February 15-21

Overall color:  Dark grey

Although much will be coming to light this week, there are still many things that remain in the shadows,  You will have a sense that you are beginning to get it all right, and then, pow, something will happen that will make you question yourself.  This is not a time to be weak.  It is a time to stand strong in WHO you are and to follow your own inner guidance.  It is getting stronger, but if you choose not to pay attention to it, then you might find that it loses acuity.  Practice and recognition bring success.

Sunday, February 15:  Deep Red

This is the day that the week begins, and on this day, you will be setting the tone for your whole week,.  it is a time to establish within yourself what it is you want this eek to bring to yo,  this is a week of potential, but you must grab it and use it, otherwise it will slip you by.  Today is the day to set things in order.

Monday, February 16:  Yellow

This is a day of ups and downs,.  You may find yourself not feeling quite as well as you would like.  You just want to go with the flow,  but everywhere you turn there seems to be a shiny object.  You would like that shiny object, but you are not allowing yourself to have it.,  This is not a day to deny yourself.  This is a day to find thge shiny object.  Then decide what it means to you.

Tuesday, February 17:  Orange

It seems to be a plodding kind of day, full of routine, have-to’s, and tasks to fulfill.  You will egt everything done, but you will not be terribly inspired by any of it.  The nighttime, however brings a little glamour and a little fun.  Get through the day for the pleasures of the evening.

Wednesday, February 18:  Green

Things are seeming just great this morning.  You feel as though nothing could go wrong.  You are ready to do something.  Jump into your dreams this morning.  Plant them in your desires and intentions.  Do not doubt that you can do whatever you want, that you can create whatever you desire.  There are influences that will come in as the day progresses that may make you question your own truth.  See them for the shadows they are.

Thursday, February 19:  Blue

Okay, so you may not be a great singer, but today is a day to sing.  Today is a day to express what it is that truly says WHO you are.  If you do not take the opportunity when it is presented to you, you may find yourself left behind for some kind of recognition.  There will be people around you today also who may not have your best interests at heart.  These can be actual people on the scene or others who, though not physically present, can have an influences on your affairs.  Trod carefully, but know that when you are centered in your heart, ultimately all will work oout.

Friday, February 20:  Purple

Today is day of sorrows and joys, some of which you can explain, others that just hit you out of the blue.  It is a day upon which you may find yourself changing your mind, just to change it again.,  You are not feeling ready to make any great commitment, yet you feel that you have a great deal to do and need to get started, to make it your goal, and perhaps, to make it your life.  Connect with your true self and read the messages that are there.

Saturday, February 21:  White

It is just good to have this week gone.  There have been messages and intuitions, as well as confusion and misunderstanding.  This is a day to let things b e.  Do not analyze, do not try to control.  This was a week that has started a new theme for you.  Today is a day to relax in any way that feels comfortable to you and let it all settle.