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5 Examples Of Deception I Uncovered During My Deep Healing

5 Examples Of Deception I Uncovered During My Deep Healing

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

As we continue to move forward in our healing and clearing, we can look back on where we have been to see what we have learned. Because we are now into uncharted territory where the forerunners are learning about clearing low vibrational energies simply by experiencing  them and trying to figure out how to choose differently, we can share some stories of hoodwink and deception that we went through by negative entities that were affecting us.

In this article, I am sharing 5 examples of deception I uncovered during my deep healing and clearing process. Some were observations I was making while observing my reality around me, and others were observations from gifted healers and “seers” that assisted me along the way.

Angels, Archangels, and Ascended masters may not always be of the light.

We are in a dualistic reality, where everything is inverted to create a polar opposite. If there really are are good angels, archangels, or ascended masters, in our reality there is also an inverted copy of them as well. Many of the true higher vibrational beings that are “ascended”, meaning of a faster frequency, cannot and will not communicate with the 3d realms. Many, but not all, of the channelings and connections with these beings are simply posers that bring through feel-good information as they warm a person up to complete infiltration over a period of time.

The good news is that there are more and more channelers these days that are truly raising their frequency to be able to receive communication with the truly higher vibratory beings. Many of us are also simply learning what it feels like to interact with the posers by being duped and then by figuring it out after the fact. We are rapidly continuing to increase our individual vibrations, which exponentially will lift the collective into higher frequencies where these false posers cannot exist.

All guides may not be good.

It is surprisingly easy to be led astray from a negative entity posing as a guide. Once an entity gains access to our auric field, it can use thoughts, images, synchronicities, and technologies to lead a person down a lesser timeline or path. How do you know if you are being supported by the highest guidance? If everything is going great in your life and your health is good, then you might just be ok. Perhaps you don’t even rely on guides and have not called anyone or anything into your field. However, if you have dabbled into calling upon guides outside of you for help, or have made an effort to meet your guides in the astral, you may have simply forgotten to call of those that have your highest and best interest in mind.

There are many ways that beings can trick you into making contracts or agreements for them to influence you, and once a contract is made, your truly benevolent guides have to allow that being to be on your board of directors until you break the contract. An example of manipulation could be as far out and simple as meeting you in the dream state when you are 6 years old, while holding out a lollipop and a pen and paper saying “sign here and you have have the lollipop”. This is a simplified example but you can imagine how easy it can be to manipulate a child in his or her dream state.

The good news is that you can simply make an intention that Source/God help you to review of your guidance team, and to state that you wish to tear up any contracts and agreements that you have with guides that do not have your highest and best interests in mind, and for the most loving and high vibrational guidance available to be put in their place on your team.

Perhaps you are simply in need of graduating your guidance to the next level because you have rapidly shifted and changed. For example, when I first started my awakening, my deceased grandmother became one of my primary guides. I quickly accelerated my consciousness and awareness, and before you know it, my grandmother was telling me goodbye. It took me a while to understand that she had to go because I was moving beyond what she could help me with, and by her leaving, she was also moving to a different level in her own ascension path.

True grounding is not what we have been told.

If you are not fully grounded in your body, a part of you may be sitting just outside of your crown chakra. This leaves an opening in your auric field and if you are not in the body, someone or something else could decide to jump in for a ride. Being outside of the body can be caused by traumatic experiences or by not wanting to be here. Our first traumatic experience probably happened to us as a child, and that is when a part of your spirit literally jumps out of your body. As many other traumas occur, parts of you get “frozen” outside of yourself. Entities can also attach or program that frozen part of you and if it does jump back into the body, it can sometimes exist as it’s own personality. This is actually how MK Ultra programming works.

We are told what it means to be grounded, but there aren’t that many accurate teachings telling you how to effectively ground. It is not good enough just to go outside and put your feet on the ground in order to be fully present and in control of your body. After astral traveling/remote viewing, being “shocked” outside of the body, sleeping, meditating, and being “high” on alcohol or drugs, etc. one has to actually imagine and intend to clear the body and energy fields of all negative entities and energies, pull pieces and parts of you back into your body, and shut the crown chakra, or “door”. Yes, walking out in nature is helpful to balance you but it does not actually center and ground you, aligning your emotional, spiritual, etheric, and mental fields with the physical body. True grounding and centering can be done anywhere, but doing your intentions outdoors in nature or in water can facilitate the process.

Not all people are real, or many real people are infiltrated.

This is a multifaceted subject, but in general it can be compared to the movie “The Matrix”, where we are shown the many people walking down the street in a crowded city that can be infiltrated by “Agent Smith” entities. Some of the people in our reality are like background people in a play, meaning that they are biological entities with false souls and an artificial spirit powering the body. As we are actors in a play, learning and having experiences, we have a collective background that uses background actors to run out the story lines. It is very difficult to tell the real, spirited Source beings from the background people if you are not aware of their actions and if you cannot sense energy or psychically “see” the difference.

Unfortunately, some people that seem to be robotic or “not all there” are actually real souled people that have most of their spirit dangling outside of their crown chakra as mentioned before, which allows for other entities to jump in and run their bodies. These entities can jump in and out of people to trigger you in order to siphon energy. Many times they use the people closest to you and you can become very hurt and sad. In fact, most people on the planet can use a good old fashioned exorcism.

The good news is that many people are waking up and getting energy healings and clearings, or better yet they are learning to clear themselves and cut the cords and contracts that allow any entities to enter their auric field. Overall on the planet, the astral entities or archons are also being cleared out of the collective on a massive scale.

Not all of the thoughts I have are mine.

This also ties into having infiltration from entities that do not have your best interests in mind, as a method of control and energy siphoning. You may have a thought that is dropped into your awareness that was purposefully placed there to cause you to make a decision that is not on your highest and best timeline. As a part of the work of being responsible for your thoughts, actions, and deeds, it’s important to always ponder whether what you are thinking is of a high vibration as you act upon that thought or allow it to control your actions.

A negative thought would be something based in a fear vibration such as jealousy, greed, spite, lack, or even sadness that is unfounded. If you have an abundance of these thoughts and are spiraling in your head, an energy healing/clearing may be just what you need. Methods used to infiltrate our thoughts stem from mind control programming through advertising and elf (extremely low frequencies) and trauma induced situations that open up our auric field.

Although this list is not complete, these are some of the most shocking things that I have realized as I have stumbled through my deep healing and clearing sessions. Even though it may seem like we will never get through the layers of awakening and awareness because of the deception that is all around us, there does come a time where you learn to see through these things and you learn not to be so gullible. This mostly happens through having it happen to you, but if we share this information with others, maybe we can save some people from having to go through a lot of heartache. Often times we may not be able to clear someone else, but by clearing ourselves and “unplugging” from the matrix, we are going to help others through the resonance field of raising our vibration. This will affect those closest around us, causing the “fleas” to jump off of them as they will not be able to be in our presence, and it also helps the collective by starving the matrix of energy and moving it towards shifting the collective to a higher timeline where there are less and less dark energies and entities.

About the author

Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and former radio show host for The Cosmic Awakening Show.  In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric writer, and she is the creator of the website


June Message from The Group

Transitioning into Spiritual Mastery

Beacons of Light   June 2017    

from the group with love.

Greetings from Home, dear ones

We join you this day watching from afar. We must say first of all, we are so incredibly proud of the work that you are doing, of the energy that you have brought to this beautiful game of free choice. Humans are absolutely astounding.

First, know that you have done well. Many of you are so incredibly interested in all the details—how many times have I incarnated on Earth? What have I done before? Where is my energy now? Dear ones, you already have all of that information. You are what is important now; what you bring to life by looking at it, what you work with, and at this point your energy is starting to really accelerate. Now we have shared much of the information about the proverbial line in the sand, the 50-year mark that is remaining on the timeline of planet Earth. That does not mean that humanity will end; what it means is that humans will change form in some fashion—all of you. But you have been doing that anyway, have you not? You have been stepping toward light body, elevating your spirit and the Earth. The challenge here is that you have been trying to measure the Earth as a rising vibration. Even the Schumann resonance had a new high recently and everyone was very joyous that things were getting better. And then we sort of dropped a bomb by stating that, in fact, from the Earth’s perspective she is transitioning.

Planet Earth is Transitioning

We have used a lot of different words to explain this, including “dying.”  She is certainly on what you would call a death cycle but nothing ever truly dies, dear ones. Energy only transforms from one form to another. As you now look at Mars, you can see that she lost her magnetosphere some time ago. That is the magnetic protection that keeps everything at a distance and allows for the creation of the ozone layer that she had in the past.  It is fascinating to see that the cycle of planet Earth is reaching the end. It does not mean she will die, but it means that she will go through a transition. Most of the forms of light that are currently here may not go through the transition the same way that Earth will.

When you look at Mars, you think of that as a dry, desolate planet lacking the water that is so necessary for life to exist. However, that is not true. What you will also find is that Mars had and still has water, but by losing the magnetosphere it allowed the solar winds to come in and basically wipe the planet’s surface clean. As you discover even more about the cosmos, the worlds around you, and your human experience you will learn much more in the years ahead. Watch in amazement, for this is actually why you placed yourself here at this time. You are  a transition expert, even though you may not realize that or have the calling deep in your heart. In truth, there was a long line of spirits waiting to come in. We have told the story once before and we would like to share it again now so you will understand.

The Grand Meeting of all Spirits after Atlantis Sank

You see, dear ones, there came a time when Atlantis sank. Yes, it really happened and right after that time stopped for the very first time in human history on Earth. Then a grand meeting of all spirits who were involved in any part of it came together on the other side of the veil. Discussions took place and everyone wondered, “What did we do wrong? How can we correct that? How can we change for this the next time?” Yes, dear ones, there is always a next time so never forget that. During this grand meeting certain things were decided, such as if planet Earth ever reached such a level where humans could actually make a difference then the people would start coming in with the information necessary to make the transition occur smoothly and comfortably. And with that a long line formed in heaven, what we call Home. All these beings lined up hoping to have an incarnation, waiting to have an opportunity saying, “I can make a difference right now.” I know this is my calling…” and they would feel it in their heart to jump in this long, long, long line. It was fascinating to us.

Then something happened that bears repeating because you see, dear ones, on the other side of the veil you are not burdened with egos the way that you are weighted down with them here. In truth, you feel each other; you connect with each other in entirely different ways. Although you are actually a part of each other the same way that you are here on Earth, you cannot feel it. Something happened in the beautiful line. The first person in line turned around and looked at the person behind him, number 2 and realized, “You know, you have the opportunity to make more of a difference than I do. Why don’t you step forward in the line and I will take the next place back.” Then an entire series of re-arrangement of this line took place. That way the highest vibrations of beings coming into this planet could be here to make a difference, to shift and change the energy, and to work with it. There were no egos involved. Quite simply, everyone wanted the very best and that is what took place so here you are.

Let the Incarnations Begin!

Those of you who moved to the front of the line made it to Earth specifically with a reason to be here at this very moment. You made it Home. And now what is going to take place is that many of you will be re-membering, even if you have not before. You will start re-membering your power, your nature, and your gifts. In those you will find the confidence and certainty that this is what you came for, this beautiful celebration of light. So, let the incarnations begin. Although at one point, everything seemed as if it was going to reach that same level of vibration yet surpassed it. Many of you arrived en masse and had a major baby boom on your planet. Of course, as time went forward you grew up. When you could finally take the veils off and re-member who you were, many of you were well into your teens and 20s. So, you had a grand party that you called it the ‘60s. You are here now, working through all of this.

We also tell you that the process did not stop there. A refreshment of that line has been continually coming in since that point, which is why many of the highest vibration beings with gifts had to go Home early. They had to do so to become part of that line, to be here at just the right age and time to make a difference on this evolving planet. Do not be melancholy, dear ones, for this is not a sad situation. Instead, it is a joyous reminder of who you are and what your gifts are. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.



Re-thinking Channeling & Channelers

Discernment Lessons: Who’s Really On This Channel?

There have been many things I have wanted to write to you over the last couple of months, so I will focus on the most important topics as I see them in the moment.  Today we are going to go further with discernment and addressing the high “noise” to “signal” ratio that is being intensified at this time.

Every day I skim emails I receive pertaining to some “very near” wonderful or even transcendent event that “we all just have to wait for” according to the authors.  Unfortunately, their dates come and go without any physical occurrence.  The people who had believed in the message usually sigh in resignation and go back to their daily lives somewhat disappointed, but maybe still hopeful.

Why is there so much inaccurate “noise” out there right now?  Precisely because something *transcendent* IS approaching, and more people are feeling its approach than ever. Everywhere you look, someone is going to tell you that they know what is coming and when.  Often they are channeling some source who claims to be a “higher being” that you “need to pay attention to.” Sadly, most of these channelers are receiving their information from beings that are NOT who they claim to be.

This brings us to discernment point #1: It is very easy to fool the human mind, especially if you exist in a higher level than our 3rd density.

(Please note, I use density and level interchangeably.)

The 4th density of consciousness is wondrous and magical compared to the sluggish 3rd density where we currently reside, but the beings who populate this density are still polarized in their consciousness.  They are actually much MORE polarized than most humans, who tend to be a “mixed bag” of energies.

This means that within the 4th density there are “selfish and manipulative” entities (Service to Self), and also “kind, loving and nurturing” beings (Service to Others).  There don’t seem to be many (or any?) 4th density beings who are sometimes kind, other times selfish like 3rd density humans.  On the 4th density, they seem to polarize to one extreme or the other, which is very significant to our discernment process.

Discernment point #2: Your free will is one of your greatest sources of power and energy.

If you can be tricked, conned or brainwashed into choosing of your own free will to believe in a false prophet, that prophet will receive some of your power and energy.  This trickery is abundant on 3rd density, and much of it is broadcasted from 4th density “Service to Self” (STS) beings who have polarized as far towards selfish, manipulative, dominance-oriented behavior as possible.  They made this choice while in 3rd density, and used the power and energy gained by this extreme polarization (and energy stolen from others) to propel themselves to the 4th density.  However, they are dependent on feeding off the energy of others for sustenance, unlike their “positive” counterparts in the 4th level that have polarized towards “Service to Others” (STO).

If a false prophet can convince you to be in fear, your false belief in that fear will feed them.  At the same time, if they can convince you to do nothing, your false belief that you need not do anything will also feed them.  This discernment stuff is tricky business, but we all need to get very good at it, very quickly.

You may be wondering, “Who is telling me to do nothing?” This is coming very strongly at this time through channels spreading messages that essentially tell people: “Your Big Brothers & Sisters are coming back from off-planet to clean up your mess.  You have done all you can, so just sit tight, “spread your light” and wait for us to bail you out.  The situation is too complex and difficult for you to solve, but it is easy for us to do, and we’re happy to do it for you.  No action is required of you at this time, but you ‘true believers’ will be needed once we appear on your planet to fix things.”

This is a strongly disempowering message, and it is a manipulation of our innate (and societally programmed) desires to have a benevolent, central authority that actually has our best interests at heart, to take care of us. Most lightworkers are very tired at this stage of the game, and would welcome truly loving, positive, “Service to Others” oriented beings to show up and “clean house” on this planet.

However, when I look at most of the numerous channels that are telling people they don’t need to do any inner-clearing work because they have already done all the work needed, and should just “send light in meditation” while waiting for the ET calvary to arrive, I do not sense the intent of a truly Service to Others being.  What I sense is a very clever manipulation that reinforces the human desire to be told what to do by a more wise and powerful being.   This type of manipulation is a classic example of “Service to Self” beings masquerading as a positive, “Service to Others” being instead.

This is one of the reasons that I do not channel.  Instead, I go within to access my Higher Self which is actually my INNER, True Self.  I do occasionally “say hello” to the Service to Others polarized beings on 4th, 5th and 6th densities and sometimes I will ask them for energetic support for certain clearing activities.  However, I do not ask them to do all the work for me, as that is not how they operate.  They “serve through support” by energizing our positive, “Service to Others” actions.

Notice I wrote actions, not wishes. The real “good guys” will most likely not show up and solve our problems for us, even if we wish they would do so.  Anyone trying to sell you on the belief that they can solve all your problems usually has an ulterior motive.  Truly serving another being means empowering them so they can solve their own problems and eventually help others to do the same thing.

Discernment point #3: The true test of ANY spiritually-oriented message is whether or not it empowers you through knowledge and helping you to access your OWN innate wisdom.

There are many blockages to accessing our own true self built right into the fabric of this density, and even into the DNA inside our bodies.  In order to transmute these blockages, we have to first become aware of them through gaining knowledge and self-examination, then apply transformational energies to dissolve the blockage / false belief / limiting identity, etc.

This is why my primary role in “Ascension Help” is to teach energy-clearing techniques that empower you to overcome blockages.

If you read a message that says you don’t need to continue to delve into the depths of your being to release limiting beliefs and embody your true self, please be careful.  If a message gives you hope that everything will be OK because help is on the way, but does not give you new information that helps you to understand the workings of the universe on a deeper level, please be careful. If a message read today looks and feels almost exactly the same as the message from one, two or more years ago, please be careful.  If you’re not sure, do some comparison of older and more current messages from the same source to see if new information is being given in a progressive manner, or if the messages seem to sound the same with a few small changes here and there regarding current events.

Please remember that whatever you believe in, you give some of your energy to.  This is one reason 4th density STS beings work so hard to “hack into” legitimate channels and impersonate the angel/master/high density being who was originally coming through. It is a significant coup for a 4th density STS being to usurp a legitimate channel and transmit subtly altered dis-information through it.  They get the double benefit of receiving the belief energy from the followers of the messages, as well as convincing those followers that they don’t need to take any action towards self-growth or to help improve the quality of life of the people in their environment.

In the future, when you read a message that tells you that there is no need to take action, no need to delve deeper into accessing and embodying your true self, that your inner work is done and you only have to wait for blessings to be bestowed upon you from an outside, higher authority, my hope is that you will not choose to believe this type of disempowering manipulation.

I hope that you will instead reclaim all energy that you had previously put into those false, yet somewhat comforting belief systems and instead choose the path of the Initiate, recognizing that YOUR truth comes from deep inside of you where your Higher Self resides.  I hope that you will disengage from false prophets who try to convince you that you need to be aligned with an external group in order to ascend to the next level.

To reach the next level will require the accrual of knowledge, the expansion of your inner Power of Love that comes from knowing your True Self, and the giving of this love to others through forgiveness, compassion, understanding and sharing empowering knowledge.  These are the gifts of light that need to be spread, and spreading them requires connecting to other people “at their level” to find out how you can empower them to take their next step in self-discovery, self-healing, self-clearing and self-love so that they can help others in the future.

As each of you empowers yourself and shares this empowerment with others to the level they want to receive it (remember their free will), your inner light will grow and show you more ways to extend the Infinite Love of your Higher Self to others.  As you become a conscious conduit for your true power, you will sense the best way to help others, which at times may be to say “No” to their ego-based desires.

The more you embrace the idea that “to love is to serve” you will be presented with many opportunities to uplift those around you and help them to heal their old wounds.  At the same time, maintain awareness so that you do not acquiesce to another person’s ego-based manipulations, while also rising above your own ego’s desire to control or manipulate.  (Remember to minimize that ego.)

So yes, there is still much work to be done.   It starts inside of you, me and all of us. As we heal and dissolve the old blockages, we can more effectively render loving service to our brothers and sisters that are ready to receive and act upon it.  Soon, almost everyone will be seeking this inner healing, so ready yourself to make sure you are prepared to give the gift of self-empowerment to the best of your ability.

I thank you for your service to humanity, and I look forward to the eventual Transcendent Event that will propel us to the next level of consciousness.  It is going to be a collective effort to bring this major shift into our collective awareness, but the work is done through loving acts of service that uplift and empower everyone involved, creating a frequency of win-win in all of our endeavors.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  If you are wondering if I am subtly singling out any particular channel, the answer is no.  If you are concerned that a channel you are following might be compromised, please apply the discernment points above to the messages coming through and draw your own conclusions based on the wisdom of your Inner/Higher Self.


Are You a Starseed?

18 Ways To Know If You Are A Star Seed

Updated August 15, 2014 by in5d Alternative News

by Sarah Chamberlain

guest writer for

Like most self proclaimed psychics, I’m a little unusual. My whole life I’ve been a bit different, and have never really felt like I fit in, no matter where I was. I’ve lived in Sweden, the United States, and Hawai`i (yes, I know Hawai`i is part of the U.S.), and no matter where I go I can’t seem to find a home. I’ve always changed my hair styles through cutting, dying, bleaching, and darkening. I have tattoo’s, piercing’s, and love to move. I’ve recently been going through another consciousness shift where I’m starting to tap into my mediumship abilities. It’s been a very eye opening experience.

When I was a small girl you could usually find me watching Unsolved Mysteries upstairs in my bedroom. I especially was attracted to E.T. abductions, and earthbound spirits. I was shy, and kept to myself when I was younger. I had very few friends because of my social awkwardness. I tended to have one good friend back then. As I grew up, I started having a few more friends, and starting adding to my social circle. When I was nineteen I started coming out of my shell. I started going to parties. Drinking, smoking pot and cigarettes weren’t unusual for me at the time. I wonder as a grown adult now, if I continue to do these things so that I don’t regress back to my childhood shyness. Lately, I rather stay indoors, than go out to parties, or social gatherings. I’m absorbed in learning in things, and have been engrossed in giving readings and healing’s.

I’ve had some personal experiences that I won’t share on the world wide web. But those experiences I feel helped shaped me into who I am today. There was no “one” event that changed me. I was being guided to find this part of myself. I didn’t have the support to explore this side of me as a child. I suppressed it, and chalked it up to believing what everyone else was saying. I was “weird”. It’s a bitter pill to swallow as a child to have these realizations. Because I am empathic, no one needed to tell me I was weird, although a lot of them did, sometimes I could just feel it coming off of them.

So how do you handle those feelings of being different or weird? I’m not sure if you ever fully except that you aren’t going to fit into the mold of society. I’m not even sure if you can let go of those feelings of insecurities that haunt you from your childhood. I do know with some exploration that you might start to wonder if you’re even from this planet. As I’ve been doing my own research lately, I started practicing Astral Travel. Last night I had my first successful astral travel. In my travels I visited a green/ turquoise looking planet. It was liquid, and fluid. Easily manipulated through just Instantly, I knew this is where I came from. When I woke up this morning, I was a bit zonked and had forgotten about my little journey last night. It wasn’t until half way through my first cup of tea that I remembered my astral travel. This is actually a big deal for me to travel to another planet. Usually my fear pulls me into places I never want to journey. But with learning to control my thoughts, I made a major breakthrough last night. So this morning, I did research and found characteristic traits on humans who have incarnated from other planets. I was actually pretty blown away by the findings. touching the air in front of your face. When I asked where I was, my guides said, “Andromedan”. Instantly, I knew this is where I came from. When I woke up this morning, I was a bit zonked and had forgotten about my little journey last night. It wasn’t until half way through my first cup of tea that I remembered my astral travel. This is actually a big deal for me to travel to another planet. Usually my fear pulls me into places I never want to journey. But with learning to control my thoughts, I made a major breakthrough last night. So this morning, I did research and found characteristic traits on humans who have incarnated from other planets. I was actually pretty blown away by the findings.

To be honest, I’m not sure how all of this is settling with me. My left brain is saying that I’m crazy, while my intuition is telling me otherwise. I feel that this is right. There is actually comfort in knowing this, yet sometimes, I can be my own worse enemy. In any event, if you have been feeling a bit out of touch with yourself most of your life, perhaps this link can help you.


Here are some signs that you actually may be a Star Seed:

1. A constant feeling of not fitting in. Being teased from an early age. Never quite feeling that you fit in.

2. A longing to fly, or do a lot of traveling. Having that feeling that you want to go home.

3. Changing your outward appearance. Changing hair color, style, style in clothing: I feel all of this is a way for us to try to figure out who we are.

4. Dreams or encounters with E.T.’s. Feelings of encounters with extra terrestrials.

5. Love of Sci-Fi films and television shows. X-Files, Medium, Unsolved Mysteries anything having to do with the spiritual and unusual.

6. Actual love of science and spirituality as it is one. Believing that science and spirituality can coexist.

7. You abhor violence of any kind. Whether it’s movies, television, world events, or personal events. If there is any indication of violence or confrontation, you are out of there.

8. You’re a natural healer and channeler. You love to help people and animals and will go out of your way to do so. You’re often working as a psychic, or healer.

9. Though you are helpful, and sweet, you also have a cool exterior. You are very guarded of who you let into your close circle.

10. Fascination with certain star systems or planets.

11. Social awkwardness. Putting your foot in your mouth. Awkwardly feeling like the conversation is over, but not sure how to continue with your dialog.

12. You not only love to have the latest gadgets in technology, but also learn how to use them quite easily. You’re a quick learner.

13. You have a fascination with ancient pyramids, temples, and ruins.

14. You are a bit aloof and ungrounded. You tend to live your life daydreaming. It’s hard for you to focus on mundane tasks.

15. You are a workaholic. Even on your day’s “off” you are still working.

16. You believe that angels are actually visitors from other worlds.

17. You have a strong sense of claircognizance. Or knowing. You know things before they happen, and you feel like information is continuously being channeled through to you.

18. You love to learn as much as you love to teach.

I hope that as you are discovering yourself more and more, that you can find a way to live with your “abnormalities”. I personally have found over the years that it’s a beautiful thing to think and feel different. We are all creations of God, and all have a special purpose on this earth. Being a Star Seed doesn’t mean that we are anymore, or less, special than someone who is an incarnated angel. It just gives you a bit more understanding of why and who you are.


What’s your star system heritage?

Happy Journey!


Seth on the Past and Power

Seth: Challenges set up in our past lives

Seth: Challenges set up in our past lives

Story by: Jane Roberts

“As you know yourselves; you only accept those suggestions, ideas, and 
hang-ups that suit your purposes at this time. You are not, 
therefore, at the mercy of any neurosis from a past life, nor are there any 
fears from your present lives you cannot conquer. I have not said that you 
will necessarily conquer them, but it is within your ability to do so.

The decision is your own according to your understanding. You cannot 
be hounded from one level of reality to another by a fear that you do 
not understand. You cannot be threatened in this life by fears from your 
early childhood, or by so-called past existences, unless you so 
thoroughly believe in the nature of fear that you allow yourselves to 
be conquered by it. Each of your personalities are free to accept and 
develop, from the miraculous banks of reality, those experiences and 
emotions that you want, and to reject those you do not want.

Let me give you an example that each of you can use in your own way. 
Suppose the worst, that in this life you have the following 
You are poor, you are of a minority race, you are not intellectual, 
you are a woman, you have a severe physical defect and you are no beauty. 
Now you set these challenges for yourself in a so-called past life. 
This does not mean that you cannot use all of your courage and resolution 
to solve these problems. You set them in the hope that you WILL solve 

You did not set them like millstones about your neck, hoping ahead of 
time that you would drown.

All you have to do is realize your own freedom. You form the reality 
that you know, not esoterically, not symbolically, and not 

Some great over soul doesn’t form it for you- you cannot put the 
burden there, either. You have in the past, collectively and individually, 
blamed a god or a fate for the nature of your personal realities- 
those aspects, indeed that you did not like.

The personality is given the greatest gift of all; you get exactly 
what you want to get. You create from nothing the experience that is your 
own. If you do not like your experience, then look within yourself 
and change it. But realize also that you are responsible for your joys 
and triumphs, and that the energy to create any of these realities comes 
from the inner self. What you do with it is up to the individual 

Seth, from ‘Seth Speaks’ (Jane Roberts)

And for Dessert

Seth quote:
“There must be an open-minded, and openhearted attitude here. You must 
not try to use what you have learned in a narrow, limiting way. This 
hampers your own development. It closes your eyes to many 
possibilities that will be important to you. It is natural, perhaps, 
to want to use what you have learned, this information, as a 
technique to achieve what you at any particular time think desirable, 
a particular person, a particular thing. But what is important is the 
inner development. If this is taken care of, it will automatically 
lead you to the person that is best for you and to the circumstances 
that will help you develop. To insist that a specific individual or a 
specific goal be attained through these methods is limiting. There 
must always be the acknowledgement that you do not consciously as yet 
realize the depths of yourself, the goals you have set and the 
challenges, and this material should be used to open up your inner 
horizons and to lead you in those directions toward which your inner 
self has already set you. If you then egotistically, say – No – this 
particular situation is what I want, then you may be blocking the 
inner direction which has been meant for you.”

Seth (Jane Roberts) from The Early Sessions, Book 8

Jane RobertsJane Roberts
Jane Roberts was an American author, poet, psychic, and spirit medium who, for the last 20 years of her life, channeled spiritual information from a personality who called himself “Seth”. Her publication of what came to be known as the Seth Material established Seth as the Father of the New Age Movement, and established Ms. Roberts as a pre-eminent figure in the world of paranormal phenomena. Jane Roberts died in 1984. Her work, and all of the documents pertaining to her psychic research have been archived and preserved at the Yale University Library.


Latest Info fr/The Group via Steve Rother

November Harvest ~ Re-seeding Planet Earth

Steve Rother
a message from Steve Rother

Wednesday, 15 May, 2013

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, it is such an honor to be in the essence once again of what Steve calls the collective of the group. But do you know who you are? We know who we are; it is no problem for us. We know exactly where we are going and what we are doing. The challenge is that most of you need to put some sort of label on us,  so that you can bring us into your world. The name he gave us was the group. Where did he get that name? What a strange name. We never introduced ourselves and said, “Welcome. We are the group.” What group? Whose group? What a name. Where did it come from? What does it mean? We wish to tell you much of it this day, for we will share a lot of the important pieces of what is ahead for all of you. There is so much that is taking place and it is rather interesting. But let us take you back to last month when the Time Keeper opened up a whole series of interesting pieces that we are going to bring in wherever we can. We will speak of this today so that you can understand from a larger perspective of what is taking place.

Are you aware that every human that has ever been on earth has looked for something outside of themselves to reflect them? All races throughout Earth have come up with a god, a deity, a master being that they have looked up to. Some of the races have drawn them into great edifices or made them into a master story that they have passed down from generation to generation. Humans would reflect their power in this way, which was actually much needed on planet Earth. All of you are creators; for the most part all of you are unconscious creators just awakening from the dream to understand what your real power is on planet Earth. Now you are starting to grasp that and own it, and there are some things that are taking place because your reflection in the world has changed. That was the message that we brought in through the Time Keeper last month, but let me explain a bit further so I can branch this out for you to grasp it in your world.

All of you have something special that means a lot to you. Whether it is a deity that reflects your own creation, a belief system, a lucky pen, a lucky coin that you carry in your pocket, whatever it is. Whether you get up in the morning and read your astrology forecast, or you tune in to your own energies to find out where you are going to be that day. All of these are reflections of your power and all of them have just moved; they have released you. All of the powers that you have been seeing in these energies have now let go and moved further back. This is absolutely incredible, because it means that all of you can start to see more of your power in who you truly are on this planet for perhaps the first time. It is very difficult because you are carrying egos. We do not have to deal with those at Home. You need a sense of self so, therefore, you must be constantly balancing your ego. What is mine? What is theirs? Who is this? Where am I supposed to be? Well, we tell you that your heart knows the answer to those questions. That is why we are going to send you in this direction today, because you have been given the path; you have been given the road map way ahead of time just to see what has happened.

Last month we told you there has been a release of all these energies. Please do not think they are gone forever because most of you love those reflections. So you will bring them back into your life, but you may have to adjust them ever so slightly to make them really work like they did even a short time ago. The adjustment is to reflect your power, more of who you are so you can start to see yourself everywhere you look throughout the world. That is very difficult when you are carrying an ego. You have a tendency to puff up the ego to the point at which it can actually cut you off from your source, but we tell you that the opposite is also true. Because if you do not have enough ego to stand up and carry our message, you are robbing the world and yourself of your own energies that are coming through.

We told you a very long time ago that all beings on Earth have always channeled. It is such a strange and mysterious thing to so many of you on planet Earth, and yet it is not mysterious at all. You all have guidance that you listen to regularly and the more you learn to listen to it as you grow up, the easier life becomes so we ask you to find those reflections in your life. Find those belief systems and look at them carefully to adjust them to make sure that you can see your reflection in the magic that is in front of you. We also spoke last month about the release of the energy which has allowed the comets to come into your planet. You have no idea how much there is a celebration on this side of the veil over what is taking place on planet Earth. We will speak more clearly so you can hear it in a different way. This is the reason that we wanted to come back as a collective in this particular session and speak to all of you without the rhythms, accents,  and the other challenges that sometimes cause resistance. The Time Keeper will be back; he is certainly still here. He will never go away, even if we asked him to. His part of the energy and all of that love is reflected here for you.

Three Sisters: Venus, Earth and Mars

Earth has been on a gradual decline as all things ebb and flow.  We find it rather fascinating that humans are studying Mars right now, because the Earth was about to be the same as Mars by losing its magnetic field. Therefore, the solar winds would have turned it into grains of sand and erased most of the beauty and the life forms that are naturally abundant here. We think it is interesting that you are studying Mars because what we have told you is that you will find that there was life on Mars. And eventually you will find out that it was you; the planet was originally one of the areas that you came from, and we will speak more of this as we go forward.

There were some rather catalytic events that were happening, which allowed Mars to share its envelope of carbon dioxide with planet Earth that was needed at one point so that the life that was forming could shift to a new growing ground. It has been very successful. Your sciences are on target and when they finally go to Venus, they will find that there were three sisters in unison that have worked together to form the life that we are speaking to at this moment. You will find out more of all of this because all of these energies have been here on planet Earth, but have been largely misunderstood and misinterpreted because of the larger belief systems that circulated throughout humanity. When you open your eyes and look at something, you only see what you expect to see. That is exactly the way creators work, so what we are doing is allowing you to see some other pieces that you normally would not be able to envision. When you feel this release, it is scary to some of you. Many of you have based your lives on this reflection; you honored it, prayed to it sometimes, and have given it your power. To find out that it is only a reflection of your energy sometimes deflates your ego rather quickly.

There could be no greater reflection in the universe than yours. Does that surprise you? You are carrying some of the greatest information from Home within your being right now, walking around on Earth and most of you are not even aware that it is there. Trust us when we say there is an absolute test to find out whether you are finished on Earth or not, because there is no room for planet Earth for stragglers or those that just want to hang around and watch the game. All of you are carrying something important. The test? That is easy. Find a little mirror and stick it under your nose, and if it fogs up then you are not done. It is real simple. You are not finished yet; there is more to do.

The BIG Mirror

Now let us speak about the release of this information, and the release about your attachment to your reflections. Is it not interesting that many organized religions are experiencing major challenges right now? They are reforming so people can reflect the energy of empowered humans.  It is more than just organized religions, dear ones. It is every form of human collective, for it is your expectation that has formed all of this. You are the creator even if your egos cannot handle that; you have created everything in front of you every part of the way. So, let us speak of the larger picture. This release of information and of the attachments has opened the door, because planet Earth has been on a slow cycle of degradation. She has been losing species on a regular basis and slowly dying over the last 150 years, as your sciences will prove. Most of your biologists and botanists are quite concerned about this, because they see the planet dying and do not know what to do about it. It has already changed and they will see evidence of this soon. All of humanity has turned a corner, and in doing so your attachments to those things that reflected your power has been quietly released.

Many of you have seen the remnants of those who put the protective shields in place originally to protect Earth.  This is when you talk about who built the pyramids. Much of the unexplainable becomes explained when you see from where humanity is now. Many of the artifacts of Earth still have no traditional explanation about where they came from or what they are doing on Earth. These shadow memories have been intentionally blocked from you by your own design.  The pyramids have always formed a protective shield around Earth, even though they have been covered and forgotten in many places on Earth. These are not all pyramids because some are manmade pyramids that have copied the original designs with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Pyramid Power

The network of pyramids on Earth have formed a protective shield around the planet, which has kept specific meteors and comets from hitting it. That has been released and for a very specific reason. You have heard about the two big meteors that have come in and made the front pages of your newspapers, but you are not aware of all the small ones that are coming in now. Because  this protective shield  that was in place from almost the beginning of Earth has been released, you will receive a planting of these comets in November of this year toward the end of the month. You will have a comet that will come by and sprinkle life on Earth. We tell you that specifically, because all life was planted originally from comets. Your scientists do not agree with us on this point, but we will tell you, you are not from Earth nor is anyone. You have been very carefully placed here by yourselves.

Now you are going through an evolution. It was always necessary for you to die and leave the physical body, then go Home to recycle and reincarnate to come back and do it again. This is the first time that humans walked through the gate without going Home, without dying. You are walking in an ascension process right now and every step of the way you are higher than you were yesterday; all of this is a beauty that you hold in front of you. All of you have control of this. Do not fear these comets, as they are bringing a new form of life for they are sprinkling life forms. You have been losing life forms on planet Earth for a very long time and now it is being re-seeded in a new way so watch and celebrate the November comet.

You have already given it a name, but I will hold off on telling you because my names are not the same as yours. Your scientists know of this comet that is coming and it is sprinkling dust along the way. It is basically disintegrating every time it passes and when it does, it will sprinkle cosmic dust on planet Earth. In fact, your scientists are now trying to calculate to see if you will actually be able to see the dust falling. That is how much dust they are expecting from this November comet. In fact, the comet would have never hit Earth except that you went through the portal and released every part of it. It is not going to hit Earth; it is going far away from it and hooking around the sun, but it will sprinkle all these beautiful seeds of life on planet Earth.

You are here, dear ones, at an incredibly beautiful, critical time in all of humanity and all the timelines of Earth herself, the entire energies of Earth are being re-energized—even the ley lines, the magnetic ley lines that form the magnetic grid that carries your Earth are reducing. Your magnetic structures on planet Earth have reduced 12% over the last 100 years. That is also leading to your awakening from the dream. Very beautiful. You have done well; you have carried it here and you are here. You made it. Not only did you make it, but you are sitting here asking what can you do next? You are in the perfect position to be conscious creators of planet Earth and we hope that you enjoy this journey, dear ones, for you have signed up and waited an eternity for the opportunities that now lie in front of each of you. You know the way Home and if you will stop thinking with the brain and start feeling with the heart, it will lead you Home. You know the way and we will greet you with the most incredible open arms and welcome you Home when you finally do decide to shed those bodies to re-turn. Dear ones, even now you are the greatest angels that have ever lived and we mean that in all sincerity. We have never seen what has happened on Earth and we are so proud of you. You have created magic with your eyes wide open.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and hold those doors open every chance you get and play well together.


The group

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Chromoscope April 7-13

April 7-13

The theme this week is whole lot of shaking going on.  This includes values and allegiances.  It is time to see things for what they are.  Open the vision of the heart.  Stay centered and grounded in the core and listen to the truth out there.  If you can do all that, you can make it through.

Overall Color for the Week:    Sea Blue

This is a week of shake-ups in all areas.  It is well to start out each day with a grounding ritual and a centering.  It is time to know all the things that you are, that you can do that make you powerful.  This is a time in which it is no longer advantageous at all to try to follow the world views of others.  All those imposed guilts and fears need to be seen for what they are.  This can involve some really difficult, yet ultimately liberating, soul-searching.  This is a week for seeing the sun come out of the shadows and for knowing that the shadows only exist where you have not allowed the sun to break through.  There is no thing that is too much for you.  Yes, things can be overwhelming, but there is that light inside that will take you through it all.  You have prepared for these times, and you know instinctively what it is that you are to do.  Honor your intuition.  Listen to the clues.  There are people out there for you.  Your community is moving together inevitably.  There is joy in the recognition of that.  Heed those times of déjà vu, of synchronicity, of serendipity.  These are assurances, signs if you will, from the Universe that all is well.  You are not alone.  There is something you need to be learning this week, the book, the medium, the element will come to you this week.  Embrace it.  Accept it.  This is a time for receiving.   One other thing, the physicality is shifting more and more.  There can be some physical issues this week.  Go within and know them for what they are.  Some might require some additional care or action.   Also perspectives are shifting and this can cause some tough moment

On the larger scale, the hidden dragon is awakening, stirring.  All things are responding on and within the Earth.  Gaia has come forth in her compassion and love and care of self to begin the times when things truly begin to shift and find their centers.  This week will bring this out in quite dramatic contrast.  There will be startling incidents happening, while seeds of greater events are being sown.  This is part of this great and undeniable shift.  You will see things going on within the world of politics on all scales and in many different countries that will lead you to question just what is going on.  Covers will be ripped off of some of the secrets that ‘they’ thought were so well disguised.  There is a groups of people who will be making themselves known on the Internet who have information to give concerning the larger frame of reference and the existence of extra-terrestrials in the history of the world.  This will reach a larger audience and may get some peripheral coverage in the media.  Meanwhile there will be jumps in the stock market this week that will be countered and twisted as time goes by.  The Sun will be exerting a sideways influence on the Earth, and with this will come some interruptions in the electronics.  Be prepared for this.  There is something in the water that will be brought forth.  There is a cloud over the Koreas that will begin to rain.  This is a week when there is uncertainty in so many different areas.  The ley lines and power points on the globe are beginning to light up and activate, and as this happens, places in which there have been attempts in the past to cover the light will find themselves in the midst of the shake up, particularly in Asia Minor through to Nepal.  There will be a number of travel issues occurring this week, so if you are going somewhere, listen to your intuition.  This is truly a time for being grounded.

Wednesday, April 10:    Light Turquoise Blue

There are many things that you had been planning for today, but it is best just to let that all go and allow things to unfold as they will.  There are messages that you have been missing, and the current energy is lining them up in such a way that you will no longer be able to ignore them. Look to nature, the movement of the wind, the flight of birds, the cries of animals, they are reacting to what is going on vibrationally.  They are moving into a closer kind of communication with the human species as the energies of Gaia gather together those who are listening.  There is much to hear.  Know that you will be given an opportunity today.  Think on it before making a decision.  It is related to some long held desires, but you must be clear in what it is that you are wanting, and decide based upon your highest good.  Your are not alone in the decision-making process.  You deepest heart’s knowing is connected to the Universal Consciousness.  There is wisdom there.

Pepper Lewis on Channeling

Channeling: An Art, Science and Mystery, Available To Everyone

Pepper Lewis
a message from Pepper Lewis
Wednesday, 21 March, 2012  (posted 22 May, 2012)

I discovered channeling at a very young age. It opened up a new world for me, one that merged wisdom with compassion, and love with understanding. I quickly learned that invisible guides and teachers were just as real as ones that I could see. I knew that I could touch and be touched profoundly by a word as easily as by the wind, as it danced and imitated Spirit for my education and amusement. I did not imagine all those years ago that my future would include teaching others how to channel, yet today it is one of my most favorite things to do.

The benefits of channeling include the ability to access the kind of wisdom that is available to us all of the time, rather than relying upon what others offer, or hoping to stumble upon it when great need arises. Channeling does not make life easier, but it places clarity, wellness, vision, and guidance easily within reach. It is the perfect blend of raw power and pure potential.

A popular notion suggests that some of us are more gifted than others, especially where spiritual ideals are concerned, but I have always believed that desire increases our abilities tenfold, and becomes the companion of everything we place our attention on. During this accelerated year of change my focus is on passing along the “tools of the trade” that have changed my life for the better, in every way imaginable.

When you learn how to channel it is a synthesis of science, art and mystery. It is a laboratory of itself where you are able to access practical wisdom that you can apply anywhere and anytime.

Everyone has the ability to channel to a certain degree. We send and receive messages all of the time even when we are not consciously aware of doing so. For instance, we often take our own intuition for granted even though it is also a form of channeling. Anyone with a sincere desire to be a channel can develop the ability to do so. Not everyone, however, is naturally adept in this regard. Just as there are gifted artists, writers and musicians, there are also gifted channels who excel in their field.

Perhaps the easiest way to open a path to channel is to get in contact with your higher-self, that is to say, your inner guidance. It is a threshold of awareness that both seeks and protects. Your best interest and well-being are its priority and your purpose in this life guides it. Your higher-self is wise, experienced and unrestricted. Your higher-self is a constant and devoted teacher.

The most important thing to remember is that trust, intent and desire are always rewarded with expanded awareness and some form of communication with spirit.

Channeling is the most natural and direct path to accomplishing almost everything we can imagine—from changing ourselves to changing the worlds. It is the fastest and easiest way to receive knowledge from the deepest and most trusted Source.

New times require new ideas, and as we slowly step into the transforming energies of 2012 and beyond, we need new ways to bring this new ideas into form to the Now Age.

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December 11-17

Overall Color for the Week:    Grainy White

This week will bring surprises on every level.  Do not believe everything you hear or see.  This will be brought home to you again and again as the week progresses.  Use your discrimination and intuition.  People are getting confused messages and being confused by the energies that are playing out all around them.  There is a clash of vibrations going on at this time as old and new start to come into closer and more immediate contact.  Look to your health and be generous with yourself in that regard.  Do not overdo it.  Your body is reacting to the new energetic shifts.  This can result in aches and pains and emotional upsets.  While these things can be disconcerting and cause you some anguish, remember that it is merely a reaction to what is going on outside of you and does not necessarily reflect an inner condition.  This is a week for staying within your power, for taking care of yoruself, and for observation.  Before going out, it is a good idea to ward yourself against influences outside of you.  Step back from things and do not react.  Regard, reflect, and only then, respond.  Stay within your heart center and listen to the wisdom there.  It is your connection point with Universal Consciousness.  It is the ultimate perspective giver.  This is a time also for forgiveness.  Remember, though, that forgiveness is about you.  It will not change the other, so do not look for it to do so.  You must walk your path and show your light. Others have to take care of themselves.

On the larger scene, there will be oddities everywhere.  Strange noises in the environment will take place.  It will be difficult to pinpoint their source.  Meanwhile the weather will be crazy, out of sync, and out of season.  Expect more Earth movements in odd areas, and expect the strength to increase.  Animals and birds will be acting differently.  Look to them.  Their patterns are shifting and the direction of those shifts can indicate to you how things are going in the natural world.  The fish world also will have some odd occurrences, particularly in the usually ice bound areas.  There will be mention made of clearer communication with the sea mammals.  People will begin to speak of messages from whales and dolphins that will bring a kind of perspective as they tell tales of how this Earth was at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.  The financial picture will be shifting behind the scenes, as news reporters tout the positive  nature of the  holiday season spending.  While those in power speak of peace, there are rumblings of war beginning to be heard, particularly in the Mid East.  Along with that will come some information concerning the role of that area in the development of history and influence from Extraterrestrials.  Things will be happening in the U.K. that are going to lead people to wonder.  The good news is that things are beginning to fall into place for a transformation on all levels.  Things have not been able to be hidden for quite some time now, and this week will bring more old stuff to the surface.

Sunday, December 11:    Sea Blue

Many things have been drifting about in your life, thoughts, ideas, images, stuff, people, plans, and things. This is a day for gaining some perspective on all of these.  Center and ground, then take a look.  What do they all mean?  It is time to prioritize and clear out.  What are the things that you cannot, will not, want not live without.  Those should be the first items on your list, then go down from there.  Oh, and in the process, it is important to know where you belong.  It is time to see, feel, understand, appreciate, and be true to WHO you are and where you are within your life.  You should be Number One on your list.  True selflessness at times comes out to be sincere and authentic selfishness.  There is no guilt here.  If, first and foremost, you are good for you, then you can be good for everything else.

Crystal energy:     Blue Tiger Eye—The energy of this stone grants vision without judgment and knowledge that opens accepts, and understands, and the discrimination to know how to react.  Resonates with the Third Eye Chakra.

Monday, December 12:    Lime Green

There is a shadow on some of the things that you are dealing with.  It is time for clarity.  People have been keeping you in the dark about events and items that you are wanting to clear up.  Today is a day for knowing what is right and just.  Your intuition is strong today, and if you feel that things are being kept from you, then it is time to speak out and ask for reasons, clarity, and guidance.  There is someone who has some answers to give you.  You could be surprised to know just who this person is.  Look for signs in the air today. The energy shifts are stronger and odder.  It is time to be aware of what is around you. You have always known more than you give yourself credit for.  Open to that and you can see the meaning in the signs and symbols you encounter.

Crystal Energy:    Serandite—-This mineral allows for connections to be made on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, being channeled through the energetic systems of the body.  At the same time it works to heal points and issues that could otherwise act as blocks to connectivity.  Resonates with the Crown and Upper Chakras.

Tuesday, December 13:    Dark Sky Blue

There are messages in the winds today.  Along with those, are words and statements made by others.  This is a good day for sorting out truth from fiction.  The overall energy has a number of different layers.  Some are related to truth and others are related to illusion.  This is a day for staying in your Core Self in order to know which is which. Listen to the knowing of your heart.  It will not lead you astray.  There can be some difficult moments today when you come to grips with stuff in your life.  Some of the things you already knew but were unwilling to accept.  Others can really surprise you.  There is much in the way of emotional energy around.  It is time to give in to the urges to cry, to laugh,k to be joyful.  This is not a time for holding onto, but allowing the flow.

Crystal Energy:    Azurite-Malachite—-The dynamic synergy of these two enegied brings about a movement into, or at leas,a sense of the greater whole and where you belong.  It brings a sense of calm and perspective to the troubled heart.  Resonates with the Heart and Third Eye Chakras.

Wednesday, December 14:    Barely Blue

The energy of the day favors goodness and compassion, understanding and brotherhood.  It is a time to look at people, places, and things that you have some kind of grudge or ill feeling about and see them in a new light.  Perspectives are changing.  What seemed one way in the past can be different today.  This is a time for being aware of the total picture, remember the story of the blind men and the elephant.  Step back from things.  Give them time.  You have plenty more opportunities for dealing stuff.  Today is a time to engage yourself in reflection. Take time in nature, listen to soothing music, close your eyes, dream, meditate — whatever allows you best to go within and connect with your true essence,  There is much you can teach yourself.  Today is a good day for a lesson.

Crystal Energy:    Sapphire—-The energy of this stone wards off negativity.  It assists one with centering, and though that activity with knowing one’s truth.  It is a good protection stone.  Vibrates to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.

Thursday, December 15:     Golden Amber

Hearing, seeing, touching, tasting.  The senses are at the forefront today.  This is a good day to take things easily, quietly, slowly.  Let things be what they are and then taste them.  You have much to learn from that. There is no hurry.  If you choose to rush thing, then the magic can very easily fall apart.  The dimensions are exceptionally leaky today and you can see, hear, and feel things from times past, other places, and those who have moved on.  Listen closely to your inner knowing, your intuition, there are messages there for you.  It is time to realize what means most to you.  Take time to look around before you act.  Know the territory.  Sense the blockages.  There is nothing in the air today that can hold you back unless you allow it.

Crystal Energy:    Almandine Garnet—-This stone opens one to the wonder of life, awakening the passions and the joy in life.  Resonates with the Root Chakra.

Friday, December 16:    Light Magenta:

Take a breather today.  Allow yourself some fun.  The current energy allows for inspiration and understanding to come through enjoyable activities.  Look around and listen.,  You will know your real friends.  There are things that you have not been willing to look at because of the emotional upset that they have for you.  Let the energies of transformation that are in the air at this time run through you, and you will find yourself seeing things in a new way.  You need to let go of more and more old stuff as the Solstice approaches.  It is time for a change.  You have known that for quite some time.  Your power, strength, and resolves are growing.  Take time to meditate on what it is that you truly want.  Be centered and grounded.  That way you can follow through as you never have before.

Saturday, December 17:    Dark Lavender

This is a day for contrasts and noticing the relationships of one thing to another.  Questions can arise today that have no easy answers, and there will be those who become angry because the answers are not there.  Moreover, there is a sense in the air that things are more complicated and difficult than you thought they would be.Know that when you feel that way, it is merely a reminder to go within and see the larger picture.  There will be many themes that are run through today and you have the opportunity to choose which ones you wish to focus upon.  By making one or the other your point of reference, you allow the others to take care of themselves.  This is a day for seeing things one at a time.  If people or situations attempt to force you to do otherwise, know then that this is not the best place for you at this time.

Crystal Energy:    Psilomelane—-This mineral grants protection and grounding in times of need.  Resonates with the Root and Navel Chakras.

November 20-26

Overall Color for the Week:   Moss Green

This week there is much in the air that indicates the direction of things as the year winds down and the Holiday Season begins.  Take time to see what it is that you wish to have as your culmination for 2011.  Look around at things that are and are not working in your life, and know that in the crescendo of the energy at this time, there is the potential for great and quick change.  This is not a time for over-thinking things, that can just lead to some overlooking.  This is a time for truly being in the flow and in the know, the know being that you are taken care of and if you allow the best you deserve, it will happen.  Trust your intuition.  That cannot be stressed enough.  Intuition will get you through many tough situations.  Do not fall into judgment about yourself or others. You will see more and more odd behaviors from those whom you have known for quite some time.  As this month nears it close, more and more unions are being shaken up and more and more health situations are arising.  Again, if you go within to your heart, you will feel what this is all about.  Know that in all things you have both power and choice.  Use them wisely.  You will also be finding that more and more things are going bump, as odd noises and occurrences happen.  Your senses are changing.  You see things that cannot be there, but are.  The same with sounds, hearing odd things.  Taste preferences are changing.  Smells are affecting you differently.  And even the feel of things is shifting. Continue reading