November 21-27

Overall Color:    Green Minus

Just a few themes and indicators to be aware of at this time:

Opposites:  Things are appearing now in terms of what they are, quickly followed by their opposites.  Be aware of these complementary occurrences.  They are pointing to something greater than the pieces.  There is a message there, so be open to it.

Cloud Formations:  Keep your eyes on the sky.  Clouds are coming in and going out in unusual configurations and out of season formations.  There is something there.  If you are open to what is going on, you might just get some interesting information.

Patterns of Illness:   There are many these days who are afflicted by illness scenarios.  It is important to be sensitive to what they are feeling.  There are conditions what will seem to be making one sick, and they can pass quickly.  Unfortunately, some of these are indicative of underlying, chronic, and contagious conditions that will return and leave others compromised.  Be sympathetic for those who are not feeling well, but take precautions.  This is not a time for cavalier action.

Animal Activity:   Animals are now acting strangely. They are attuned to what is going on in the Earth as a whole, and, as a result, they are acting out behaviours that twill make them feel more comfortable as the energies of the times become somewhat topsy-turvy.  Recognize and accept what they are doing, and send them understanding and compassion.  They live on the energies of the Earth and feel keenly the shifts and changes.

This is a week in which things can come to the surface, so be alert for things that are said and done on all levels.  they can point to deeper agendas, more intense feelings, and greater consequences.  Things are not finished in the Gulf.  there will be hints of lingering catastrophes, accompanied by glib pronouncements that all is well. People will be finding themselves pushed more and more into following over the top kinds of procedures.  And there will be activities taking place that will leave everyone questioning the morality of the forces that are thereto ‘protect’.  There is a shift happening on all levels as more signs appear in the skies, and no good explanation can be given by even those who have before been known for their glib tones.  Galactic forces and energies are coming closer to our atmosphere, and the Sun will show signs of further erratic behavior, almost as though it is being acted upon by a separate gravitational force.  Politicos will be acting oddly, and there can be some legal actions pending.  Things are shaking up on all levels, so expect weather oddities and Earth movements, almost as though Gaia is sighing, or, perhaps, sobbing.

Sunday, November 21:   Bright Green

Full Beaver Moon:  Happy Birthday, Sagittarius:    This is a day to harvest those things that you have been waiting for.  The energies are right, your vision is clear, and it is time.  Be careful not to pull up ideas, thoughts, and projects that are not ripe.  If you happen to get one of those, pat them gently back into the ground and allow them to rest a bit in order that they might flower at the proper time. There is a lightness and a newness in the air today.  See things from a new perspective, and you might just find that stuff that seemed overwhelming just a short while ago is now becoming more familiar and doable.

Monday, November 22:     Magenta

Much can get done today, but it is important to take your time and not rush through things.  Pay attention to the details and the nitty-gritty. These are the things that need to be worked out first before anything else can get done, and this is relative on all levels, not just planning activities, objects, building, but also in relationships.  People are more and more on the edge these days as uncertainty creeps into other areas of their lives,.  This is a time for compassion and understanding, and that, too, starts at home and with yourself.

Tuesday, November 23:    Blue Green

There is much energy today for settling down and cooling off.  If there are issues that you have had to deal with, people who have been difficult, projects that have not been working out, today is a good day for taking another look.  Perspectives are changing and this is one of the points at which things can be seen in new lights and with new eyes.  The investment you have put into these things heretofore becomes less important that the process of working things out.  Be open and, at the same time, be receptive.  There is much to learn, much to see, and new vistas to open

Wednesday, November 24:    Deep Blue

Things are not as they seem today.  Much is unclear and hidden.  This is not a good time for making judgments, and if people attempt to pressure you, it is a great opportunity for using  stall tactics.  The decisions that need to be made are best done when you feel yourself to have all the facts and to be in a position of power.  Emergencies can arise today, but if you are clear sa to what your priorities are and see things clearly for what they are, then you can deal with these issues in a calm and satisfactory manner.

Thursday, November 25:     Shadowy White

Happy Thanksgiving, and this is a day for gratitude.  Take some time to look around and feel what it is that you are thankful for.  Gratitude brings its own rewards, and sends back love and companionship.:     Thanks can come today in many shapes and forms.  And smetimes it is enough just to be thankful for things that did not happen or things that did not go too far.  There is a kind of sadness or melancholy in the air today.  There are questions that need to be answered that will not be addressed.  There are actions that need to be taken that will be put off for another time.  This is a day of opportunities missed.  So eat, drink, and be merry if you will.  If you will not, then maybe you can get some sense of the larger picture and all the various elements that are coming up to make you take a second look at a lot of things in your life.  There will be hints in things around you today of where true priorities should lie.

Friday, November 26:    Pea Green

Nothing is going to be completely clear today, so some of those great bargains you came out to get may not be bargains after all.  Everything has its price, and that price can come in many different ways.  This is a whole picture kind of thing.  Take a look at the things with which you come into contact from all perspectives.  Do not get hung up on analysis, rather exercise your intuition.  These days, and as time progresses,. you will find that you are becoming more and more intuitive.  The test is whether or not you will follow your heart’s urgings or choose the logical-linear.  The choice is up to you, and today there will be opportunities for seeing things from a new perspective.

Saturday, November 27:    Yellow Rose

Once again, there is a sense of the past and things of the past coming to the surface.  This can result in emotions being close to the surface.  You may find yourself being reminded of times past from just the smallest thing.  This can lead to a sense of disorientation and being out of touch.  You may find that you feel yourself warring inside against a pragmatism that has helped you get ahead and a nostalgia that points to a completely different way of being and doing things.  There are hints in the serendipity of the day.  If you are aware of these things, you will find that you are seeing things in a new light, and not just stuff, but yourself as well.  This can be very helpful in dealing with a lot of issues that you have been putting on the back burner.

Messages from Little Grandmother.  Watch the first, and then follow on for information about the Mayans and 2012: