Your Color Vibe for Friday, 10/16

Friday, October 16:   Hazy White

Get ready for some big changes as they are definitely on the way. You may not notice much today, however there will be hints as you see people acting a bit out of character, as you hear things that do not quite make sense, as you find yourself reacting in new ways to old stimuli. Be understanding of those around you if they find themselves suddenly in an emotional meltdown over seemingly nothing. They are reacting to something in the energetic atmosphere and most probably are not even aware of what is causing them to act this way. Be kind to yourself also and give yourself some room to breathe. Step back and be the observer once again. Pieces are shifting in the pattern, and right now it is difficult to see jut where they are going.

Colors & Meaning

The Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Why are we attracted to specific colors and what do they mean spiritually?

Visible Light Frequencies

According to David Icke, we are only capable of seeing a limited range of colors and we are unable to see the frequency range beyond visible light.  Icke believes that certain races of extraterrestrial beings called Reptilians operate on a different frequency outside visible light and manipulate our current reality through Illuminati families.


Colors Beyond The Veil

Through Near Death Experiences, we have heard numerous times about people who temporarily passed on to the other side and upon their return, have stated that they saw various indescribable colors that we are unable to see within our current light frequency.


Photoreceptor Cells

Many people believe that dogs can only see in black and white, but  the truth is, they can see limited colors as they only have approximately 20% of the cone photoreceptor cells that humans have. Photoreceptor cells are the part of the eye that controls our perception of color.

Our bodies have seven energy receptors of life force and prana called chakras. Each chakra vibrates and responds to a different color. The word, chakra, is Sanskrit and means "wheel" or "turning, but in yogic context, chakra means 'vortex' or 'whirlpool'.


Our bodies have seven energy receptors of life force and prana called chakras.  Each chakra vibrates and responds to a different color.  The word, chakra, is Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “turning, but in yogic context, chakra means ‘vortex’ or ‘whirlpool’.

In her book, True Balance, by Sonia Choquette, she mentions how to use the color green if you are sad or depressed.  A non-spiritual Crystals and Gemstonesdescription of this color is often associated with envy (as in green with envy) but Choquette advises to go outside in nature and observe all of the ‘green’ around you because through nature and the predominance of the color green, it will lift your spirits.

When the heart center is balanced, we actually establish energetic resonance with others, entering into a common vibration. We’ve all had these spontaneous heart-based connections, such as when we encounter someone we instantly like or feel as though we’ve known in the past. The Universe is a hologram aware of all of its parts at all times, and when we move into our heart chakra, we shift into this holographic vibration. This allows the Universe to fill any void that we may be experiencing in our life, giving us exactly what we need, brining us our heart’s desire.

Sonia Choquette, from her book, True Balance

Your lower three chakras govern your physical drives and urges in this 3rd dimensional reality while the upper four chakras are more spiritual

in nature.  In order to clearly access the upper four chakras, one needs to work on his or her lower three chakras through ‘chakra clearing’.

I have several Himalayan Salt Lamps which exude an orangish-yellow color and help to keep my lower chakras in balance while eliminating negative ions within a specific range of my lamps.  My daughter has a slight case of asthma which is immediately eradicated when she’s near her Himalayan salt lamp. When lit, the color of the Himalayan Salt Lamp strongly resonates with your sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Honoring The Elements

Many indigenous cultures not only honor all aspects of life, but directions as well.  Each direction of north, south, east and west have a corresponding element and color:

Honoring The Elements

Candle Colors and Wicca

Colors play a strong role for those who are of the Wicca faith:

Brown – Used for: Animals, comfort, security, home, centering, hesitation, neutrality, uncertainty, invoking the earth for benefit. Deity of brown candles- Gaia, Dagda, Danu.

Indigo – Used for: Deep relaxation, restful sleep, to invoke the righteous spirit in you when doing good work. Deity of indigo candles – Brigid.

Gold – Used for: Wealth, generosity, prosperity, sun magic. Deity of gold candles – Lugh, Pwyll, Balor.

Silver – Used for: Intuition, dreams, cancellation, neutrality, stalemate.

Dark Blue – Used for: Impulsiveness, depression, changeability, to create confusion (use with white candles or you can create confusion in self). Deity of white candles – Dwynn.

Greenish Yellow – Used for: Sickness, cowardice, anger, jealousy, discord

Blue Back – Used for: Wounded pride, broken bones, angelic protection. Deity of blue black candles – Diantach

Dark Purple – Used for: Calling the power of ancient ones, sigils/runes, government. Deity of dark purple candles – Magog.

Red – Used for: Health, strength, physical energy, sexual love, passion, courage, protection, vitality, creativity.

Light Red – Used for: Deep affection of a non-sexual nature. Deity of light red candles – Brittannia.

Pink – Used for: Love, romance, honor, morality, friendship, compassion, relaxation, binding magic, young females. Deity of pink candles – Aeval, Epona.

Orange – Used for: General attraction, energy, assertiveness, endurance, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, to seal a spell. Deity of orange candles – Gubba.

Yellow – Used for: Intellect, confidence, divination, charm, communication, eloquence, travel, movement, happiness, success, self esteem, attraction, persuasion, healing. Deity of yellow candles – Diantach.

Blue – Used for: Protection. Deity of blue candles – Angus.

Green – Used for: Prosperity, employment, fertility, honey, healing, growth, nuturing love, finance, luck, agriculture, invoking the Goddess of regeneration. Deity of green candles – Bomba.

Mint green – Used for: Financial gains, used with gold or silver. Deity of mint green candles – Pridderi

Light green – Used for: To improve the weather. Deity of light green candles – Tyrannis.

Light blue – Used for: Healing, peace, psychicism, patience, happiness, inner peace, friendship, tranquility, understanding, protection of home, young men, protection of new buildings. Deity of light blue candles – Hertha.

Purple – Used for: Power, healing severe disease, spirituality, meditation, religion, inner power, tension, ambition, business progress. source


Crystals and Gemstones

Certain colored gemstones and crystals have specific properties and benefits, many of which align to either your chakras or to similar descriptive benfits as the candle colors:

Crystals and Gemstones

For a more thorough description of any specific gemstone or crystal, please see: Crystals And Gemstones For Healing


While some people may be able to pass a lie detector test, your aura will never lie. According to wiki, the aura is “a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person”.

You can learn how to see your aura here: How to See Your Aura: Tips and Tricks!

The colors of your aura reflect the same colors as your chakras.  For example, if your aura is red, orange or yellow, it shows that there are some physical, mental or sexual areas in your life that need addressing. Once your lower root chakras are balanced, you’ll begin seeing an aura that will be green, blue, indigo or violet, which correspond to the heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakra.  While many people will have differing opinions on the ideal aura color, it is this writer’s opinion that green shows the most balance.  Please keep in mind that there are no “bad” aura colors as each color has a lesson to teach us about ourselves.

For more on what each aura color means, please see: How to Read Auras: What is the Meaning of Each Color?

The colors you use in every day life, whether they are in the clothes you’re wearing right now, the color of your car or even the color you painted your walls, can tell a lot about you.




April 21-27

The theme this week is the old versus the new.  There can be things remembered, perhaps things regretted, all to be offset by things that are there in potential.  You will be becoming more aware of the patterns around you and what fits (the new) and what will need to be jettisoned (the old).

Color of the Week:    Natural Beige

This is a week when a lot of things will be coming out for you.  You are going to see, and perhaps be surprised by, some of the revelations that people will be making to you.  The energies that are entering into the grid this week are such that people are finding themselves off-center.  In an attempt to gain some sort of equilibrium, they are bringing out things in their pasts that they may have kept hidden or left unsaid.  It is as though the secrets of the past are establishing the foundation, the point of stability for dealing with what is going on.   It is important this week to be centered and grounded in all you do.  The current energies are very supportive of core work.  Take advantage of this.  There are going to be some moments of déjà vu as elements from your past lives cause reverberations in the current energy fabric.  These can leave you feeling unsettled, dizzy, unsure of your own sanity.  But that is okay.  The shake-up often precedes the establishment of a stronger basis.  There are some revelations that will be coming your way this week.  Be open to them and accepting.  They are lessons and assists on your path as you move forward in this energy.  Listen to your intuition, especially as your body does whacky stuff.  This is a week to get through, and when you have done so, if you stay within your heart center and open to receive, you will find yourself stronger in WHO you are and more aware of the process, the Shift, that is happening around you and of which you have chosen to be a part.

On the larger scale, there is the potential for the tops to be blown off of things in all areas.  The shells are being broken, and out of them can come all sorts of unexpected actions, responses, emotions, disasters, joys, etc.  This means that this week will bring a lot of activity in all areas, especially the political as there will be some Earth related events that will lead to large challenges for the leaders of the countries in which they occur.  There is also a conspiracy that is coming to the surface in one country that will cause a great deal of turmoil and spill into other areas, particularly as the year goes on.  The Earth is moving in new ways, almost as though there is a contrary spin beginning to develop beneath the surface.  This will lead to odd and unexpected Earth tremors, movements, geysers, even volcanoes.  Additionally, it can cause problems with magnetic movements, even affecting the electro-magnetism of human bodies.  This also is something that is beginning now and will continue to grow in intensity.  The Sun is throwing off a new kind of radiant energy.  This is not well understood, however there will be some mention made in the news media, merely as a curiosity.  The stock market will be shivering and shaking as more and more people turn their focus from that towards other ways of prosperity.  The coming eclipse is going to bring a lot of things out of the shadow, moreover it has the potential to change the foci for many.  There is a new health issue that can affect the globe.  It is being incubated in an area around India.  There will also be mention made of the odd things being done by birds and animals.  They are letting us know that there is something shifting in Nature herself.  This week will bring many signs and symbols of what is to come.  Depending upon how you relate to these, this can either be a nothing week or a most enlightening one.


Sunday, April 21:    Amber Yellow

There are questions in the air today as you are feeling yourself somewhat put upon as though things are focusing on you just when you want some private and away-from-it-all time.  When you find yourself feeling this way, it is an opportunity to remove yourself from the outside influences and go within.  Take a moment to breathe and center.  Listen to the flow of your blood and the beat of your heart.  There is that inner knowing then that can come to the surface.  Moreover you can find the sense of peace in the midst of chaos that will be your best refuge as the times go on.  Mark that place and that feeling.  There is much in the air today on many different levels.  You can choose the level you wish to acknowledge, but know that choices you make now are beginning to be somewhat critical in terms of your development as we move further in the second quarter of the year.

Monday, April 22:    Chocolate

So, take advantage of the deliciousness of today.  It is time to know what it is that truly pleases you, that makes you feel whole, that brings you a sense of peace, that lets you know what community means to you.  This is a day for finding in your joy just how things have shifted for you, how your perspective has changed, and how you have grown through all of this.  It is all good.  Celebrate yourself and your union with Nature, with Gaia.  Take time to honor her and acknowledge your desire to be part of her in this crazy time.  Take some time to meditate, create, whatever brings you in touch with your core.  The energy is open for bringing you the knowing of your oneness with the Universal Consciousness.

Tuesday, April 23:    Orange

There is something that you have left undone and you are going to be bothered by this today.  It can color all of your actions, hence it is well to take care in all that you do.  You can find yourself distracted from what is going on around you, so if there are times today when you need to be 100%, it is a good idea to prepare for these, take notes, and refer to them often.  Also, do your grounding ritual this morning and connect with the All.  This is important as you will need your cheering section around you today and your connection is what lets you know on an instant by instant basis of your power and the love that surrounds you in all you do.  There is, in the evening, some sadness, some darkness on the horizon.  Let it be what it is and stay always within your heart center.

Seeing the “Forbidden Colors”

Red-Green & Blue-Yellow: The Stunning Colors You Can’t See

Natalie Wolchover, Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
Date: 17 January 2012 Time: 09:42 AM ET


Credit: hddigital | Shutterstock

Try to imagine reddish green — not the dull brown you get when you mix the two pigments together, but rather a color that is somewhat like red and somewhat like green. Or, instead, try to picture yellowish blue — not green, but a hue similar to both yellow and blue.

Is your mind drawing a blank? That’s because, even though those colors exist, you’ve probably never seen them. Red-green and yellow-blue are the so-called “forbidden colors.” Composed of pairs of hues whose light frequencies automatically cancel each other out in the human eye, they’re supposed to be impossible to see simultaneously.

The limitation results from the way we perceive color in the first place. Cells in the retina called “opponent neurons” fire when stimulated by incoming red light, and this flurry of activity tells the brain we’re looking at something red. Those same opponent neurons are inhibited by green light, and the absence of activity tells the brain we’re seeing green. Similarly, yellow light excites another set of opponent neurons, but blue light damps them. While most colors induce a mixture of effects in both sets of neurons, which our brains can decode to identify the component parts, red light exactly cancels the effect of green light (and yellow exactly cancels blue), so we can never perceive those colors coming from the same place.

Almost never, that is. Scientists are finding out that these colors can be seen — you just need to know how to look for them.

Colors without a name

The color revolution started in 1983, when a startling paper by Hewitt Crane, a leading visual scientist, and his colleague Thomas Piantanida appeared in the journal Science. Titled “On Seeing Reddish Green and Yellowish Blue,” it argued that forbidden colors can be perceived. The researchers had created images in which red and green stripes (and, in separate images, blue and yellow stripes) ran adjacent to each other. They showed the images to dozens of volunteers, using an eye tracker to hold the images fixed relative to the viewers’ eyes. This ensured that light from each color stripe always entered the same retinal cells; for example, some cells always received yellow light, while other cells simultaneously received only blue light.

Images similar to those used in a famous 1983 experiment in which so-called "forbidden colors" were perceived for the first time. Credit: Life's Little Mysteries
Images similar to those used in a famous 1983 experiment in which so-called “forbidden colors” were perceived for the first time.
CREDIT: Life’s Little Mysteries

The observers of this unusual visual stimulus reported seeing the borders between the stripes gradually disappear, and the colors seem to flood into each other. Amazingly, the image seemed to override their eyes’ opponency mechanism, and they said they perceived colors they’d never seen before.

Wherever in the image of red and green stripes the observers looked, the color they saw was “simultaneously red and green,” Crane and Piantanida wrote in their paper. Furthermore, “some observers indicated that although they were aware that what they were viewing was a color (that is, the field was not achromatic), they were unable to name or describe the color. One of these observers was an artist with a large color vocabulary.”

Similarly, when the experiment was repeated with the image of blue and yellow stripes, “observers reported seeing the field as simultaneously blue and yellow, regardless of where in the field they turned their attention.”

It seemed that forbidden colors were realizable — and glorious to behold!

Its name is mud

Crane’s and Piantanida’s paper raised eyebrows in the visual science world, but few people addressed its findings. “It was treated like the crazy old aunt in the attic of vision, the one no one talks about,” said Vince Billock, a vision scientist. Gradually though, variations of the experiment conducted by Billock and others confirmed the initial findings, suggesting that, if you look for them in just the right way, forbidden colors can be seen.

Then, in 2006, Po-Jang Hsieh, then at Dartmouth College, and his colleagues conducted a variation of the 1983 experiment. This time, though, they provided study participants with a color map on a computer screen, and told them to use it to find a match for the color they saw when shown the image of alternating stripes — the color that, in Crane’s and Piantanida’s study, was indescribable.

“Instead of asking participants to report verbally (and hence subjectively), we asked our participants to report their percepts in a more objective way by adjusting the color of a patch to match their perceived color during color mixing. In this way, we discovered that the perceived color during color mixing (e.g., red versus green) is actually a mixture of the two colors, but not a forbidden color,” Hsieh told Life’s Little Mysteries, a sister site to LiveScience.

When shown the alternating stripes of red and green, the border between the stripes faded and the colors flowed into each other — an as-yet-unexplained visual process known as “perceptual filling in,” or “image fading.” But when asked to pick out the filled-in color on a color map, study participants had no trouble zeroing in on muddy brown. “The results show that their perceived color during color mixing is just an intermediate color,” Hsieh wrote in an email.

So if the color’s name is mud, why couldn’t viewers describe it back in 1983? “There are infinite intermediate colors … It is therefore not surprising that we do not have enough color vocabulary to describe [them all],” he wrote. “However, just because a color cannot be named, doesn’t mean it is a forbidden color that’s not in the color space.” [Fun Video: Pink Light Doesn’t Exist]

Color fixation

Fortunately for all those rooting for forbidden colors, these scientists’ careers didn’t end in 2006. Billock, now a National Research Council senior associate at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, has led several experiments over the past decade that he and his colleagues believe prove the existence of forbidden colors. Billock argues that Hsieh’s study failed to generate the colors because it left out a key component of the setup: eye trackers. Hsieh merely had volunteers fix their gaze on striped images; he didn’t use retinal stabilization.

“I don’t think that Hsieh’s colors are the same ones we saw. I’ve tried image fading under steady fixation … and I don’t see the same colors that I saw using artificial retinal stabilization,” Billock said. In general, he explained, steady eye fixation never gives as powerful an effect as retinal stabilization, failing to generate other visual effects that have been observed when images are stabilized. “Hseih et al.’s experiment is valid for their stimuli, but says nothing about colors achieved via more powerful methods.”

Recent research by Billock and others has continued to confirm the existence of forbidden colors in situations where striped images are retinally stabilized, and when the stripes of opponent colors are equally bright. When one is brighter than the other, Billock said, “we got pattern formation and other effects, including muddy and olive-like mixture colors that are probably closer to what Hseih saw.”

When the experiment is done correctly, he said, the perceived color was not muddy at all, but surprisingly vivid: “It was like seeing purple for the first time and calling it bluish red.”

The scientists are still trying to identify the exact mechanism that allows people to perceive forbidden colors, but Billock thinks the basic idea is that the colors’ canceling effect is being overriden.

When an image of red and green (or blue and yellow) stripes is stabilized relative to the retina, each opponent neuron only receives one color of light. Imagine two such neurons: one flooded with blue light and another, yellow. “I think what stabilization does (and what [equal brightness] enhances) is to abolish the competitive interaction between the two neurons so that both are free to respond at the same time and the result would be experienced as bluish yellow,” he said.

You may never experience such a color in nature, or on the color wheel — a schematic diagram designed to accomodate the colors we normally perceive — but perhaps, someday, someone will invent a handheld forbidden color viewer with a  built-in eye tracker. And when you peek in, it will be like seeing purple for the first time.


History: Colors & Meaning

How Colors Got Their Symbolic Meanings

By Natalie Wolchover, Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
27 September 2011 3:12 AM ET
 2 1

Colors are imbued with great symbolic power. Even in the modern English-speaking world, wheresuperstitious beliefs have largely faded in the light of scientific knowledge, many colors have retained their ancient associations. Most people know that brides should wear white, that “seeing red” means being angry, and that one can feel “green with envy.” But learning why these connotations exist requires a look back to the beliefs and practices of the ancients

to check it out, go to:

November 6-12

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Grey

Is it at all possible that you are not yet aware of all the shifts and changes that are happening all around you, and at times, even within you? There is so much going on, and that is leading everyone ot feeling a bit unsettled, testy, and not quite with it.  There can be times of intense distraction, when all of a sudden you will snap out of it and wonder where you were and what just happened.  Your sense of what is important is shifting.  Time seems out of whack.  Pay attention to when these things happen, for there is meaning in it.  You will begin to see in others certain patterns and behaviors that can either attract you or turn you off.  People are shifting and changing, just as you are.  This can lead to changes in friendships and relationships.  There are many choices to be made at this time, and one of them is whether or not you wish to remain where you are, when, you are and with whom you are.  This is not a time for precipitate action, .  Slow and steady, in this case, will more than win the day, it will assist you in making the changes you have been wanting to make, and in becoming the WHO you chose to be at this time.  Trust your intuition and do not let go.  There is comfort and assistance if you will call upon it and accept it Continue reading

Emotional Effects of Red

Why The Color Red Makes Us Mad

Posted: 9/13/11 08:48 AM ET

When you think of red, you probably formulate strong mental images such as a ripe apple, a New England barn, the stripes on an American flag or even Dorothy’s shoes. And now, according to a recent study, red is quantified with increased physical response and velocity of that response in pinch and grip test subjects.

When presented color stimuli for response time (velocity) and force of that response, subjects reacted with higher values on these two parameters for, you guessed it, red. So, do the bullfighter’s cape and the business executive’s power tie work to the same end? Or did the color of the apple seduce Eve?

Red is the beauty of sunsets, the color of love and the life force that flows through our body — blood. We “see red” when upset. And now, as recently demonstrated, we physically react stronger and faster when we see it. But, have we not subconsciously realized this all along?

Tie in the anthropological significance of red in various settings and its myriad evocations, connect those to emotion — which some say triggers its physical response — and the evidence seems irrefutable. Red is the sports car, by urban legend, most frequently stopped by police. And red is the color of the emergency lights of an ambulance or the flashers on your car.

So, why do we increase our velocity and power of reaction when in view of red? Perhaps it is good thing, a neurological trigger that brings us to a quick halt at every traffic light or stop sign. Drivers passing through the green the world over are happy to hear of this confirmation about their fellow travelers coming to a stop. Red, indeed, seems to help us quickly apply the brakes, as the study shows. Thank goodness for red.

to read more, go to: