December 21-27, 2008

Where are you going just now? Do you feel as though you have reached the end of everything that is possible for you to do? Are you feeling disenchanted, even depressed? This is what had been whirling around these days along with the crazy weather everywhere and the sense of panic in the outer world. But the light is coming back on! This Equinox will stir yup new hope and new belief and new self power. You will begin to feel that you can do it and that the dark days are gone.

This week will be a gradual letting out of the light, There will be times when things seem very dark and unhappy and you are feeling that all the things you have to do will never get done, but these will be countered by times of great joy and happiness, when you are realizing that by centering in yourself, all will get done. You will see the true happiness of the little things, and know the joy of family, friends, and community, And if you feel that that community has not yet materialized, Wait! All are coming together. It is the time.

Sunday, December 21: Deep Green

Things are growing once again. Out of the snow come the roses. It is a time for miracles. It is a time for knowing that things are renewing themselves. Even if you are feeling some drag from the past energies, you know that you have a choice as to which way to look. You can look into the negativities of before and go back that way or you can look forward with hope, trust, and joy and know that all will be well. The light is coming back.

Monday, December 22: Rose Indigo

Dark and light. Strong and bending. These are the themes for the day. When things seem too much, do not feel that you need to be that strong, that you need to stand up to them, rather allow yourself to bend, to give in, and in so doing, you will find your strength.

Tuesday, December 23: Gallo Gold

Listen for the messages that are all around you in nature, in people, in the news, in things, in animals. You may find yourself hearing somebody say something that on the surface seems unremarkable, but to you it is a key to greater knowledge and awareness. Things are hidden today, but only so much so. You can find what you are looking for if you are open, ready, and allowing to receive.

Wednesday, December 24: Light Opal

Frost and champagne. This is a day when there will be a chill in the air, but you are ready for it. You know that is t is not there to make you cold rather it is a hint of things gone by. Look within to day to the true core of yourself. Honor your true self, and spend time in the love of friends, animals, family, nature, whatever brings you that sense of belonging.

Thursday, December 25-Christmas: Three Quarter Blue

There is happiness in the air here. You are feeling that you wish to celebrate and enjoy yourself. But you are also feeling that you must be aware that not everything is right. That is falling out of your center. That is letting other people’s realities come in.  Today is a time to stay centered in yourself. Know that you are full and whole as you are, and that as you move forward in that knowledge, you can become WHO you most truly are.

Friday, December 26: Light Cyan

This is an uncomplicated day. It is a day when things seem to work themselves out. This is not to say that all goes smoothly, rather when bumps and snags appear, they seem to work themselves out all by themselves.

Saturday, December 27: Dark Orange Amber

Things are not always what they seem. This is a day when you will get that feeling. Look twice at things. Listen closely to what is said and do not take things only on the surface. Go below for the true meaning.