September 23-29

Overall Color for the Week:    Blue Diffusion


This week marks a choice point for everyone and on all levels.  A tri-pronged fork in the road has been reached and it is time for decisions.  You can go forward, go backwards, or just opt out.  There is no judgment.  The energies and vibrations at this time are gearing up and their effect is being felt on all levels.  It is time to work with your personal energies and desires and to move forth based upon what it is that you are capable of doing.  This is a time for knowing WHO you are.  There is help, as always.  If you ask for it, it will be there.  The important thing is for you to recognize it when it comes, honor it, and accept it within your framework.  This does not mean that you will necessarily follow it to the letter, rather you will do the best you can based upon your resonance with what is coming forth.  And yes, you do have a sense of what is coming. You are part of the Universal Consciousness.  What is happening at this point in time was made with your knowing.  Within this dimensional framework, however, we have covered up and buried much of what we truly know beneath a layer of sense data.  The senses are what guide us through this dimension.  They also, in many ways, attach us to it.  The intuition, the greater sense, takes you beyond what is here in front of you to another level of knowing.  But allowing oneself truly to “go with the flow”, to be one with the Tao, involves a trusting and a love and a compassion that we find hard to realize.  It involves a very deep commitment.  This is a time for commitments.  You have the power and the knowledge.  The action is up to you.  You know what is important to you.  That is what you need to keep as your focus.


Family and friends will be part of the themes of the week.  There is a lot of emotion in the air.  You are seeing things from a new perspective, and that perspective involves what you really desire as WHO you are. For yourself, the most important thing is to be with WHO you are and make your choices from the depth of your inner knowing.  This week is also going to be about physical issues.  This is a time to work with your body, to listen to it, and to honor that when it has requests they are, in that moment, what is best.  Be open also to the promptings of your intuition.  There are many dark areas of energy that are tumbling around out there, and by being open to your true inner knowing, you can avoid some rough spots.  Know also that there is a wave of love and understanding that is coming forth to our planet, and you can find yourself feeling this and it can bring a deep sense of peace and okay-ness.

On the larger scale, there will be a lot of truth comingout of the general confusion and chaos of the whole political scene.  This can lead many tor econsider their opinions and party loyalties.  There is the possibility of a newface literally bursting into the political aean that can shake up a lot of things.  This can lead to some interesting fall out.  Gaia is restless this week.  She is feeling herself squeezed and she will be reacting to that.  Expect things to be coming out of the earth in different ways and odd areas.  There is movement in the Himalayas that will be noticed further down the line.  Because it is so unusual, people will read into it many portents.  There are ancient prophecies from that area that have told of this thing.  There are also new teachers coming forth.  This can lead to some curious re-evaluations of how people feel about their own spirituality.  Finances continue to be a secret area.  There are things happening in the world of finance, but the truth of the global monetary situation is being kept securely under wraps.  The United States will see some odd movements in their markets and prices rise and fall oddly.  The crop season is largely over, and an overall analysis will not be promising.  There will also be movements from those clandestine forces who wish to remain in power as they are feeling that their grasp is weakening.  They will be the source of various odd headlines.  Look behind what you see and hear and read in the media.  The galactic force is still causing repercussions on the orbits and sizes of the planets and the Sun.  There is a new wave of energy coming in this week.  Much is going on, so much that it will be difficult to focus just on one thing.  It is important, therefore to be grounded and to be focused on what it is that is before you.  You know the context.  You have lived it for years.  Now focus on what really matters to you.  Be strong in your inner core.