November 29-December 5

Overall Color for the Week:    Gaslight Green

So things will not be terribly clear this week for the most part.  There will be a growing sense that you are getting it, however there will be so many ups and downs as you go through the week, that you will find that sense coming and going.  It is time to see things in a new light.  Try to evaluate situations, friends, money, health, etc. in a new way.  The energies are bringing in much change at this time.  As a result, you will be feeling yourself confused, out of sorts, happy then sad, etc.  And this will continue for at least two weeks and possibly into the new year.  Do not allow yourself to get depressed.  This is temporary. Right now, we are all learning lessons.  A grand shake up of things makes it easier to move into new patterns of thought.  It is not a good time to take people by the letter of their word, allow them some room for interpretation.  You will be seeing unexpected results to situations this week, and that will occur on all levels.  There is a blip in the grid coming.  Also, expect some problems with electronic communication devices, televisions, and radio.  There is a vortex-like energy that is coming out of the center of the Universe at this time.  It has taken some time to get here, and it is affecting the sun as well as every planet in the solar system.  Stay calm and centered.  Allow yourself to feel this new energy without reacting.  Get used to it for there is more to come.  You will see some events in the news that are designed to cause negative reactions.  Do not buy into them.  This week will go well as long as you distance yourself from reaction and get into an action-based mode.  Look into things before taking steps to deal with them.  You have the power and acumen to see them for what they are.  Go with that. Continue reading

November 22-28

Overall Color for the Week:    Delft Blue

This week will be a good one for rejoicing, for lightening things up a bit.  You will find yourself much preoccupied with the getting ready for Thanksgiving.  It will be your focus this week.  Even if you are not yourself preparing the feast, you will find yourself excited about the whole thing.  This is a time when a break from all the seriousness is needed, and the energies of this week are letting that happen.  Things are feeling better than they have for a while.  Your perspectives have changed and you are feeling more in touch with what it is that you truly want and why it is that you are here at this time.  You will not have the patience to deal with people who are playing games or trying to manipulate you.  Watch how you deal with them.  They are playing in the old energy.  They are not seeing the changes that are happening or the way they have been misled my media and others.  The weather will cooperate this week although there is an increasing sense of something brewing within the Earth.  This is a time of transitioning.  You will see many opposites playing out in the media and in relationships.  Oh, and there may be some unanticipated announcements.  Perhaps the ET’s are really real and really involved in the history of humankind.  Take nothing at face value.  Research the truth of the matter.  Do not worry if old friends no longer hold your interest.  They too are playing with the old energy, and if you are responding to the new energy, then you will find that old allegiances no longer hold the same important or attraction that they did previously. Continue reading

November 15-21

Overall Color for the Week:    Magenta

“It is well.  All is well.”  Let that be your mantra for this week.  There are ups and downs coming your way and the possibility for much misunderstanding.  Look for old things to rise to the surface.  Take the time this week to deal with them and put them behind you.  They no longer serve you and to dwell on them merely chains you to times and places that have contributed to WHO you are but are not the totality of WHO you are.  This is a week in which all things will be done in pieces.  Do not be quick to make up your mind or form an opinion.  Check first that you have the whole story.  The energies are shifting and clashing this week so look for weird weather and strange things in the news.  Do not give into distractions for as more and more people are coming into their own power, the media and those who think they hold the reins are finding that their fear tactics are not as effective as they have been.  There will be innuendo in the news that will suggest  things might be happening in a certain way, but that very innuendo is a tactic to connect with  your personal fears so that you create the sense that things are wrong.  Nothing has changed, but they wish to make you feel that things have changed.  Stay centered in WHO you are and keep a sense of humor and a long perspective and all will end up quite well thin week. Continue reading

November 8 – 14

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 30 Magenta:

This week promises to be one of surprises on all levels.  So take nothing for granted and do not use old premises and expectations as your guides.  People are changing, and situations, events, and things are changing. You are changing.  There is new knowledge coming into you, and you can either embrace it or ignore it.  Time will tell if the decision is proper for WHO you truly are.  This is a time when the WHO is becoming ever move important.  If you accept all those things about yourself that you were afraid to look at before, you just might find that a whole new world and community is opening up for you.

This is a week of beginnings and endings.  Look for changes on all levels where old contracts are abolished, old allegiances are done away with, and old relationships are shaken up.  At the same time, look for new things to be brewing on these levels.  There will be much happening in terms of earth changes, so do not be surprised by out of season storms, earth shakeups in unusual locations, and weather anomalies.  There is the possibility for  trends in politics, finances, etc. to go in two directions at the same time.  Contradictions are in the air.  Take nothing at face value.  Do not give in to any fear based news.  There will be more coming out about health items and issues, but at this time, ta lot of it is being done to see how the media will spin it and how people will react.  Approach all of that with a huge block of salt.  There is more fiction than fact behind a lot of this. Continue reading