March 20-26

Overall Color for the Week:    Lavender

A lot will be going on this week, so fasten your seatbelts!  The week starts out with the Vernal Equinox, bringing balance to the light and darkness.  From this point on, things begin to shift and move on all levels.  There can be leaking through the dimensions, so what you think you just saw from the corner of your eye, might actually be there!

In your personal life, expect ups and downs in relationships, with co-workers, and authority figures.  There is a lot of confusion, sorrow, and general angst about and, as the jetstream brings the winds around the Earth, we are all feeling what Japan is going through on so many levels.  This is all part of a greater readjustment that is going on.  It is important at this time to be in sync with the energies.  As a part of this, you will be finding yourself acting out of character.  Be aware of those moments when this happens.  They are telling you things that you need to know about where you are going.  There will be times of deja -vu happening.  Pay attention to these.  They are telling you something. And you will find that when you finally are able to make decisions that have been hard for you in the past, you will get a kind of ‘thumbs-up’ from the Universe.  There is synchronicity here.  This week can be hard, however if you just allow yourself to go with the flow, follow your heart’s promptings, and trust your intuition this can be an amazingly big week, even a turning point.

On a larger scale there are movements and motions going on everywhere. The politicos are tending more and more to warlike behaviors.  They are convinced that what has worked in the past will work now.  Unfortunately, past patterning no longer works in the new energy, and there will be outcries against violent action on all levels. People are no longer willing to accept blindly what they are being told to do, especially if those who are making the decisions are not motivated by a larger  view of things along with compassion.  The Earth is shifting.  There will be quakes in odd places, along with more volcanic activity.  Expect for some odd news to come out about the shape of the Earth and its composition, perhaps even some admission of the possibility of an Hollow Earth Scenario.  There is an unsettledness among the People of the Americas.  Look for a pattern there.  Each area of the globe has its own characteristic energetic patterns, and these are beginning to be felt once again.  Look for more information about grids and their effects to come out.

Sunday, March 20:    Silky Red

Vernal Equinox: Happy Birthday, Aries:  Norooz-Persian New Year: The fire and passion of the Aries will characterize the energy of today. They favor accomplishing your heart’s desire.  If you have pet projects that you have not been able to work on because you feel that work stuff has to come first, know that today’s thrust will push you in the direction of personal creativity.  Enjoy the ride today.  Things will progress swiftly, and you may find yourself wondering sometimes just what happened, but let it go.  This is a day for living in and being in the moment.  It can bring you a sense of fulfillment, and recognition of where your joy lies.  A slight caveat, there is excess in the air also.

Crystal:    Soapstone-This mineral is good for grounding and harmonizing.  It has a balancing effect that can assist in having things go smoothly.

Monday, March 21:    Grainy White

There is a light at the end of the tunnel today, but it is going to take some work and effort to find it.  You can find yourself feeling that you are working in a fog for most of the time, but the basic energy of the day will keep you going.  There is optimism about what is happening. It is not a spinning-your-wheels kind of energy, but a getting-there-takes-time-kind of feeling.  Keep your eyes open and look to others for support, even a kind word.  The sense of community is growing, and you will find that when you need it, a helping hand is there.

Crystal Energy:    Magnestite on Quartz-This combination helps in working with life issues and clearing stuck patterns.  It vibrates to the third eye chakra.

Tuesday, March 22:    Frosty White

World Water Day:    The theme of truth versus illusion continues today.  Consider carefully things you hear, things you see.  There is more to some of them than meets the eye. In dealing with people, stand strongly in WHO you are.  The overall energy of the times can lead you to to feel insignificant or uncertain, but that is all part of the illusion.  Exercise your Focus Muscle today, and you will be able to make out what is truly important.  There are a lot of things happening, and people are acting crazy.  Be careful in traffic.  This is a good day for being the observer.  By so doing, you can learn a lot.  Perhaps even manifest something you are desiring. Sometimes he who keeps his own counsel seems wisest of them all.

Crystal Energy:    Milky Danburite-This stone assists in seeing through to what is important.  It also aids in balance, visualization, and meditation.

Wednesday, March 23:    Magenta

Old friends will be a theme today.  This means that you can be contacted by those whom you have not seen for a while.  It also can mean that there will be memories, messages, thoughts, etc. from those who are not in this dimension.  What you make of them will be up to you.  But this is an opportunity day, so do not let this one pass you by.  It is a good time to be aware of what it is that you are wishing, desiring, wanting to create in your life.  The energy favors making inroads at manifestation.  It may not all happen today, but the plans that you make today have a momentum that will make them easier to carry forward as time goes on.

Crystal Energy:    Psilomelane-The energy of this stone is very grounding, soothing, and gentle.  It assists with elimination in all areas. Root and Navel chakras.

Thursday, March 24:    Chrome Green

There is brightness about, and you can be a star if you so choose.  The important thing here is to know whaty your strengths are and to work with them in getting yourself noticed.  This is not a good day for being humble,.  There are again opportunities in the air, and you have the chance to make a positive change in your life.  All you need do is intend and act.  Intention and action.  Those are the keys at this time., When they are positively combined, amazing things can occur.

Crystal Energy:    Lime Green Calcite-This has been described as the best mineral of the calcite family for breaking out of old patterns and situations, even when there is no set plan for what comes next.  It is there to help in just going for it.  .  Heart and Throat Chakras.

Friday, March 25:    Pale Violet

There is nostalgia in the air.  Even as you spend time with friends, you are thinking of how you will miss them later.  Do not give into that. Enjoy the time you are sharing.  Feel the love and gratitude you have for having these people in your life at this time.  That feeling will remian iwth you opnger and help you through the times that are coming when, perhaps, you will not have the opportunity to be with them.  Times are changing and lives are shifting.  You are aware of these currents right now.  It is well to remember that they are part of a larger picture, a greater scene, a wider horizon.  Hints of things to come are in the air today, along with everything else.  There is peace to be had if you will open to it.

Crystal Energy:    Golden Aragonite-This mineral opens one to a greater recognition of what life can bring.  It assists in empowerment, recognition of abilities, and alignment with spirit.

Saturday, March 26:    Blue Diffusion

There is an evenness in the air today that makes everything kind of seem like the same.  It is not a good day for making choices, well it depends on where you are coming from, but all options will seem equally good or equally bad, depending on how you look at things. Because of this, it is a good time for looking at issues that are usually charged with emotions.  You will be able to be more objective, and perhaps even get to a resolution in terms of some of these issues. The energies favor taking it easy, relaxing, and taking some time to enjoy nature.

Crystal Energy:    Black Idiocrase-The energy of this mineral allows for grounding.  It assists in meditation and relaxation. Root Chakra.