November 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:     Light Pink

This week will plod along.  It is very much an in-between time.  Emotions can be close to the surface, acknowledge that and let them out.  Things are shifting and changing.  And change is hard.  This is a week in which you can find yourself let down by people in whom you trusted.  But do not worry.  There are others waiting to come in and fill that gap.  Be cautious this week in all you do.  A number of things, situations, relationships, etc. that seemed to be rock steady were only seeming to be so, and with the erratic energies of this week, stuff can implode and explode.  Watch your health.  External issues and events can effect you more that you thought possible.On the larger scene, when you are in-between, anything can happen, so look for surprises in the news that will happen in all areas — finance, politics, election re-counts, earth events, UFO’s, celebrity gossip, etc.  If you are not centered, you just might find that your head is spinning by the end of the week.  This week keep your eyes open for the unrealistic expectations and desires.  There will be much coming out on the news about how great things are, and that it is time to celebrate.  There is much stirring beneath the waters and above the atmosphere.  There is movement within the Sun and there will be shows there that come from the hidden areas.  There will be disruptions in communications on all levels.  With this, messages can go forth at the wrong times.  Do not put your energy into what seems.  Also the weather continues to take an odd turn.  Cold and hot seem to be struggling for dominance and to follow one after the other with no apparent consistency.  “Out of season” will be the slogan for the next few weeks.

Sunday, November 14:    Dark Blue Diffusion

Watch your emotions today.  They can be stirred up easily and the roots will lie deep in your past.  There are things there that were left hanging.  It is time to face them and recognize that you have done the best you can do.  Nothing more was expected of you than to be WHO you are and to go with that.  There will be confusion in setting priorities today and in getting things done.  This is a good day for just letting things happen, and going with whatever it is.  This is not a day for trying to control things.  Flux is in the air, and when that happens, there s not much to hold onto in terms of everything out there.  Better to go within, center, and take time to deal with the various thoughts, dreams and issues that need to be addressed.

Monday, November 15:    Dark Green Blue

Once again, there is emotionality in the air.  This is a good day for dealing with your feelings.  Take time to determine where they are coming from.  Everything is in flux right now, and it is very important to be in touch with yourself, with what you like, with what makes you tick, with what is most important to you.  It is important to make these determinations so that when challenges arise you can make your response in your power and based on what is truly important for you.,  Interestingly, on a purely physical level today will be quite easy going.  As a result, it is a good day for doing a lot of those here and now, nit-picking tasks done today.  Your mind and spirit will be other directed, so you can get that stuff done without angsting over why you are doing it and how tedious it is.

Tuesday, November 16:    Light Amber

There is a ;light note in the air today, so grab onto it, and enjoy what you are doing.  Although it is transitory, it will remind you of many interesting and happy times, and those memories can bring a new sense of direction and purpose to you and all that you are dealing with at this time.  There is a sense that things are changing, and if you will honor that and take hold of it, you can move things forward and realize a lot of the things that you are tyring to get done at this time.  Look also for help and/or advice from an unexpected source and hints of solutions to some issues that are work related and have to be dealt with right now.

Wednesday,  November 17:    Frosty White

Leonid Metero Showers this early AM:    Things can get tough today, and you will realize just how strong you are and the inner resources that are there,. many heretofore untapped and unrecognized.  You can find yourself feeling as though too much has been revealed about a situation or an event or an opinion, yet this puts you in a position in which you need to analyze and be clear about what it is that you are truly hanging onto and what it is that is most important for you at this time.  So there will be much happening today, there can be tears, there can be laughter, but at the end of it all, there will be revelation.  You will have discovered some very important things, and you will feel good about that.

Thursday, November 18:    Sky Blue

Leonid Meteor Showers this AM :    Things are going to become clearer today, but when they do, it is important to hold onto that truth.  Just as quickly as it came, it can float away again, just like a cloud.  This is a day for being. Be WHO you are and do what it is that you enjoy.  Do what you need to do.  Take time to let yourself be happy.  This is a good day for letting go of a lot of things.  You will see , once you do, that they were things you never really needed, moreover they were given to you, and you had no choice in the matter.  Smile today, and it will be well rewarded.

Friday, November 19:    Red Diffusion

There is nothing that is clear, but then again there is nothing that is not clear.  It is like standing on top of a mountain and seeing everything all around you, but there is a haze over the valleys.  As a result, what might be out in the open and distinct is clouded and confused.    There is frustration in the air and with it, some emotional backlash.  It is a good day to plan ahead on what you are going to be doing.  Make lists of things you need to bring, write down phone numbers you might need, and prepare for delays.  There is much going on today on all levels.  Various energy fronts are coming together.  Things are wanting to come out in the open.  Listen carefully to the news and what people are saying.  THere is both truth and uncertainty there.

Saturday, November 20:    Daylight Blue

If your life this week has been mainly a question mark, today will be an exclamation point.  There will be coming some clarity on issues that have been concerning you lately.  You will also find information of a personal nature, mainly relating to finances, that will leave you feeling relieved.  Watch out of people out there who are looking to take advantage of situations.  There are more and more of them as people in general being to lose a sense of what is important and are will to try unusual avenues for getting things done.  You do have friends, and that will be obvious to you by the end of the day.

And now, a musical selection.  It is time to honor the Earth, Gaea, and where better to start than at home.  And who better to sing it than a few guys who have gone through many changes: