June 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:    Green Blue

The theme of this week is ‘Taking A Chance’.  There will be times when that pans out and things run smoothly, but then again there will be times when it does not work so well and things bottom out.  If you remember that there are ups and downs, and that nothing is forever, you will weather this week well.  If you choose instead to go with the doom and gloom and let that rule your life, then that is how this week will turn out for you.  There will be much fear in the news.  There will be scary weather events, new earth movement, political threats, and technological breakdowns.  This is all part of and in reaction to a  correction in the energy that is taking place right now.  It is important not to give into fear and panic for that is how you can be easily confused and controlled.  Look into things, events, and people from a wider perspective.  There is knowledge to be had of what is going on truly if you allow yourself to open to it.  Follow your intuition this week.  There will be times when you may feel that it is letting you down, but upon reflection, you can see that it is rather that you have given into the general confusion of the times and not listened to the small voice that is connected to All. Continue reading

June 7-13

Color for the Week:    Light Opal

This is a week that will be characterized by a lot of discomfort on all levels and in all areas.  People will find themselves having to say things that they do not like to say, to do things that they would rather not do, and to leave things behind things that they think were necessary.  This discomfort will affect every level.  Within the Earth there will be shifts and movements.  Expect more volcanic activity, but also expect anomalies in terms of what volcanoes are supposed to do.  You will find that these so-called anomalies will be affecting every area of weather and earth movement.  There is  a chain reaction setting up within the Earth that will cause unsettled conditions.  At the same time and on different levels, there will be a similar same chain reaction phenomenon.  Watch for financial events to reach a point at which things start happening seemingly out of control, yet with some underlying logic that will not be immediately obvious.  Within politics, there will be unexpected revelations coming out about different governmental and political figures.  Watch also for the media to be attempting to stir up more fear predicting mutations in the current flu and the resurgence of old diseases.  Physically, you may be feeling out of sorts, yet not having any clear idea what is bringing it on.  You may also find that your food choices will be changing.  All in all this will be a most strange week.  Be the observer once again.  Observation will bring revelation,  Know this and see if you can see the beginnings of a pattern behind all the seeming randomness.  This is all part of the new energy that is getting ready to burst forth in a few weeks. Continue reading