Your Color Vibe for Saturday – August 8

Saturday, August 8:   Dark Tourmaline Grey

This is a good day for knowing what it means for you to be powerful. Knowing that in all the situations that you encounter, you have the power to keep yourself strong, protected, and in command. There will be some situations coming your way today in which some unwitting or otherwise psyche-sappers are going to be attempting to lord it over you. This is not an occasion for reaction; rather it is a time for strength, for going within, for warding yourself, and for moving forward in your own light. You are becoming more familiar each day with the path that is opening up in front of you. There are those with whom you will travel and those others who will go their own way. Paths are forking today

Your Color Vibe for Monday, June 15

Monday, June 15:   Purple

The seeds have been planted, the roots are there, and the buds are springing forth. It is time to nourish and nurture the new you that is in this critical period of transformation. Things have been on hold for quite a while, and they will continue so for just a few more days. If you are aware, you can feel the shift, you can sense the new beginnings. The times are growing short and things are becoming somewhat serious. There are decisions to be made and steps to be taken. What are you going to do about all of this? This is a day for going within, for marinating, for opening to the deep wisdom of your inner knowing. You are always taken care of. It is well to allow that to be.