Jason Padgett’s Drawing of His Hand

From: Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me A Mathematical Marvel © 2014 by Jason Padgett, Maureen Ann Seaberg. Click here for Amazon.com.Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me A Mathematical Marvel © 2014 by Jason Padgett, Maureen Ann Seaberg.

And here is his picture of his hand:

"Quantum Hand Through My Eyes" © June 7, 2006 by Jason Padgett, who has something called Synesthesia. It is a brain condition that makes one see numbers as shapes. Jason is currently being studied along with several other savants to try to discover how this condition works. This hand drawn image is how Jason saw his hand when asked to draw it.
“Quantum Hand Through My Eyes” © June 7, 2006 by Jason Padgett, who has something called Synesthesia. It is a brain condition that makes one see numbers as shapes. Jason is currently being studied along with several other savants to try to discover how this condition works. This hand drawn image is how Jason saw his hand when asked to draw it.

from:    https://www.earthfiles.com/2019/12/27/part-1-is-our-universe-also-a-3-d-hologram-3/

Sarah Biermann on Magnetics & Fractals

Magnetic Creation and Fractals

Sarah Biermann
a message from Sarah Biermann
Thursday, 27 September, 2012
The Beginning: Magnetic Creation

There is a basic, underlying force that allows for creation. This force originates from Creator and is very much like magnetism. It has two aspects to it. Part of the force is attraction, like when a magnet pulls toward another magnet. The other aspect repels, or pushes away. The magnet itself is neutral. Creator, like a magnet, creates both attracting and repelling forces, but is itself neutral.

With each split, the individual pieces lowered in frequency.  Each fragment set off to gain experience and to create, and the Universe was formed, with all its diversity. This creation could not have happened without the repelling force being dominant.  It is through this magnetic force that Creator communicated with its creation. Ahrazu calls it the Outbreath of Creator. Creator’s desire to separate became the desire of the fragments. This desire led the parts to seek separation, lower vibration and increase density. This magnetic force is the deepest communication from Creator.

Attributes of the Repelling Force

Lower Vibration
Negative Emotions
Veils of Illusion

Attributes of the Attracting Force

Higher Vibration
Positive Emotions

During the Outbreath the energies continued to divide. Each fragment would retain awareness of itself and it’s fragments, but the fragmented parts are aware of only their individual part and their fragments. With an infinite amount of life to begin with, we could divide and divide and never run out of life. Though the creation of the Universe is not only two dimensional, I don’t know a way to illustrate that on this piece of “paper”. Figure 1 is a two-dimensional illustration representing a multi-dimensional experience. With each division we spread out from the center. The lower frequency parts are shown as being farther from and smaller than the center. Since Creator is comprised of all that is, then no part is actually outside of Creator.  

Figure 1

The fragments are fractals of the greater whole. From Wikipedia “Fractals are typically self-similar patterns, where self-similar means they are the same from near as from far. Fractals may be exactly the same at every scale.” Below is a very simple fractal based on the simple Y shape and forming a tree. Fractals exist in all levels of creation, from the micro particle like the atom to the macro solar system and both larger and smaller.


Figure 2

Fractals were discovered by a researcher at IBM named Benoit Mandelbrot in the 1970’s. It wasn’t until the creation of computers and their processing power that the complex math could be expressed in images. Wikipedia has a great video of a complex and beautiful fractal created from the Mandelbrot Set, which is a “mathematical set of points whose boundary is a distinctive and easily recognizable two-dimensional fractal shape”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mandelbrot_sequence_new.gif

Creation of Individual Souls

Life continued to divide down to the level of an individual Being that has been call the Higher Self or Oversoul. (I call it the Greater Self because it’s not higher or better than you, it just more of you.) There are many places in the universe that are inhabited by beings like this. They can’t die and so know themselves to be immortal. The Greater Self Beings then fragmented themselves into individual souls. The Oversoul shares in the lives of all its fragments. The fragment is a part of the Oversoul but at the same time it is something separate. It is like your relationship with your thumb. It is part of you, you feel what it feels, but you are aware of yourself as more than just your thumb.

On Earth the Oversoul or Greater Self is fragmented into individual souls, each with its own lens through which it will experience life. The souls have a masculine/feminine ration. Most are in the range of about 70/30 either way. Souls will have more incarnations in bodies that match their majority energy (male or female) and will be more comfortable in those bodies than in bodies of the minority energy.

But that’s not the end of the dividing. Within each lifetime there is a body, mind/ego, several energetic “bodies” as well as the soul itself. On a psychological level you have inner parts, such as your inner child, male, female, critic etc. Also, traumatic experiences can cause one to psychically split. Part of ones’ life can be hidden away, pushed outside of the person’s energy field, possibly forgotten. And our bodies have their own consciousness’ as do each organ and gland, down to each cell and smaller. The amazing thing about fractal creation is that it is infinite; infinitely large and infinitely small.

Cycles of Creation

Figure 3

Creation is cyclical; Outbreath, Inbreath. Within the great cycle are smaller cycles of expansion/contraction, separation/unification, lower vibration/higher vibration. These cycles are fractal. There are large cycles and small cycles. Figure 3 shows two levels of the cycles of creation in a 2-D representation. There are actually an infinite number of levels that are multi-dimensional. But, I don’t know how to draw that. :-)

A cycle that many are aware of is the 26,000-year turning of the ages. Thirteen thousand years ago Earth was at the end of an Inbreath or higher vibration cycle. Then the Outbreath began as the repelling force dominated, warlike societies overran the peaceful ones. This began a period of darkness that lasted up until fairly recently. The longer the cycle, the longer the transition from Outbreath to Inbreath (and visa versa) takes. The Outbreath cycle that began about thirteen thousand years ago started turning around toward the Inbreath about 2000 years ago with the joint energies of Jeshua and Miriam (Christ and Mary Magdalene). There have been smaller cycles within the 26,000-year cycle, such as those times called the Dark Ages and the Renaissance. Currently our planet is at a stage of very rapid change as we transition into a thirteen thousand year cycle of Inbreath energy and more and more people are waking up. During the Medieval Renaissance we experienced an awakening to the value of beauty and art. This Renaissance is about becoming aware of and opening to the power of the awaked human heart and “magical” manifestation.

At the farthest point of separation, the end of the Outbreath of Source, Each of these pieces is unaware of the rest of itself. At this point the body was considered to be the self, all of the self.

From Ahrazu: It is important to understand that during the Outbreath, the energies sought to lower their vibration and forget their true nature. This was the will of Creator and so it was desirable and appropriate at the time. It was perceived as being right or good. At the present time Creator’s will is to unite so we currently seek to raise our vibration and remember more of our multi-dimensional selves. When you are tempted to look down on someone who is of a lower frequency than you are, remember that at another time it would be the other way around. During the Outbreath there was a spiritual competition to achieve density, forgetfulness and to experience the drama and trauma on this planet. No level of experience is better than another. It is all part of the game.

This expansion continued for eons of time, with minor cycles happening within the major cycles. At a point, the scattered fragments were so far apart that the force of separation diminished and the two forces came to a balance.

The Inbreath Begins

From Ahrazu: And so the Inbreath began. The will of Creator was to re-unite. The parts began to become aware of each other. First you discovered that you were not just a body, you had a soul and this was the beginning of religion. This was when the concept of God began as a powerful life force outside of the self. More recently we discovered that we had a mind, separate from the body. Psychology was developed to reunite the mental/emotional parts of the self that have split during this life. Psychological understanding developed to include the concept of the inner sub-personalities such the inner child work that has been so popular in recent times.

As the parts reunite they don’t blend together and loose their individuality. They are, instead, incorporated into your concept of your self. Imagine that you meet someone who you knew long ago, perhaps at a family reunion or school reunion. They say to you, “Remember when we did …?” For a second you don’t remember, then suddenly is comes back to you, a part of you that you had forgotten has now been remembered. You sense of self has expanded to hold a bit more of you.

During past life regression work, people begin to integrate an even larger part of themselves. Each life is remembered as a separate experience, yet they are all part of YOU. It is like remembering the different grades in school. Each year was a separate experience, with a different teacher, different classmates and lessons, but they are all part of your life.

In exponentially increasing numbers humans are waking up, breaking free from the limiting belief systems and reconnecting to their Greater Selves. At first the Greater Self is perceived as being separate from the self. It is joyous and inspiring experience to connect to one’s Greater Self. Since this part is aware of being immortal and so can’t be threatened, you experience a profound sense of peace when connecting. It feels like everything is truly OK, all is as it should be. There’s nothing that you need to do to fix anything or change yourself in order to be loved. You are inherently loved and valued just as you are, simply because you are a part of Creation.


This is the aspect of our selves doesn’t judge or blame because it knows that the concept of good and bad, right and wrong is an illusion. It knows that we have all played the roles of victim and perpetrator in many lifetimes and many variations. It knows that during the Outbreath cycles it felt good and right to do things that lowered the frequencies and created separation. What matters is that we obtain experience, sometimes quite intense experience.

Our remembering who we are in a larger, multi-dimensional way is the beginning of freedom from the rules of the Earth Game reality. What’s happening here and now is an exciting and unprecedented transformation. The whole Universe is watching us as we remember who we truly are while still keeping our physical manifestation. Our success is assured! Breathe deeply and feel it. It’s happening! The transition can be challenging. We know the possibilities of the New Reality but the Old Reality is still overlapping it. Our minds and bodies are transforming also. This process creates takes us through many small Inbreath/Outbreath Cycles.

Splash Out

I use the metaphor of water to represent the programming, limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions etc. that we all carry. This water is held in a vessel, your physical and non-physical system. When you make a shift in consciousness, everything that doesn’t match the frequency of the new awareness will automatically come up and out for clearing. This could be emotions, thoughts, and even physical symptoms. I call this phenomenon Splash Out. The Inbreath experiences are beautiful gems. When they drop into your vessel the Outbreath energies splash out. One way that a gem can be tossed into your vessel is when something really loving and supporting is given to you. Imagine someone telling you that (s)he loves you very much. That’s a nice big gem getting tossed into your vessel. What splashes out is all the energy of feeling “un-lovable”.

The key is to realize it’s just Splash Out, feel it and let it go. If you judge it, you will try to suppress it and you’ll just have to do it later. Say, “Yeah, here it comes, up for clearing and out it goes.” Avoid trying to understand it or figure it out. You haven’t done anything wrong. Creation is cyclical, inherent in the process of transformation are various large and small cycles. It’s just experience. Be like the magnet, able to contain the energies of both poles, yet being neither. You are neutral.

from:    http://spiritlibrary.com/sarah-biermann/magnetic-creation-and-fractals