June 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:    Green Blue

The theme of this week is ‘Taking A Chance’.  There will be times when that pans out and things run smoothly, but then again there will be times when it does not work so well and things bottom out.  If you remember that there are ups and downs, and that nothing is forever, you will weather this week well.  If you choose instead to go with the doom and gloom and let that rule your life, then that is how this week will turn out for you.  There will be much fear in the news.  There will be scary weather events, new earth movement, political threats, and technological breakdowns.  This is all part of and in reaction to a  correction in the energy that is taking place right now.  It is important not to give into fear and panic for that is how you can be easily confused and controlled.  Look into things, events, and people from a wider perspective.  There is knowledge to be had of what is going on truly if you allow yourself to open to it.  Follow your intuition this week.  There will be times when you may feel that it is letting you down, but upon reflection, you can see that it is rather that you have given into the general confusion of the times and not listened to the small voice that is connected to All.

Sunday, June 14:  Daffodil

Flag Day:    This is going to be a fun day, a great day, and a some what surreal day — So, be ready for it.  Take everything and see everything with a sense of humor.  Allow yourself to be present in what is happening and to take part in what is going on.  If everyone is singing, sing along.  If everyone is eating, take a bite.  It is a good to to see for yourself what it means to be part of something, of something greater.  This is a the lesson for today as the energies move us more towards community.  It is time to break down any old restrictions or conceptions you have placed upon yourself about being the hermit, the loner, the separatist.  Life is all around you and you are a part of it.  The communities are coming together.  It is time to experience the joy that can be had in community so that when yours comes about, you will know it for what it truly is and be able to participate fully, joyfully, and  openly.

Monday, June 15:    CalColor 15 Pink

And the theme of joy and lightheartedness continues as the day dawns.  There is a lingering sense of goodwill that you sense in the air.  Today is a day in which to decide what to do with that sense.  There will, however, be challenges along the way.  People will be difficult, traffic will be crazy, and time will get away from you.  This is not a day for action-reaction.  There is time within each and everything that you encounter in which to get some perspective.  You are seeing a greater picture begin to take shape, and within that greater picture a lot of the little stuff just does not seem quite so important anymore.

Tuesday, June 16:   Green Diffusion

Just when it seemed like everything was going well, taking shape and becoming clear, there is a huge cloud on the horizon.  Today is a day when things, people, and even intuition will  be muddled.  There is no real clarity in the air.  Things just do not feel right.  You are fighting a sense of depression and anger.  You will find yourself quick to react to things, and then in the next instant, to wonder why you reacted in such a way and why that even was important.  Lines of communication will cross and be unclear.  There will be strange happenings reported in the news and disruptions in service on all levels  — was that digital TV change really such a good idea!!!.  Do not buy into the confusion.  If you remain centered, clear, and strong in knowing your priorities, you will be able to see through all the stuff that is out there today and realize that it is transitory, and that you will get out of it whatever you put into it.

Wednesday, June 17:    Light Steel Blue

You will need all your power and energy to get through some tough times today.  They will pop up unexpectedly just as you are doing something that seems easy.  It is like one of those roots along a path that all of a sudden seem to reach out and trip you up.  The energy today is split into two parts — clarity and confusion, and in between the two is an area of just plain bewilderment.  Friends will do things that make you wonder where they are coming from.  There will be items that you encounter that just do not seem right.  There will be a sense of something brewing, and while you are very clear in knowing that something is on the way, you are not clear as to what it is. This is not the time to make any set decisions or plans.  Wait for tomorrow.  Things will have shifted by then.

Thursday, June 18:    Broadway Pink

Everything does seem clearer now.  You are finding yourself feeling much better on all levels than you have for a few days.  This is a good day to get things done, for there is much serendipity in the air.  Take time to enjoy life.  You may find that you have hidden talents that you were not aware of.  There is a good possibility that you will be meeting someone who is going to make a difference in your life or an old relationship will take a new and interesting turn.  This is a good day to take a chance.  Things are in the open today and the probability for success is great.

Friday, June 19:    Blush Pink

Watch what you say and do today.  You may find that you are running into excess — spending too much, eating too much, saying too much.  On the other hand, you will be enjoying time with friends and family, in person or via phone, the web, Facebook, whatever.  You are wanting to reach out and communicate.  There is much to be shared today.  You may find yourself even giving away some old secrets.  Enjoy  those around you, but take time to consider what you say or do lest it be a little more than what you intended. Be aware of how others react to you for there are messages also in reactions.  Take care that you do not allow yourself to be manipulated by seeming well-wishers.

Saturday, June 19:    Blue Diffusion

The week ends on a note of confusion.  Everything will seem to be too much to deal with.  Things that you do or say will not make much sense to you or anyone else.  When you go out, you will find that people are unhappy, rude, uncaring, and confrontational.  You will not want to have anything to do with them.  There will be a strong sense of isolation and the need for safety in the air.  Know that in everything you do, everywhere you go, and with everyone you meet, you are safe and in power.  The trick will be for you to remember that and not fall into reacting without thinking first.