My Commentary

This week will see some of the best and some of the worst in all areas and in all situations.  It is important to be strong in WHO you are and look into things before taking any precipitate action.  This is not a week of resolution, but rather a week of stirring up the pot.

If you had not been aware that things were shifting, this week will make it blatantly obvious.  Emotions are close to the surface and many will want to react without consideration.
If you are tuned into what is going on, you will begin to see patterns emerge.  They will come to the surface in personal relationships, job situations, Earth movements, political maneuvers, etc.  Step back from it all.  These things are all related somehow.  Your consciousness is opening as well as your expanded sensibilities.  Trust them.  Trust your intuition.

THis is a week for breaking out of your old patterns.  This is a week for looking at just what you have been prioritizing, what is important to yo, what you want for yourself, where you stand in relation to all that is around you.  It is also a week for second chances, so if there is something you are wishing to remedy or alter, the times favor that kind of action.  Let go of the ego hold in this.

Ego is not the same as Self.  Ego is the cloak we put over Self to hide from much of what we have always known to be.  Self does not have to be guarded or fought for.  Self is.  Take some time to know your SELF.  It can be revealing.