January 18-24

Overall Color for the Week: Middle Rose

This is a week of extremes and middles. There will be times of highs, when you are feeling great, on top of the world, and then there are times when you find yourself crashing down, wondering what it is all about and if it is all worth it. These elements will be reflected in the news and the weather. There will be media reports of crises seeming to come to an end with a renewal of hope , but soon after will be reports of mounting tensions and tragic events. Watch the weather this week and be ready for anything, for these days, even the unexpected can be expected. Then you will not be surprised, but ready. For truly, this is a time to be ready for anything. Perhaps you might even see a UFO.

Sunday, January 18: Trudy Blue

Light and love. You are feeling good about yourself today. You feel that spring is in the air, and truly, there is a spring in your step. Even though you find yourself walking on the edge of everything, you just know that you are safe through it all. You are supported and you will not fall. You are excited and feeling that life is an adventure, an adventure to take part in and to savor. There is no sense of threat or opposition. This is a day for singing out loud, for creating something new, for having a little fun.

Monday, January 19: Dark Yellow Green

Is it Monday again! You do not want to get out of bed. Even before you get up, you feel like this day will be a drag. You are thinking that you will not accomplish anything today. You are already feeling somewhat irritated by people, yet you have not even left your house. There are two options here, get up, get going, and allow yourself to be surprised by the fact that once you get started, things seem to roll along easily. The other option is to get back into bed, pull the covers over your head and let the day pass you by. But if that is the option you take, truly, you will have missed something.

Tuesday, January 20: Quarter Blue

This is a day of boundaries and boundary making. Things have a geometric feel about them, as though they are broken up into boxes and triangles and circles. Everything seems to happen within limits. There is a sense of being able only to go so far. At the same time, you are feeling that there is something outside the lines that you just cannot quite see. Deep inside, you feel uncertainty about going outside the lines. Be brave, and do not worry. Boundaries may limit, but they also define, and sometimes you need things to be defined.

Wednesday, January 21: Scarlet

Wow! When did things get so loud. And what is that echo. Things never seem to end today. Each thing you do seems to keep coming up again and again and again. At first you are annoyed, but finally you wonder if maybe there is not a message there that you should be paying attention to. On the one hand, you feel that everything should be right there, but it is just not happening that way. You go to get a paper, and find yourself a nickel short, or you arrive at an appointment and find yourself fifteen minutes late, but you were certain you had enough money and enough time. Frustration can build, but know you are in control.

Thursday, January 22: Slate Blue

This is a day of ups and downs. Things seem sharp and unrelenting. There is a note in the air of too much. You are wondering why all of a sudden things have become so grating. It seems as though nothing is right. You feel that maybe the best thing to do might be just to get out of it all for a while. It is a good time then to take a few minutes to center, to think of something you love, to enjoy a favorite food or beverage, or to call a good friend. That will take the edge off things and put you back in touch with yourself.

Friday, January 23: Peacock Blue

You are feeling great! This is a day to strut your stuff. You look great. You have the perfect outfit. People are noticing you. This is a day to challenge yourself to do things that normally you would not do. You cannot fail. Everything you do will turn out all right. The world seems a better place today and you are in control. You will find yourself in new situations, meeting new people, and having a great time. Nighttime is good for reflection, meditation, creative endeavors and good conversation.

Saturday, January 24: Brilliant Blue

Okay, this is a day to celebrate. You will find that everything is great again today. Friends will appear, and there will be a sense of community, common interest, and joy. You have a new perspective today. You feel that a lot of the past fear based thinking and depressing scenarios were somehow not really all that bad. It is a good time to make a new start. It is a good time to make lists of what it is that you would like to accomplish to make yourself feel really good about you.