June 28-July 4

Overall Color for the Week:    No Color Straw

This is a week when little things can quickly escalate into larger things, when off-the-cuff remarks can cause reactions way out of proportion of the cause.  Watch what you do, how you deal with, people and keep an eye out for the unexpected.  There is a sense of unrest in the air.  Things will not feel right.  Your intuition, on the other hand, will be acute so follow the urgings of that regardless of how odd they may seem.  Intuition can be oftentimes the one thing that can avoid difficult situations.  The straight and narrow is not always the best path to take.  In the area of earth movements, there will be a series of small earthquakes happening in the Pacific which will be echoed later by activity in the Atlantic ridge.  Both coasts may be experiencing some temblors also.  Fear will be propagated in news stories.  Do not buy into it.  This is a time to know your inner strength and to use your inner clarity of vision.  Review the recent crop circles and the ones that will be appearing this week.  There is a meaning in them that hinges upon the totality of the past week and the upcoming ten days. Continue reading

Know This

A few thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and inspirations.

Know the future is truly now and with it all the shifts and changes.

Know that true and focused intention can create what you would consider miracles, which are merely, in fact, the way things are meant to be.

Know that much of what you call ‘the way things are’ are merely illusions to be looked through in order to see the true nature and essence of all things, into the lessons to be learned as things develop at this time.

Know that you choose and are chosen.

Know that this is a great task you have chosen, and not a light one.

Know that your time is now.

Know that it is for you to put aside all those petty concerns of the quotidian for there is no room for them in the realm into which you are moving and that all those quotidians will be taken care of by the Quotidian Doers.

Be prepared to see things in a new way, and fear not your conclusions for they are correct.

June 21-27

Overall Color for the Week:    Orange

This is a week of ups and downs and ins and outs.  Do not expect anything to be easy or even resolved.  Prepare to feel yourself not up to par on any level.  There are challenges in the air as the energies shift into a new mode.  There is a sense of insecurity and unrest.  This will be reflected everywhere and on all levels.  Friends will seem odd and out of sorts. Things that you like will not seem quite so desirable.  This theme will be reflected on every level.  There will be more tropical storm activity and the brewing of truly monster storms to come.  Politically there will be threats and counter threats thrown from place to place.  Look to a seemingly insignificant political figure for a word to the wise.  It is not a good week for large purchases, decisions, or moves.  Take things slowly on all levels.  It is a week when you are best spending time regrouping.  Much courage and valor will be need for the coming two weeks.  There is a change in the air.  Surprises will begin to show themselves near the end of the week.  Look for more and more coverage of UFO interaction.  And watch your dreams.  Do not fall into fear.  Know that your personal energy is up to every challenge and that you can only be controlled if you allow it to be. Continue reading