February 22-28

Overall Color for the Week: Light Amber

This week brings sun and rain on all levels. There will be unexpected happenings and flashes of illumination. On the other hand, there will be times you feel yourself bogged down and unable to work things through. It is a week to know yourself and your strengths. Do not allow things outside of you make you question the truths that you live by. Take time this week to look inside yourself. Honor and make note of the inner urgings.

Sunday, February 22: Full Blue

This is a day where things are coming about in their own totality. It is not a day of hints or clues. It is a day in which people speak full sentences. If it is the truth, it is the whole truth. If it is a lie, it is a total lie. There are no shades of grey. Look out for things that come towards you. This is a day when the messages can come forth and let you know exactly how things are. Be aware. Listen to your inner self. Take everything at face value.

Monday, February 23: Primary Green

It is in the darkness that new growth is spawned. You find yourself over-responding to people and issues on the one had, while on the other you are having a hard time finding any importance in things around you. You are feeling an urge to toss stuff that is just cluttering up your life. You are beginning to question a lot of the old ways. Yet you may find yourself feeling confused for you are thinking of letting things go without really knowing what will replace them. Or do they need to be replaced?

Tuesday, February 24: Medium Salmon Pink

New Moon in Pisces. Mardi Gras. There is definitely a sense of party in the air! Things seem bright and loud. You feel the need to respond. You want to be part of what everyone is saying, doing, thinking. But somewhere behind it all, you are questioning how and why. You feel yourself being drawn into things that are not you, things that generally you would not choose to be part of. It is a day for joining what is going on, but it is also a time to be thoughtful and cautious. Open to your inner self and listen.

Wednesday, February 25: Pale Gold

Ah time to sit back and review things. This is a day for quiet and thoughtfulness. Take out your journal and note down how you are feeling. The thoughts and ideas that come to you today can set a theme for the rest of your year.

Thursday, February 26: Sea Blue

You are not feeling as well as you could. It may not be physically; it could be emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Somehow you feel disjointed. You want to get certain things done, you want to contact people you have not heard from in a while, but you cannot seem to get together the necessary energy. It is hard to find importance in much of anything. Favorites seem to have lost some of their allure. Try something new.

Friday, February 27: Flesh Pink

It is an earthy kind of day. You want to touch things. You want to feel things. Everything seems brighter, more enticing. It feels like a good day to do things that usually you would not do. You want to throw caution to the wind. Before taking any action, however, know that there is always a reaction. You do not want to think things over today, but action without consideration can have unwanted consequences . Think before you act.

Saturday, February 28: Pure Amber Gold

Old thoughts, ideas, friends, patterns are part of the theme of today. You find yourself slow to get up in the morning, and slow to get things done. But you savor the moments. There is a quiet joy in routine. There is a quiet satisfaction in repetition. It is a time to get in touch with your own creativity. Paint, write, take pictures, make a collage. You are appreciating all that is in your life today. Know that it is a back and forth relationship. As you love, so are you loved.