January 25-31

Overall Color for the Week: Rose Gold

This is a week in which much can get done, but not a lot will happen. It is one of those weeks with lots of potential and little follow through. Things will all seem cloaked somehow in misinformation and misinterpretation, and anyhow, you really will not feel yourself terrible motivated to do much. There is something in the air, but just far enough out of reach that you feel you do not have the energy to discover what it is. This will be the theme everywhere. Things will come in with large expectations, and then just kind of fizzle out. It will be one of those “HUH?” weeks. Do not worry, there are challenges to come.

Sunday, January 25: Light Pink

This is a day when things seem to be going along on an even keel. It is a good day for rest. Extremes do not fit in with the energy of today. Take a nap, read a book. bake some chocolate chip cookies. You will be feeling the sense of doing comfort things and eating comfort foods. Be ready for memories and feelings of nostalgia. Honor them for the joy they brought you and the things you learned. Go to bed early tonight. You are taken care of.

Monday, January 26: Orange Red

Happy Chinese New Year — The Year of the Ox

There is a total eclipse of the sun today over the Indian Ocean. Dark and light are the themes today. Extremes. Things seem to be too much, overwhelming. You have the feeling that you are being put to a test. There are hints in the news of big changes afoot on all levels and in all areas. You might hear from someone who has not contacted you in a while. This will be a day when you will find yourself changing your mind about many things, but when night comes, things will settle. You will feel in control again.

Tuesday, January 27: Light Straw

Things do not seem quite real today. You have the feeling that what is going on has no real substance or value. You feel as though you are walking in a cloud. You do not seem to get much done, and why do it anyway. You would rather just look at the window and daydream. As the night approaches, you begin to feel that just maybe you wasted the day. It is time to sit down, take a look at the day, and find something there you got out of it.

Wednesday, January 28: Pale Yellow Green

Why is this week so slow and tiring. You think you should be doing certain things, getting certain tasks accomplished, but you just cannot get the motivation together to follow through. This is a day for going within, taking a look at things that really matter, and formulating a plan for realizing those goals.

Thursday, January 29: Light Steel Blue

It is a time for truth. Let things be as they are. Be true to yourself and expect truth from people and things around you. You are not tolerant of half-truths today. You want things to be cut and dried. You find that little things can be irritating. You have little patience for some people. You want everything to be spelled out. This is not a day for innuendo, and those who practice it will find themselves misunderstood.

Friday, January 30: Light Lavender

It seems that everything you do today you have done before today. It is not quite déjà vu, rather it is more like feeling yourself bored by reality. What you do not know is that there is something hidden in all the ordinariness of the day should you look to find it. This is a day when things must be searched out. On the surface, places, people and events seem the same, but if you delve more deeply you may find a surprise.

Saturday, January 31: Lime

Things are seeming a little out of sorts today. You want to get down a lot of those ‘around the house’ kinds of things that you have been putting off. It is the end of January, right. Time to get ready for a new month. But somehow they do not seem as important as watching a movie, playing video games or surfing the web. It is time to make a choice, but remember what you choose is what you get. There is no regret here. Take it for what it is.