February 1-7

February 1-7

Overall Color for the Week: Cherry Rose

This is a week of questions and questionings. Much that has seemed clear in the past does not seem quite so clear right now. There is no sense of harm or danger, just confusion. You are surprised to realize that. You are on your own path and you are the one who determines how things will go upon that path. The others along the way are who they are, and though they may come at you with their opinions and ‘stuff’, it is you who ultimately must make the choice as to how you are going to relate and to be.


Sunday, February 1: CalColor Green

This is a day when you are going to be wanting to take sides, but it is also a day when taking sides may be difficult. That is because there will be no clear definitions and each side will have rapidly changing ups and downs. There will be a surprise at the end of the day, but you will feel that you knew it all along. Take some time to see the humor in the way things work out.


Monday, February 2: Amber Pink

Light, light, light. You feel like it is a good time for singing, a time to rejoice. You are going to feel more in control of things than you have in a long time. On the other had, however, you are feeling that it does not really matter whether you are in control or not. Look for lots of praise to come your way,. This is a day when things look good in the mirror, and things also look good on the outside. But you are feeling a bit confused.


Tuesday, February 3: Straw Brown

Nobody seems to have any sense of humor today. Everyone is wanting to be so serious about everything. There is a general sense that nothing will go well and instead of the promised turn around of all the bad news, it is just getting worse. Even the Earth seems to be responding with extreme events. This is not a day to put your energy into negativity, for there is a self-fulfilling prophecy cast to the day. Rather recognize that things might be hard now, life is full of ups and downs. Tomorrow is another day.


Wednesday, February 4: Aquamarine

You will find yourself floating today. You will not be able to concentrate on much. Things that you were told were so important just do not seem that way. They have a kind of air of unreality about them as though they are as important as anyone wants to make them. You are feeling an urge to start on a new project, and you find your attention constantly going to that thought. You just wish you could see what it is.


Thursday, February 5: Frosted Silk

There will be misunderstandings in the air today. Things will need to be explained and excused. This is a confusing day. Explanations will be long and involved, and ultimately pointless. You will feel as though you are getting it, but what you hear from others make you uncertain. This is a time to stick to your truth and not accept what others say. Their choices are not yours, and your way is not theirs. Spend some time becoming centered. Take time to listen to the messages from your heart.


Friday, February 6: Light Frost

You are feeling as though you are going it alone. You are feeling a little depressed. You are taking a look at things around you and not feeling a sense of connection. It is time to look within. You are never alone, and depression comes out only when you have your outcomes so rigidly set that you do not allow for novelty, for surprise. Guarantee yourself one Ah-ha today, and go out an look for it. (Oh, and p.s., ah-ha’s can be found in the smallest of things.)


Saturday, February 7: Frost

Well, it seems as though the deep freeze is on, but in fact, it is almost over. You will encounters people and situations that may challenge who you are. These kinds of things generally make you withdraw and back down, but today you will find yourself stepping up to the plate and dealing with them. Afterwards, however, you might just wonder how you were able to do that. It is time to recognize the power within, knowing that no one can make you less than your true WHO you are without your permission.