November 29 – December 4

Color for the Week:    Pink Frost

It is always important to be aware of and sensitive to what is going on around us and what others are throwing our way.  There are times when, in the throes of confusion  and loneliness, that we buy into and make our reality things that seem okay, rather than optimal.  This is not a time or an energy in which to let that happen  We need to go within and know what is most important and most fulfilling for ourselves.  What other people want us to be for their own agendas, regardless of how “selfless” they feel them to be. cannot help us if we are choosing to be WHO we truly are.  Feel first.  If the vibrations are good, then go for it.  Otherwise, let it go.  This is not an energy that tolerates compromise well, so if you latch onto it, then you will find that any kind of compromise will wear thin various areas of your physicality, leaving you with issues and aches.  Let go of compromise and look towards what it is that truly makes you feel fulfilled.  Only by holding onto that will these days be more comfortable for you.

Right now things are heating up on all levels and in all areas.  There is much below-the-surface vying for power and control.  The evidence for this can be seen in renewed and intensified gridding of the skies, wild fluctuations in the financial world and its institutions, removing from office of many supposed entrenched persons, weird weather events, earthquakes happening in unusual places with greater magnitudes than expected, odd weather patterns, etc.  Attempts are being made to disguise and hide some of the plans that are quickly being pulled together, however the evidence is out there, and if you are sensitive, then you know that the whole story is not being given.   Not only are they becoming more aware of this, they are also now in a position in which they want to know more and are actively seeking information.  This is a good time to listen carefully to statements being made, and if any do not ring true, then research because the information is coming to the surface.  You will be seeing throughout this month a change in the people of power.  Along with that will come a greater attempt to mire people down in celebrity gossip and trivial news.  This is a time in which choices are being made and trajectories being set up.  Be clear in what you are thinking and believing.  Research, research, research.  Take time to center within your heart.  Focus on love, for it is the true power of this Universe.  Cosmic Universal Consciousness so loves itself that it shows itself in each of us, and we are that Universal love incarnate, but we must realize this.  Act upon your intuition.  Follow your heart.  And listen to your feelings.  You have all the power that you need.  You have all the power of the Universe behind you.  It is time to realize this.  Look away from the shadows on the wall, and look towards the light that makes those shadows real.  It is the light that clarifies and makes obvious.   And eyes to the skies and ears to the ground.  The vibrations are getting louder and more undeniable.  Things are vibrating within the Earth as she prepares for a surprise re-awakening even as the New Year dawns.  More and more people are becoming uncomfortable with this energy which can lead to violence, accidents, and general checking out.  Stay out of fear.  Be the observer.  There is a pattern to all of this, and it comes from the impetus towards ascension, strange though it may sound.  And prioritize.  The time is getting short, so it is important to focus on what is truly important.  Pay attention to the movements of birds, fish, and animals and be alert for what they have to say.  Watch also for ‘animal incidents’, that is situations in which animals are doing things that seem to indicate an higher level of intelligence than is normally attributed to them.

Sunday, November 28:    Italian Tile Blue

There is something in the wind that goes both forwards and backwards.  This is a day on which you will feel as though you are moving forward, doing what needs to be doing, taking the necessary steps, filling in the gaps, but if you take a minute to see what is all around you, all of a sudden you realize that things are not falling into place the way they should   This can leave you feeling confused and concerned, but the energies of the day give you the opportunity to move beyond this.  Today you can find joy in the incongruous.  You can find happiness in what is unexpected.  If you are open to all of this, then some pretty amazing things can open up to you this evening, even in the midst of boring conversations.  You can see a glimpse of the pattern behind it all. And that, my dear, makes it all worthwhile.

Monday, November 29:    Canary Yellow

You may think or feel that there is someone at  the door, and even though there is no physical indication, there IS someone at the door. Today is an opportunity for you to feel what it is that truly moves you.  There are all kinds of signs and totems and indications in the air,  They are telling you to take heed.,  Be aware.  Analyze the situation.  Look beyond the seeming.  This can be quite a challenge, but you are up to it.  Today gives you a trial run for what will be coming as the days of this year draw close to a close. Will you take the challenge?  Or will you see it merely as a fantasy with no substance on your part? This is a day that stands between the past and the present.  On a quantum level, it is a day of observation and/or allowance.  You can create where you go from here.  But all the signs are there, and you can take action.  The songs of the canary portend, but do not coerce.

Tuesday, November 30:    Orange Yellow

This is a “Look At Me” kind of day, so if there is something that you want people to notice about you, make sure that it is out there for all to see.  Be cautious, however, in how you respond to the responses because there are always agendas out there, and not all of them are to the benefit and best of each person.  Take stock of your intuition and what it is telling you.  You can trust it, but you must first be open to its advice.  This is a day also when it would be good to look your best, that is to say, to look and be comfortable in WHO you are. Much is moving within the energetic matrix, and that brings to the surface hidden truths.  There is much to learn today.  Look, listen, and be prepared to laugh as some old ways and opinions come tumbling down.

Wednesday, December 1:    Bermuda Blue

This is the month in which all the energetic pulsations and the thematic strains of the year are going to be pulled together, resulting in some quite unusual, and in some cases uncomfortable results.  This is a time in which it is most important to consider what it is that you looking for and what it is that you want to be the culmination of this year.  This is intimately and importantly your decision, and it is time to discard the opinions of others, including gurus, confidantes, leaders, directors, etc.  Their thoughts and opinions have value for them, and their determinations are based upon their particular vision.  If you choose to have their vision be yours, then that is all good.  And vice versa.  In everything, however, it is important to know and accept your choices.  The energy of the day is one in which much can be done.  It is also a pivotal energy which can lead you to realizations that you never thought you could have.  For those involved in inter-dimensional work, this is a day on which everything is aligning for a nice trip.  Do what you will today and choose wisely.  There is something in the air that will ultimately make a difference for you.  It is not too late to change your mind and/or your perspective.  Expect also to experience some of those pesky time warps today.  These can offer opportunities to make a change.

Thursday, December 2:    Lime Green

You can find yourself literally in the limelight today, so make sure you are feeling your best about WHO you are.  If that is the case, then you know that you are looking your best and doing your best and there is no way you can be anything but first rate.  It is a good day also for looking at people and their actions.  There is a lot you can learn from what they say and what they do.  Things are more transparent today than they have been for a wile, so if there is something you are wanting to find out about someone or something, changes are that you will can get some new information.  In the evening, take time to slow down and relax.  There is a softness in the energy of this evening, and it can help you just enjoy life and get a little perspective on an item that you have been thinking about.

Friday, December 3:     Hazy White

Everything will be happening in something of a blur today.  Things start out at a fast pace which continues until the early afternoon.  You may find yourself working hard to feel like you are catching up., but with the energies of the afternoon, you will find the needed time and space to put the finishing touches on some of those projects.  It is also a good time to dream a bit.  Think about what it is that you are wishing to create in your life, and see it happening.  This energy has many levels and affects many dimensions, and, who knows, a sincere and focused intention sent out this evening can yield some pretty impressive rewards before the New Year.

Saturday, Decemeber 4:    Soft Orange

This is a wild card kind of day when anything can happen and the possibilities are open-ended.  Take time in the morning to think about what you wanting to do today, and then go out knowing it will all happen.   Do not allo petty disturbances, like traffic, etc., to deter you. This is a day on which a lot of things can be cleared up.  There are messages in what happens today, so be alert.  Also this is a day when synchronicity is on the prowl.  You will see some interesting events, especially as related to your personal goals.  Do not underestimate anything today, and you will emerge from it with some interesting revelations.