February 8-14

February 8-14

Overall Color for the Week: Light Tough Frost

This is a week when there will be many things happening on the surface. You get the sense that there is more there than meets the eye. You can actually seeing into what is going on below. Some of this will leave you confused, but as the week progresses, you will feel a new strength growing within you, as though the surface façade hides a depth and power that is your true being. This leads to a sense of detachment and perspective in dealing with issues , obligations and people this week. You are birthing a new resolve not to put up with things that really do not matter to you. Along with this you will gain a new appreciation for WHO you are.

Sunday, February 8: Blue Green

This is a fluid sort of day. Things will be moving up and then moving down. Things will come to the surface only to be hidden soon after. You will feel that deep inside you are beginning to get it, you are learning how to put the pieces together, you are seeing the reality behind the seeming. All this leaves you with a feeling of wonder, but also a bit disoriented. Along with that comes an inner sense that as the year progresses, you will find new things coming to light and along with them your own powers will grow.

Monday, February 9: Pale Blue

You are feeling somewhat lazy today. You want to be on vacation, and that sense will translate into everything you do. You will feel yourself not quite vested in any of the jobs or errands you undertake. You feel as though these are times just to lay back and enjoy the scenery. People around you and your own sense of “should” break in telling you to be more serious about things, more concerned about the news, but right now you just cannot do it.

Tuesday, February 10: Light Opal

There is a sheen in the world today. Things are looking brighter. You are feeling a sense of wanting things, of being attracted to things, of needing to go after things, of needing to have more things. It might be a good time to get yourself something small but frivolous, or have a treat you have denied yourself. Go for little things as any large moves or choices or purposes today will not last. Enjoy the feeling of today. Do not let others get you down.

Wednesday, February 11: Indigo

Today there will be storms on the horizon. People will not be feeling happy. People will not be feeling well. You can choose to fall into their reality or walk forward knowing that when you are centered in your heart, owning your power, and creating through your desires you can create and manifest your truth. You are creating your reality today. Leave others to their realities and do not buy unto them.

Thursday, February 12: Italian Blue

Things today seem a bit exotic. The news has hints in it of wonders and remarkable people. You look in the mirror and see that you have changed somehow and that you are looking better than you have in a long time. You have the urge to do something wild, indulge a flight of fancy. Go for it! The truth of the matter is that wonder, excitement, and joy are always there if you will just give them a chance. Oh, and by the way, you are fabulous!

Friday, February 13: Trudy Blue

Friday the 13th. How superstitious are you? This is a time to look at what your beliefs are. Delve deeply into that and then list things that others tell you to believe that you either do not believe or choose not to have be part of your own reality. Do a little ceremony. List all the unwanted and unnecessary beliefs, people, images, ideas, habits, etc. in your life past and present. Then take the list honor those things for the lessons they gave, and acknowledge that they no longer fit WHO you are, and burn the list. Then take some time to savor the freedom that comes from getting rid of.

Saturday, February 14: Rose Gold

Valentine’s Day. Look inside yourself and take some time to love yourself. To love truly, you must truly love yourself first. There is a sense of honesty that comes through this exercise that allows you to see what it is that you desire within your innermost being, what your person-self wishes to attract to realize fully your potential and your mission here and now. You are important. You have a role to play. Love yourself, love others, and let others love you. You deserve it.