December 28, 2008-January3, 2009


Underneath it all, there is hope and strength. You are finding your voice, yet this week brings forth many challenges as you are buffeted about by what was, what is, and what you can create. Take your focus off what is close and look up to the skies, listen to the winds, and smell the beauty of the fragrances of the time. There are messages in everything. The past fears will always be there. They are past. But should you choose to look at the future with optimism and excitement, centered on WHO you truly are, then the emotions of joy, optimism, and excitement will replace the negativity and draw you forward into your own truth.

Sunday, December 28: Rose

Oftentimes you meet someone, encounter something, smell something, or catch a glimpse of something out of your eye that seems terribly familiar, and then it is gone. This is the way things are today. You sense a familiarity about persons, places, things, and situations. It is not truly déjà vu in the accepted sense of the term. You feel in this case that you are participating in the experience, even directing it. It is time to be the director of your own life. Know that even when events happen around you, you always have some control. Go within. Feel the event as it happens and allow the outcome you desire.

Monday, December 29: Chinese Red

Today you are feeling exotic, a little bold, a little crazy. You find yourself in situations that do not seem quite real. It is as though your perspective has changed. There is a dreamlike quality about today. Through it all, you are feeling your power come in. Perhaps you are finding a new clarity. It is a day to center, to work within and not be bothered by things outside of you, especially do not buy into things over which you have no immediate control, such as the news, etc,

Tuesday, December 30: Light Rose Purple

Today everything seems very heavy. You are feeling that your energy levels are drained. You feel like sitting down and taking a break, but you can find no place in which to sit. You look around and things are seeming strange. You are feeling a bit disoriented through the morning and into the afternoon. By the end of the day, however, you are feeling better, and more in control You know that you do have the power to make things happen for you. But it has been a long day.

Wednesday, December 31: Medium Blue

Today is a day to catch up with things. You have the feeling that you have left ‘stuff’ undone, and you want to tie up loose ends. But you are not sure how to do that. You feel the pressure of deadlines and schedules. The year is ending. It is time to put behind you all the unfinished work of 2008. If you have not done it by now, let it go. 2009 offers new adventures and new opportunities, and if you hang onto what is past, the old stuff, it will make it more difficult for you to take advantage of the new.

Thursday, January 1, 2009 Rose Pink

You wake up this morning, and things look different. Better, somehow. You feel as though your attitude is changing. You feel a new sense of optimism. You can recall the trials and challenges that came in the last quarter of 2008, but somehow you feel that they no longer have as much power over you , what you do, and how you feel. You can make this new year, this 2009, the best ever. Make that your resolution, and stride confidently and powerfully into the day.

Friday, January 2: Frost White

Your reality and what is outside in the world crash into each other. Your senses are heightened. You are confused. There is too much noise. There is too much color. Everything is too fast. Everything is too big. You are out of your center and out of balance. You need some time to take it all in. There will be some help. You will encounter a remarkable person or experience that gives you a feeling of grounding. Take note of it and look deep within to find the meaning.

Saturday, January 3: Cherry Rose

You have already had enough of winter. You are wishing that spring will come. You are wishing it so hard that you are making it your reality today. You are seeing things in a new light and not allowing things that might otherwise disturb your calm do so. You have a sense that there is something you learned — maybe from a dream, a remembered quote, a personal example. That gives you strength. At the same time you are aware that there is so much more to learn. You feel that it is time to get started on putting it all into perspective.