June 7-13

Color for the Week:    Light Opal

This is a week that will be characterized by a lot of discomfort on all levels and in all areas.  People will find themselves having to say things that they do not like to say, to do things that they would rather not do, and to leave things behind things that they think were necessary.  This discomfort will affect every level.  Within the Earth there will be shifts and movements.  Expect more volcanic activity, but also expect anomalies in terms of what volcanoes are supposed to do.  You will find that these so-called anomalies will be affecting every area of weather and earth movement.  There is  a chain reaction setting up within the Earth that will cause unsettled conditions.  At the same time and on different levels, there will be a similar same chain reaction phenomenon.  Watch for financial events to reach a point at which things start happening seemingly out of control, yet with some underlying logic that will not be immediately obvious.  Within politics, there will be unexpected revelations coming out about different governmental and political figures.  Watch also for the media to be attempting to stir up more fear predicting mutations in the current flu and the resurgence of old diseases.  Physically, you may be feeling out of sorts, yet not having any clear idea what is bringing it on.  You may also find that your food choices will be changing.  All in all this will be a most strange week.  Be the observer once again.  Observation will bring revelation,  Know this and see if you can see the beginnings of a pattern behind all the seeming randomness.  This is all part of the new energy that is getting ready to burst forth in a few weeks.

Sunday, June 7:   Royal Lavender

Full Strawberry Moon:   You are feeling that you want to be doing something physically, to work in the garden, walk in the woods, build a cabinet, but you cannot seem to take it beyond the planning stage today.  Things do not have the clear edge of reality to them, and you are wondering why.  You sense that there is something behind what is going on.  As the light of the full moon encroaches upon the energy of the day, you will be seeing things come out of the shadows,  Watch and listen for revelations for they will aid you on the path that you are taking now.  Things are changing, and you are feeling it, but you are not sure how to deal with it.  There are hints in what is coming forth that will give you a clue.

Monday, June 8:     CalColor 60 Cyan

This is a time of the great cycles.  Things are happening around you, words are being spoken, things are falling in your path.  And all of these events have meaning to you.  Take time to day to analyze and reflect on things that have been going on for the past ten days.  There is a completion coming to some of your desires, but you must hold fast to the truth of the desire and the depth of WHO you are.  Today is a good day to center, to feel,  to observe.  Do not make any assertions as you may find that they will come back in time to bite you.  The levels and layers are splitting up, and it is up to you to find balance so that you know where you are.

Tuesday, June 9:    Deep Amber

This is a good day for resting in your truth.  Do not let outside situations and events get hold of you.  This is a day of extremes — there will be those who know that the best response to situations is not to react, while others will be out there causing tensions and stirring up things in order to get a response.  It is time to look at WHO you truly are in relation to everything that is going on around you.  You may be surprised to find out that certain things you felt were insurmountable are actually quite doable.  It is a day to stand within your power and to know truly what that power is.

Wednesday, June 10:    Blue Diffusion

Again this color appears.  It is indicative of the mounting energy shifts and twists.  There will be revelations today that will upset you.  Yet you will not be able to find it in yourself to buy into the revelations or to know why you are finding them troubling.  There will be moments in the day when things seem overwhelming and you will want to give into depression, but then just as quickly will come moments of joy and laughter.  This is a day of ups and downs on all levels.  It is a good day to stay in the Now and not predict or ruminate.

Thursday, June 11:    True Pink

Ah, at last, some sense of ease.  Today will just be an overall good day for you.  It does not matter what others say or do or what the news brings forth, it just seems like a good day.  And that is how it is.  There will be shifts and shake ups coming within the next three weeks, and you will need to remember the energy of today so that you can stay grounded and unstuck and uninvolved with a lot of what is coming.  In this way you will know what it is to create your own reality.

Friday, June 12:  CalColor 90 Lavender

This is a day of completion.  You will find yourself being done with a lot of stuff — of all kinds and on all levels.  It is a day for letting go of.  You will see around you a lot of confusion and uncertainty, and if you choose to buy into it, then you will become just as confused as others around you.  But you do not have to do that.  You are the center of your own reality, and you can choose which way you are going to go with it.  But know that in what you do, you must be strong in your focus and intention.  By learning to stay centered and powerful in WHO you are, all that you desire will fall into place.

Saturday, June 13:    Night Blue

There is much that will come out of the shadows today.  You will see that many people have been hiding things from you, trying to pull thw wool over your eyes, but you are no longer as gullible as you were before.  You are finding a new resolve in your action and a new courage in your being.  This is a good time to take new steps in your life, to break out of old patterns and relationships.  You have the strength and the clarity of a new kind of night  vision.  Do not let this opportunity pass. Do not fall into the illusions that surround you.  They can only affect you if you allow them to.