November 6-12

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Grey

Is it at all possible that you are not yet aware of all the shifts and changes that are happening all around you, and at times, even within you? There is so much going on, and that is leading everyone ot feeling a bit unsettled, testy, and not quite with it.  There can be times of intense distraction, when all of a sudden you will snap out of it and wonder where you were and what just happened.  Your sense of what is important is shifting.  Time seems out of whack.  Pay attention to when these things happen, for there is meaning in it.  You will begin to see in others certain patterns and behaviors that can either attract you or turn you off.  People are shifting and changing, just as you are.  This can lead to changes in friendships and relationships.  There are many choices to be made at this time, and one of them is whether or not you wish to remain where you are, when, you are and with whom you are.  This is not a time for precipitate action, .  Slow and steady, in this case, will more than win the day, it will assist you in making the changes you have been wanting to make, and in becoming the WHO you chose to be at this time.  Trust your intuition and do not let go.  There is comfort and assistance if you will call upon it and accept it

On the larger scene, the natural world is making itself felt in so many ways.  Animals, birds, and fish are out of character and out of sync.  They have messages to give due to their connection with the Earth.  Each of their particular messages represents the element that is their home, earth, air, water, and in some strange way, also fire. The Earth also is moving and changing, and all elements here too are represented.  Look for unusual Earth events, volcanoes, storms, quakes — many of which are out of season and new to the locales in which they occur.This is a time in which you will be seeing that many of the plans and laws and givens that went into forming this technological society are no longer working the way they should.  This can lead to failures in structure and form.  All of these things will be explained away and blamed on other factors, but as time goes on, the evidence will be too overwhelming to deny.  The Occupy Movements continue as the press and the people who are hired to explain away these kinds of things work hard to find some way to lessen the impact of this gorowing community of concerned.  Political moves, dances, and intrigue continues apace.  There are those who are growing tired of it all, so expect there to be some unexpected things happening, exposes, even new candidates.  Then the financial picture is getting worse even as we near the Holiday Season. We are,however. hearing that things are getting better.  It is well not to be blinded by the glitz.

Sunday, November 6:    Bright Lavender

Prepare to dance and to have some fun, but be aware that underneath it all is the deeper knowing that there is sorrow around.  The dance is a way of removing yourself from the sorrow and moving into the joy.  It is time to bring together these very different threads and find the joy in being that  is there in  life in all its aspects.  Then you can truly dance add play in a new way, in a way in which the energies of your enjoyment work to bring things together and to enlighten the darkness.  Look around you, and you will see those others who are moving to this new music.   Listen and you will understand the messages in the wind.  Something new is on the horizon.

Crystal Energy:    WIllemite—-The energy of this stone allows one to move through issues of this plane in order to find some resolution of the spiritual level.  It resonates with all chakras.

Monday, November 7:    Bright Green

Things are definitely taking a turn for the better today.  You can expect to hear from people you have not heard from in a while.  You will be getting all sorts of positive messages, and you might even get back some of those things you had thought never to see again.  This is a say for taking it all in, for looking at what is and what it is that you are wanting.  Where are you at this time?  Take some time to consider what it is that you have done and the things that you are still wanting ton do.  Take some time to know yourself in WHO you are at this point in time and where you have come from.  There is work for you to do, and it is time to be clear on what that is and to go for it.  Look for encouragement.  You may be surprised at who is watching your back.

Crystal Energy:    Golden Heliodor—-The energy of this stone works on relations and intentions, not only relations in the physcial world, but also how one relates to the All, and as for intentions, it brings a clarity and a sense of purpose to those.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus and Upper Chakras.

Tuesday, November 8:    Cloudy Orange

A lot of those nagging physical issues are going to be making themselves felt today.  It is a good time to work on why they are there and what they are connected to;.  You can be surprised at what you discover.  There is someone who is working against your wishes, yet you think they are on your side.  This is a good time for being very clear on the people with whom you spend your time and give your secrets.  Those who have other agendas, have ways of turning things always to their own advantage.  Your vision is growing clearer and you must trust your intuition.  This can be hard, so try first in little way,s and bit by bit, you can see that the voice of the true heart is clear on the larger picture.  Look for some unexpected coincidences happening in the day’s energy.  See if you can make out any pattern that they may be part of.

Crystal Energy:    Aquamarine—-This stone resonates with the water element.  It assists in moving things and cleansing.

Wednesday, November 9:    Light Blue Green

Today is a kind of tipping point, when lots of things will be coming to a head.  It is time for you to make some really important decisions, and you must be firm and confident that the choices you are making are the right ones for WHO you are.  This involves spending some time within, going to your Core Self, and feeling your desires, knowing your path, and comprehending the various threads that are weaving together for you.  There is help for you in this.  All true heart based work is work done with the assistance of the Universal Consciousness through your guides and watchers.  This is not a time for feeling alone of for trying to make it on your own.  This is a time for knowing that you are part of a larger commu nity that supports you in all that you do.  Take time today to recognize and honor that, and then move forward in your choices.  There are many rewards that come from heart based decisions.

Crystal Energy:     Willemite—-This is the ‘Signature Rock”.  It assists you in finding your own true vibration and core energy.  Resonates with all chakras.

Thursday, November 10:   Light Orange

A lot of the stuff that you thought was old and gone, irretrievable, finished will be coming up in weird ways today offering you another chance.  This is not a time for regrets.  You are being given the oh so unusual and special time to make changes in your life, in choices, in happenings, in things.  On a different level and with other variables, but within the scope of a lifetimes, there are similarities.  Choose wisely.  Emotions are close to the surface and feelings can lead you to places that were closed before.  Take advantage of the energy.  Take advantage of the possibilities.  There is magic in the air if you will recognize and accept.

Crystal Energy:    Black Coral—-This energy brings protection while at the same time allowing one to open to psychic information.  It resonates with the Root Chakra..

Friday, November 11:   Pale Apricot

Ah, the long awaited, anticipated, sometimes dreaded, sometimes feared 11/11/11:  Things are working on two levels today, that which is obvious and that which is unseen.  In the current energy things will be planted to be harvested at a later date.  The important thing now is intention.  It is time to dream big, to feel your desires, to know that you are truly working towards moving ahead.  This is a time to put aside all guilt, all negative conditioning, all acceptance of other’s stuff.  It is time to walk into your power and know that you are, in fact, the ruler of your own destiny.  It is time to know what that means and to be claer on what it is that you are wanting to create and manifest.  At this time, manifestation is coming more quickly and oftentimes more literally.  This is a good day for working in meditation, in creative endeavors to know your symbol and your vibration.  Take hold of the focused energy of the day to use it to your own best interests.  Much can come of this.

Crystal Energy:    Witherite—-The energy of this mineral assists one in creating one’s thoughts and wishes.  Its connection to the higher chakras aids in making what is manifested in line with true desire.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

Saturday, November 12:    Cloudy WHite

Well, the world did not end (again) yesterday, but why are you feeling so odd?  Could it be that all the energies and expectations of change have rattled your composure?  Who knows?  One thing for sure is that you woke up this morning and you are feeling that things have changed.  This is a great time for make some alterations in your life, your plans, your habits, your attitudes.  The new energy favors all that.  It is time to see things from a new perspective, and this is the perfect time to do so.  There will be hints and clues throughout the day that will assist you in making some interesting observations about what it is that you are wanting to accomplish and make happen.  Also, you will find yourself making peace with some long held issues. And, it is about time.

Crystal Energy:    Clear Quartz—-The energy  of this stone brings clarity and understanding, but only as you are ready and will accept it.  Resonates with all chakras.