June 21-27

Overall Color for the Week:    Orange

This is a week of ups and downs and ins and outs.  Do not expect anything to be easy or even resolved.  Prepare to feel yourself not up to par on any level.  There are challenges in the air as the energies shift into a new mode.  There is a sense of insecurity and unrest.  This will be reflected everywhere and on all levels.  Friends will seem odd and out of sorts. Things that you like will not seem quite so desirable.  This theme will be reflected on every level.  There will be more tropical storm activity and the brewing of truly monster storms to come.  Politically there will be threats and counter threats thrown from place to place.  Look to a seemingly insignificant political figure for a word to the wise.  It is not a good week for large purchases, decisions, or moves.  Take things slowly on all levels.  It is a week when you are best spending time regrouping.  Much courage and valor will be need for the coming two weeks.  There is a change in the air.  Surprises will begin to show themselves near the end of the week.  Look for more and more coverage of UFO interaction.  And watch your dreams.  Do not fall into fear.  Know that your personal energy is up to every challenge and that you can only be controlled if you allow it to be.

Sunday, June 21:  CalColor 15 Green

Summer Solstice:   And as things are growing and budding, there is a reminder in the air that fall will come and after that winter.  This is a day when there will be great joys and lots of fun, but there will also be the sense of something lurking there in the shadows. You will find yourself not quite believing things that are said to you or presented in the media.  There is an underground current that is making things seem a bit muddled.  Keep your eyes open today for the messages.  As the energies shift and change there is news of what will be coming in the next few weeks.  It is a good time to prepare yourself for anything, and the best way of doing that is to center within your heart and know taht you can create miracles. Do not fall into the illusion.

Monday, June 22:    Light Rose

New Moon:  It is a good day to get in touch with old friends with whom you have lost contact.  It is a good time for evaluating who your friends truly are.  Your sense of community is becoming ever stronger and the urge for community ever stronger.  Let go of old grudges that  have no basis in fact.  Know that things are  happening in perfect order and sequence.  Know also that your part in that order depends upon the how centered you are within and how compassion becomes your shield.  Stay strong  in WHO you are and know that that WHO is enfolded in a community of persons, places, and things.  There is a rightness in the things and people and places you love and are attracted to.  Honor that.  Know that there is purpose in what is happening now in your life and look within the day’s happenings to find the message.

Tuesday, June 23:    Light Salmon Pink

You are feeling out of sorts and not connected to what is going on.  You will find that feeling reflected all around you, in all you do, the people you encounter, the conversations you have.  Be prepared for stuff not to be working right.  Technological devices will be experiencing blips.  Your sense of time will be skewed.  You will not feel yourself related to things in general.  This is how today will go.  There is a lot of uncertainty in the air.  The Earth will be moving, sending energetic waves throughout that will unsettle plans, people, and things.  Tonight, take it easy.  Read a book, watch a movie, be unconnected from the media out there.

Wednesday, June 24:  Green Blue

There is much sorrow in the air today, as though something terrible has happened.  There will be hints on the news and from friends.  Energetically, the uncertainty derives from the fact that there is no center anywhere today.  Things will seem to be rather meaningless.  You will have a meal, yet nothing there will be what you truly want.  You will not be able to find the right thing to wear.  This is a day when things just do not seem quite right, yet there in never anything that is so defined that you can put your finger on just why.  You just know that something is amiss.  When evening comes, take time to center in your own power.  Take a few moments to look at your priorities.  It is important at this time to know your WHO as there are many energetic challenges on the horizon.  If you listen, you can hear murmurs of what is to come.   It is not a good day for a lot of ttravel.

Thursday, June 25:    Deep Blue

You are feeling really quite good about yourself.  You know that you have accomplished something and just what it is does not matter.  This sense of well-being will characterize today through late afternoon.  Expect things to be great during that time.  Even those pesky people and small setbacks will not affect you now.  You are taking everything in stride.  Do not fall into questioning, for too much analysis will ruin the magic.  Just enjoy.  As evening comes, you will find yourself very tired without knowing why.  Realize that you are reacting to the energy.  Respond to it, take time to rest and strengthen yourself.  Eat well tonight.  Your body needs it.

Friday, June 26:    Azure Blue

Wow , everything is just too bright.  Things are not hiding.  You sere everything in stark relief.  This is a day for realizations and truths to come out.  Truths about persons, places, things, and even yourself.  You feel that need to call upon your inner reserves of strength to give you patience to deal with people and the games they play and the fear that seems to be everywhere.  Yet the game players will find themselves tripped up by the games they have devised and the fear can be shown to be the product of the media.  Look to your heart to know what is true.  Be prepared to meet people who will become important to you as time goes on.  There is yet much change to come.

Saturday, June 27:    CalColor 90 Green

You will find yourself doing a lot of finishing today.  You will finsh books you had started, movies you had started watched, conversations you had left off. It is not a good day for regrets.  They have no place here.  Today you can let go of things that you ahve been holding on to just because……  Be prepared for a few tears.  They are part of the process.  Oh, and take a look around and toss or recycle or donate things that are cluttering up your life.