Irving, Texas Earthquake

Earthquake in Irving, Texas

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Earthquake in Irving, Texas
The epicenter was only 3 km from Irving, Texas. The extremely shallow depth of 5 km resulted in a very strong experience, even with a relatively weak Magnitude. A max. MMI of IV has been reported by the USGS (light shaking).
The earthquake happened at 23:05 local time.
The reason of the earthquake will have to be researched by seismologists.  Texas had multiple small to moderate earthquakes the last couple of years. Today’s earthquake is one of the weaker ones.
Some people even felt the shaking in Ennis, which is relatively far away from the epicenter.
We can confirm that the epicenter is below Irving as most on the people online in this site are coming from Irving.
The mainshock was followed by a lower intensity aftershock about 5 minutes later.
We appreciate the many I Have Felt It reports from people who have felt the shaking. does not expect any serious damage or injuries from this earthquake, however small cracks in walls and falling objects will certainly have happened here and there.
Update 04:54 UTC : Aftershocks can be expected as the earth layers are looking for a balance. These aftershocks are rarely bigger than than the first shock. The night may be disturbed by such events. They will normally only be felt very close to the epicenter,  in this case Irving.
Update 05:05 UTC : Luckily and as expected, we could not detect any damage so far
Update 05:21 UTC : USGS listed the epicenter at 32.847°N, 96.956°W.. That’s just southwest of Las Colinas Country Club near North McArthur Blvd. and West Rochelle Road. It was southeast of DFW International Airport. However, this has to be taken with a serious error margin. Seismology is a very complex science and in this case the horizontal error margin was set at 11.7 km and the vertical one at 3.1 km. The exact epicenter will only be located later on.
Update 05:34 UTC : We will have to wait until tomorrow morning before a final assessment has taken place. Hopefully all of you will have an undisturbed sleep.
Update 11:42 UTC : 6 hours after our latest update, we can now confirm that local authorities did not receive any report of damage or injuries. In addition to what we have told so far, we also mention that the greater area has been hit by a number of similar quakes since 2008.