Cardial Telepathy

Cardial Telepathy is a method by which you can use the energy of your heart to communicate, connect, and bring about positive influence in your life.  It is an heart-centered means of communication.  As the heart is the seat of love and compassion, any true communication that comes from the heart in rooted in love and compassion.   Love and compassion link you with yourself, your community, the world at large and All That Is.  It can open you to your deepest nature and your authentic mode of being.  By using the techniques of Cardial Telepathy, you can move beyond the sense of isolation and aloneness to feel part of the greater whole.

Cardial telepathy is like mental telepathy in that it is a form of communication on a vibrational level with other persons, places, things, times, and dimensions.  Unlike mental telepathy, however, Cardial telepathy originates from the heart, the true seat of one’s being.  Many ancient cultures saw the heart as the seat of the person, even seeing the heart as the thinking organ of the body, a role we give today to the brain.   But the heart is primary.  So many of the ills of modern life are due to being out of touch with your heart and with each other.  The practice of Cardial Telepathy works to bring about a knowing of one’s own heart and a way to contact other hearts and the world with love, acceptance,  and compassion.

To practice Cardial Telepathy, you center, calming the mind and body and focusing on the heart, getting to know your heart’s wisdom.  Once you know that, you can use that knowing to love yourself, and loving yourself, you can feel love and compassion for all.  Let us, then, try a little exercise in Cardial Telepathy, the true communication of the heart.

Before starting the practice, you may wish to put on some soothing music.

THE PRACTICE:  Quietly breathing in and out will start the process.

Breathe in and out , feeling the breath flow through your heart until you feel that your heart is breathing your body.

Feel the breath move through your heart to all parts of your body.  Flooding each and every part of your body with unconditional love of self.

There is no judgment here.  Only you in your perfection.

Take a moment to love yourself for all that you are and for WHO you are.  You can do anything, be anything.  You choose your own perfection.  Experience that.  Feel the feeling of loving yourself.

As you feel the perfection of yourself, feel your heart growing.  Encompassing all of you.  Encompassing all your surroundings, your town, your country, your continent, the Earth, the Universe and All That Is.  Feel unconditional love.  Feel one with the All.   Rest in that connectedness.

Return now to your heart center.  Concentrate on a thought, an image, a desire, a wish, an emotion.  Move that thought through your heart center out to the person, place, thing, out to the planet, the Universe, out to whomever or whatever you wish to be connected to.  Rest in that connection, and then send out from your heart the message you wish to convey. Know that all true communication is love.

Stay with that feeling of connectedness for a few moments.  Breathe it in and out.  Make it part of WHO you are.

And when, you are ready, bring the breath back into your heart center.  Breathe in and out slowly, and return to your here and now, feeling refreshed and centered, ready to move forward with your day.