Your Color VIbe for Monday, August 10


Monday, August 10:   Alabaster

Things will start slowly today, and it is probably best not to attempt to rush. There is a purpose in pattern, and there is a centering that can happen when you take your time. You will still be able to get some of those chores done. As the day progresses you will be in for some interesting revelations about people, places, and things. This is not a day for taking for granted. It is a day to be prepared for just about anything that comes your way. Again, there are things that you are needing to know and there will be hints and clues, symbols and signs. It is a good idea to take them seriously and give them some thought. These days it is well to pay attention to your dreams.

Your Color Vibe for Saturday – August 8

Saturday, August 8:   Dark Tourmaline Grey

This is a good day for knowing what it means for you to be powerful. Knowing that in all the situations that you encounter, you have the power to keep yourself strong, protected, and in command. There will be some situations coming your way today in which some unwitting or otherwise psyche-sappers are going to be attempting to lord it over you. This is not an occasion for reaction; rather it is a time for strength, for going within, for warding yourself, and for moving forward in your own light. You are becoming more familiar each day with the path that is opening up in front of you. There are those with whom you will travel and those others who will go their own way. Paths are forking today

Your Color Vibe for Friday, August 7

Friday, August 7:   Peridot

What a difference a day makes. Things are opening up right now, but slowly, almost imperceptibly, as a flower will unfurl. This is a day for taking things slowly, quietly, not hurrying, allowing, appreciating. Take time to sit and look around you. You could be surprised by the things that are there, that always were there, that you never saw before. There is truly wonder in this world. So often we are too busy to take note. So this is a day for taking time in what you do – in cooking, in reading, in enjoying the kids, in conversation, in creation. By allowing yourself just to be and to be part of what is going on, you are in essence living a meditation. This can be a great day if you will let go of some of that characteristic busy-ness.

Your Color Vibe for Monday, August 3

Monday, August 3:   Malachite Green

This is a day for working from the heart and seeing just what can come from that, feeling how people are reacting to you, and opening to the love that is all around you. You have dealt with a lot of stuff lately and it is time for you to get some rest, some reward, some reconciliation. All of these are in the day’s energies. Sorrow and sadness have no place in today’s vibrations, so things remembered can be seen now with a clarity that was perhaps lacking before. It is a good day for going within and dealing with issues that you have been avoiding because of the baggage associated with them. You can find closure.

Your Color Vibe for Sunday – August 2

Sunday, August 2: Labradorite Green

This is a day when you can be bedazzled by the slick words and seemingly sincere sentiments expressed by certain people you have had questions about. There is a truth behind the façade, and it is important that you stay grounded and centered in your true heart’s knowing in order to ferret out what is real and what is merely appearance. This is a day also for working on what is true and right for you. This means some time spent in meditation however it works best for you. Remember that in traditional Zen, there are four types of meditation – sitting meditation, standing meditation, walking meditation, and lying meditation. You have many options and that means no excuses!

Your Color Vibe for Wednesday 7/15

Wednesday, July 15:   Black

There are secrets in the air right now, and great attempts are being made to keep them hidden. This is not a day for taking anything or granted. Moreover right now is not a good time to undertake new projects. Much can be misunderstood. As far as things that must be done today are concerned, be sure that you are hearing people when they speak and understanding them fully. If you are not clear as to what is being said, have them explain it again, even twice or thrice.   Actions and decisions made today if not precisely spelled out can come back to haunt you.

Yoour Color Vibe for Tuesday 7/14

Tuesday, July 14:   Naples Yellow

Time for a change of plans. The energy is asking you just how flexible you are and just how much you are willing to bend and move to accommodate the unexpected. This is not a good day for dwelling on what-could-have-been, rather this is a day for revising plans, opening up to novelty, and allowing yourself to be one with the flow. There are some amazing things that can happen as a result of all of that. Keep your sense of humor and your sense of irony about you right now, and just try something new.

Your Color Vibe for SUnday, July 12

Sunday, July 12:   Silver

There are some big changes in the air, and you will see some indications of that today. These can come in odd ways – through synchronicity, memory lapses, things seen out of the corner of your eye, etc.. Be aware of where you are when these things happen. The key to it all can be linked to a certain place or even people there. It is time again to appreciate yourself for all the things that you know. You can be surprised today as people find you to be an expert in areas that you thought you were just a novice.   Take some time also to appreciate the beauty, awe, the wonder, and the power of the natural world around you. Send energy and thanks to Gaia for all she is.

Your Color Vibe for Saturday, July 11

Saturday, July 11:   Dark Orange

This is a good day for making plans. There are things that you have thought about – things to do, things to make, people to call, places to go, and the current energies can move you forward in all of this. First make sure that you are grounded and connected. Then go within and ‘feel’ what is right. You will get answers from your innermost knowing. Your intuition is quite keen right now. Do not doubt it. Then get things in order. By planning and organizing, you will find yourself prepared for some of the challenges that are coming.

Your Color Vibe for Sunday July 5th

Sunday, July 5:   Orchid

This is a good day for getting things done. Energetically there is a push for accomplishment, so get ready. The first thing to do, after the morning grounding and centering ritual, is to set up a list of priorities. You are aware of many things that you have on your To-Do List, and it is time to cross some off. But what to do first? Take time to feel what that will most benefit you on all levels once you have done it. From there, the other things will follow easily and naturally. Changes are happening and you need your strength and wisdom to see your way clearly through all the morass that is accumulating in the lower fields, so take that as your goal today – to work from your inner knowing through your innate power to create the life you choose.