little testy, that people are becoming a little too much.  It is a good night for turning in early. Continue reading

May 3-9

Overall Color for the Week:    Tipton Blue

And in the end, everything will become clearer.  This is the theme for this week.  There is much confusion in the air and many things will be misunderstood.  You will find yourself out of sorts and not able to get things done the way you used to.  You will find that some of the things that used to seem so important no longer have the same glow.  And there will be bouts of extreme tiredness and crankiness.  There is much happening below the surface this week.  It will be reflected in your moods, in the feeling that you can never seem to get yourself looking just the way you would like.  On a larger scale, you will see this in the panic that will be stirred up in the world as a whole.  Look for earth movements and unexpected weather patterns in areas that are falling prey to the fear that is being created by the media, etc.  It is time to get a new perspective on everything that is happening.  The way to do this is to decide what it is that you want for your life, and write out a program (or feel out a program) of how to achieve this.  Then go for it.  Let the rest take care of itself.  You in charge of your own reality. Continue reading