Know This

A few thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and inspirations.

Know the future is truly now and with it all the shifts and changes.

Know that true and focused intention can create what you would consider miracles, which are merely, in fact, the way things are meant to be.

Know that much of what you call ‘the way things are’ are merely illusions to be looked through in order to see the true nature and essence of all things, into the lessons to be learned as things develop at this time.

Know that you choose and are chosen.

Know that this is a great task you have chosen, and not a light one.

Know that your time is now.

Know that it is for you to put aside all those petty concerns of the quotidian for there is no room for them in the realm into which you are moving and that all those quotidians will be taken care of by the Quotidian Doers.

Be prepared to see things in a new way, and fear not your conclusions for they are correct.