2009, New Energies and the Companionship of 2


This year of 2009 brings promise, opportunity, wonder, and self-fulfilling prophecy, so watch what you wish for. Things are definitely changing. Everyone is aware of the changes on some level, but know that one change will precipitate another. This is because events will happen in pairs. When one thing happens that brings a sense of something new, wait for another, and look for meaning in the two. These pairs can either be complementary or opposites, so do not be overly quick to interpret.

2009 is a two year, as opposed to 2008 which was a one year. While a one year can offer great promise to the individual, it can also bring about a feeling of being disassociated, alone, vulnerable, and without support. These feelings can be manipulated so as to create a sense of fear, of abandonment, of being out of control. The fourth quarter financial situation is an example of this. Each person felt personally impacted by events in the stock market, and expressed this in terms of him or herself alone, my 401K my income, my job, my house, my mortgage, etc.. Dealing with these things on an individual basis can seem overwhelming. In 2009, this sense of isolation is being replaced by that of community, companionship, partnership, assistance, and the awareness of a helping hand.

There is a movement towards balance and wholeness. Coming to balance always implies dynamism, movement, even upheaval at times.. There will be challenges on all levels, but perhaps most noticeable within the natural world, the environment, and weather — disasters, weather anomalies, unusual occurrences, freak activities of animals, shiftings beneath the seas. It is as though many things in and on this earth are vibrating at a newer level and because of this, their old roles and ways are changing. This is not to say that animals will completely change their behaviors or that the earth will have one huge flip, as it were, rather old expectations of how things were or were meant to be no longer will hold true. Animals are sensitive to these things. They know the messages of the earth and they can tell you much should you take the time to observe and listen. It is part of a new balance between the animal world and the human world.

Perspectives are changing. Feelings of compassion and concern will be on the rise as people begin to reevaluate what really is important. You will find also that you are drawn, even compelled to do what it is you have always wanted to do, what you always felt you were here to accomplish. It will become almost an obsession. If you do not honor this compulsion, you may find yourself being blocked by physical symptoms, illnesses, and/or frustration.

There will be changes of residences and locales as people feel themselves drawn to new areas. And then there will be the synchronicities. You will find yourself in situations where you mention something, and a related event occurs or item appears. As the veils shift and thin this year, you will find yourself sensing that odd feeling of déjà vu, sometimes even on a daily basis. Look into the synchronicities and the experiences of déjà vu for messages. You will begin to see that this year is the real beginning of the co-existence of two worlds — the physical world of here and now and the next dimension of possibility. It can be a tricky situation to walk within the two but you can do it.

All in all, this is a year of great energy and potential. It is important always to look into things for meaning. Do not be overly quick to react to people and situations. Learn to cultivate a sense of humor, love, and compassion. Look below the surface, listen with your heart, see with your sensitivity. This can be your best year ever.