On The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Past Lives and Spiritual Healing

by Arn Allingham

A lot of the work I do with my clients involves “past lives”. And a good many of my clients hit a snag with past-life work in that they are unsure whether they completely believe in reincarnation. Or whether they believe that the past life stories that they have found are beyond doubt. Very often my clients tell me they want to heal but they don’t want to mislead themselves with false flights of fancy about past lives.

These are real and honest concerns from people trying to do right by their own souls.

I have worked through these issues, one on one, with each of those clients and found a way forward that assisted them. And now I think it might be helpful to share my perspective on the whole “past life” thing with you. Perhaps you will find it useful at some point on your journey Home.

To begin with, I wish you to understand that everything is a story. Everything. Think back on yesterday. What you did, where you went, who you met, etc. As you engage your memory, you are telling yourself a story.

You see?

Yesterday is a story. Memory is an act of creative story telling. You are retelling your story of yesterday.

And if you think back on a traumatic event in your childhood, what you are telling yourself is a story about a story. Because we all do this: we kind of “mythologize” the extreme events of our lives. We build up meaning and get attached to a perspective about each story. “THAT was how I was abused,” we tell ourselves, “and THAT is why I am still hurt like this today.

When we eventually do healing work on those traumatic childhood issues, especially deep work such as with hypnotherapy, what happens is that we come to a new perspective on those events. We develop a new story about the story. Perhaps we are then able to say, “THAT was where I learned compassion for others who have experienced abuse which is why I eventually became a healer myself.” Or something similar.

So our stories are just that: our stories. And each time we retell them, we are likely, in the telling, to change them just a little. Usually because we come to some new perspective upon them. Or because we come to some new perspective upon ourselves in the retelling. But the point is that our stories are not fixed. They change as we do. Even when we believe they are a true reflection of what really happened.

So, for this reason, I think it is not useful to get too attached to our stories. Deep attachment only means that it is painful to allow a story to change as it eventually must. And even more painful to let go of a story when it ceases to serve a purpose. As it eventually will.

And what I’d like to point out to you now is that the person reading these words… the person whose name is listed on your birth certificate… is also a story. This person, with this name, with these attributes, with this body, with those relationships, with those memories, with those skills and talents and abilities… ALL of that is a story.

Just as Arn is a story that I am telling myself… so is your present life a story that you are telling yourself. I am not truly Arn and you are not truly that person that you have told yourself you are. YOU are an eternal, immortal, creator-being. And as a creator, you have created many stories. With each story you have discovered yourself anew. Told yourself something different about yourself. And that is what you are doing now.

And this all being so, I find it quite unproductive and unuseful to ask if this or that story is “true”. What does that even mean? Yes, I AM telling myself this story right now. But that does not mean that the limited perspective I am currently holding on this story will be eternally valid! I will certainly not always think or believe as I currently do. I will eventually come to such a radically different perspective that I will think upon Arn as just a little dream that I once dreamed. Just a little story.

Because Arn is a story.

So, instead of trying to answer the question of “is this story true”, I prefer to ask more useful and productive questions like: What does the story of Arn really mean? Why am I telling myself this story? What am I learning about myself and about Life through this story?

And perhaps I might even find myself ready to own the story enough to ask: How can I heal this story? How can I love this story more? How can I use this story to love myself, others and life itself more? How can I use this story to serve the greater good?

You see the eternal, immortal creator beings that we truly are, would not tell ourselves any old random story! We are carefully crafting stories to take ourselves on vast journeys, story by story, into deep, deep forgetting and then back out again into full magnificent remembrance of Who We Really Are.

When we head into forgetting we use stories to create beliefs that allow us to forget. We use stories to teach us that we are not powerful, god-like and magnificent. We tell ourselves that we cannot create our realities. That we cannot trust ourSelves. That we are not worthy of love. That we are not worthy of respect. That we are disconnected and alone. That we are small, fragile, mortal, powerless and victims. We sing ourselves a sad lullaby of fear and pain. And then, because we believe these stories we are telling ourselves, we find ourselves carrying beliefs in our psyches that block us from your own divine light.

And when we have forgotten that deeply, THEN we are ready to be born into duality. As everyone on this planet has. Everyone born here arrives believing that there is nothing god-like within themselves. They are born in a state of total forgetting of their own Light.

Most spend a good few lifetimes in such a state of darkness of the soul before they are ready to begin to remember again. But something confusing and problematic happens here in duality. Because we have forgotten to look inside of ourselves for the Light of truth, we have learned to look outside of ourselves for it. And because the only thing you can find outside of yourself is story, we teach ourselves that these stories are “true”. We learn to believe that the illusory, transitory things which exist only as perspectives are real. We believe they exist independent of us. Which they don’t.

The problem with this is we then hold too tightly to the stories. Which means we are unable to let them change and grow and morph. We are unable to play with them. To use them to serve our own development.

And so here is the point of this whole blog post: This is all an invitation to you to begin to hold a little more lightly to all the myriad stories that you are holding in your mind. The stories that you see around you. The stories of this world. The news, the politics, the dramas that others are creating. Hold lightly. They are just stories. Don’t get too attached or too involved.

And just the same with the stories that you see inside of you. Your journey, your past, your childhood, the ideas you have about who you are, about your place in the world, about what you do… all of these kinds of stories. They are just stories. Instead of getting attached and believing these stories to be the eternally unchangeable truth. Which they are not. Use them to serve your continued growth. Use them to understand yourself better and to heal and grow. And when they get in the way of your continued spiritual evolution, ask yourself how you can better serve love and the greater good by relaxing your grip on some part of your story and allowing it to change. How can you come to a new perspective on that story that better serves your life?

And when it comes time to do really deep soul-work remember this too. Your “past lives” are also all stories. Every one of them. They are the stories that you told yourself when you were finding your way down, down deeper and deeper into forgetting. They are the stories that encode your beliefs that allowed you to find yourself into duality. And as such they have much to teach you. So if you can hold lightly you can tease out the wisdom that they hold for you. You can extract the lessons of love and compassion that they contain. You can gain a great deal from them.

from:    https://zingdad.com/blog/174-past-lives-and-spiritual-healing

Past Life Regression & Health

As a hypnotherapist at Aloha Healing Women for twenty four years there have been many occasions when it has been helpful for a person to review a past life to help them heal their present life.

You may not “believe” in past lives and this is not about convincing you one way or the other. One person I regressed experienced a life as a high priestess in Egypt who was literally stabbed in the back by a fellow priest in order to eliminate her influence with the royalty.

This person asked how her past life could have felt so real, and if there was any way to know if it had actually happened. The timeframe of that revisited life was approximately a few thousand years ago and, as in so many past life sessions, there is no “proof” to offer that it actually happened.

However, my response was: “Did it feel real to you? Did it answer questions about your beliefs or feelings that you have long wondered about? Did it explain something to you at a base level that makes sense to your present life?” If so, then that is all that matters; you don’t have to prove anything except that you learned something that helped you understand yourself better.

Feelings From The Past

One of the safeguards I use is to always ask if the source of any issue you are exploring is rooted in your present or past life. This prepares you for what you may be about to experience. When I first began my hypnotherapy career, a woman wanted to find out why she always felt like she was being dragged down.

She was adamant she knew that this was because when she was a young girl in a chorus, a boy had undone her jumper in the back and wound her straps around the row of interlocked chairs while she was talking to a friend. When the group was asked to stand up and sing, she was jerked back down with the force from being tied to a whole row of stationary chairs.

As with any hypnotherapy session you always want to go back to clear and heal the situation that you are still carrying with you so you can learn from it, release it, and be free. In this session I asked her to go back to the source of her feeling of being held back or dragged down. Lo and behold, she finds herself freezing in the Atlantic ocean being dragged down by her heavy traveling clothes as her vessel is sinking.

She was struggling to keep afloat and calling out to her two children who were also drowning — not exactly what she had been prepared to encounter, but I helped her resolve the issue by comforting her children and herself as they succumbed to their fate.

Clearing Soul ‘Contracts’

One of the most common reasons to explore a past life experience is to clear up an outdated contract you have with someone else’s soul. A woman came to me who was happily engaged to be married. She was wracked by guilt and frustration because an old lover had reappeared in her life and she was drawn inexplicably toward him. She knew this could not end well because they had tried unsuccessfully several times to make their relationship work but it never did.

It turned out that in her past life she was an Irish lass of means who met a dashing sailor of the seas who didn’t even own an oar, much less a boat. Her parents were against the pairing so they ran away together and were hiding from their pursuers in a shanty when they vowed to love each other forever. The inevitable happened and they were parted.

They had in subsequent lives been reunited and though love was there, the strength of the relationship never survived. In the hypnotherapy session she was able to explain to her past lover that even though their love was real it was not meant to last. They both agreed to break the vows of yore and only wish each other happiness and peace.

The main reason for exploring a past life is to find a missing piece to your personal puzzle — the key that unlocks the door of something that nags at you but for which you lack an explanation in your present life. However, to look at it and see what has happened is not enough.

In KaLaNa Hypnotherapy (Kalana means the many releases, often resulting in forgiveness) we find out what needs to be learned from that life. What can we do to make this right? How can we heal the past so you can be free to live your future? Past life recovery allows you to experience your own personal soul history but it is also fun just to go back and LIVE in another time.

from:    https://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/06/01/past-life-regression-how-that-might-work-for-you/


On Past Life Regression

Advancing Past Life Regression

The leading book in the field of past life regression has long been Dr. Brian Weiss’ Many Lives, Many Masters. Nine out of ten people who contact me for regression have read it. It stands as most people’s sole reference point. Without it, I don’t know that past life regression would have survived its initial surge in popularity in the 80’s and 90’s. Published in 1988, it remains a compelling tale of therapy and healing over 25 years later. The power of the story displayed the potential of the tool, though it did not tell us what to do with that power.

Over the last few decades, a handful of competent professional manuals, handbooks and journals have been printed, though few have revitalized the thinking that was presented decades ago. Many gifted practitioners have offered their methods in a clinical and procedural manner, replete with structured theories on specific times and places which occur before and after life that are inherently spiritual. The name itself, “Past Life Regression,” suggests a succession of past lifetimes, which can render the interpretation of regression experiences as something other than past lifetimes — or something more — as anathema.

Like meditation, sex and rollercoasters, past life regression is an experience. Having and sharing these experiences is often so intoxicating and evocative, you can easily lose yourself in devotion to it. Talking about these experiences is akin to describing music. You just have to hear it.

Interpreting Spiritual Information

When leading a workshop, I’ll sometimes ask, “Who here considers past life regression spiritual information?” Generally, everyone will raise his or her hand. Then I’ll ask, “What is spiritual information?” To which most people will look around and sit quietly until I admit that I do not know either.

My journey into the interpretation of spiritual information began in Turkey in 2007 when I was told that I would have what I wanted and it would come easily. She was an Istanbul local named Ferme, reading my coffee grinds. Before a reading of coffee grinds, you drink a cup of Turkish coffee which is generally a dark, rich, semi-sweet equivalent to an espresso, and when finished turns the cup over on its saucer, spilling the grinds. Ferme was studying to become a regression therapist under my father, the late Dr. Jeffrey Ryan.

Hypnosis and past life regression are the family business. English was not Ferme’s first language. When she told me “You’ll have what you want and it will come easily,” it was immediately followed by a rush of dopamine to my head confirming the good news. Until some time later when I began to consider its usefulness (and my naiveté), along with all the other information occupying this nebulous area of my understanding. The advice from psychics and intuitives, the passing commentary of therapists and teachers, the interpretations of astrologers and tarot readers, the wisdom of mystics and seers, my father’s words… How do we know what is useful? How do we measure truth without the benefit of mathematics?

I don’t claim to know the answers to these questions. They are philosophical and somewhat rhetorical. As the words are examined, I’m reminded that language is simply a set of symbols or tools. How then do we interpret the symbols? How do we use the tools?

I take no position — professionally or personally — on which of my client’s experiences are real and which are unreal. I do not see it as my job to qualify my clients and student’s experiences for them.

I do help them to interpret the information. I do offer my opinions and guidance where I think it will illuminate. My “belief” in reincarnation is a small observation with large implications. All I see around me are cycles of life beginning, ending and beginning again. Why would we be any different? Perhaps Voltaire said it best centuries ago: “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” I make no claim to understand how it works, nor do I disqualify anyone else’s beliefs, but it does appear to me this happens.

About Past Life Regression

During a past life regression you are ideally in a deep state of relaxation that is easy, present, open and aware. The guidance you receive during the average regression will be much like a guided meditation, and will usually begin with progressive relaxation or guided imagery. In this state you will be walked through a series of immersive experiences that may or may not be memories of past lifetimes. The “memories” themselves should be produced by your subconscious mind, and appear to you as if they were being revealed (the dodgy nature of memory notwithstanding). Your attention rests with the senses as you explore the scene. Questions are asked and connections are made to and from the past; the origins of a phobia are finally understood, the roots of a difficult relationship are discovered, loved ones who have passed are reconnected with.

Practitioner methods vary widely depending upon where they trained, who with, the purpose of the regression, as well as their personal preferences, among other things. As with meditation, there is no right way or wrong way. Past life regression is a balance between technique and artistry, guiding the experience confidently and remaining open, intuitive and spontaneous. The practitioner provides the context for the experience; the client provides the content of the experience.

Regulation and certification within the field are both commendable and dubious. I know countless inspiring therapists who do this work actively fighting to raise and maintain professional standards. And I know snake oil salesmen who have polluted the field. All forms of professional and spiritual competition are present, to equally dramatic and comedic effect. Even Dr. Weiss’ story in Many Lives, Many Masters mentions his own censure from the American Medical Association when he became vocal about past life regression. While giant strides have been made and many battles won, in my experience misconceptions and fearful thinking still pervade popular beliefs, especially concerning hypnosis.

Past life regression dates back centuries, though it has only been clinically studied for the past four decades, beginning with Ian Stevenson’s 1974 book Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, in which he examines the spontaneous recall of previous lives by young children. It is self-evident that this phenomena deserves study and attention, as the insights it offers into the nature of consciousness, and the potential it offers for healing, are both grand and real. It is also clear that these experiences act as metaphors for what we’re experiencing in the present, which in turn points to other possibilities.

Perhaps these experiences connect to the unconscious through metaphor in a manner similar to dreams. Perhaps symbolic reasoning — the uniquely human ability that allows us to use language, exchange money, and comprehend layers of meaning — offers a meta-narrative for the expression of dominant themes in your life at the present moment.

During the past life regression experience, we appear to access a great storytelling machine that pulls out characters, connections and conflicts from an archetypal, Jungian collective unconscious. At the same time, it can be a tremendous creative aid for storytellers. Among my greatest joys have been working dynamically with creative professionals and artists who use past life regression in this fashion.

Moving Past Past Lives

As I see it, in order to advance past life regression the possibility space must be expanded. The groundbreaking discoveries of 40 years ago are reductive today. Regression taps into parts of the brain and the unconscious that we are only beginning to understand. The narratives that arise are immersive, surprising — simultaneously strange and familiar. The act of exploring these states and interpreting them requires great care.

I suggest to my clients and students that they resist the temptation to place their experiences “into a box.” Instead of deciding that what they saw was definitely a past life, or not (or a half-recollection of a book, or a film mixed with a dream…), we should first accept that these stories change as we do. They act as your own personal mythology, and offer new wisdom over time, just like Aesop’s Fables. If we limit our thinking and determine that the experience is definitively this or that, we limit our capacity to learn from it.

As we guess at what occurs after life, I’m often reminded that past life regression is neither a time machine nor a fixed perspective. My sense is that we do not travel into the past or future. But our minds do, all the time. There remains only one time and place where change can happen, and that is in the present. If any one of us somehow managed to possess all the wisdom in the universe, we could still only use it right now.

A teacher once told me that an ocean of knowledge simply cannot fit into the teacup of the mind. In my own practice and in my experiences of past life regression, I’ve come to see the investigation of the afterlife as a rich and seductive area of study, as well as a distraction where the truth can only be guessed.

The imperative, as I see it, is to continue these explorations into our consciousness, our selves. Tools like meditation, hypnotherapy and regression therapy remain mysterious. They are misunderstood largely because we lack a common vocabulary to discuss them and their efficacy. Today, when oceans of knowledge literally do exist on the Internet, available on our phones, studies into projections of the self, non-duality and cycles of life can be undertaken in any living room or on any park bench. We can learn to work with our brains, aligning our habits and diets to optimize relaxed learning states. We can use the past as a school and meditate peacefully in waking daily life, exploring the territory with one shared map.

In the Car, with My Dad

I was a teenager returning home from a past life regression workshop that my father had led. We were driving to Morristown, NJ. It was probably a Sunday. I had been with him all day as he worked with a group of about 20 people, leading them in and out of deep trance states and exploring what may be memories of past lives. I was half assistant/half participant.

After a pause in the conversation he said, “I’m kinda looking forward to dying.” Incredulous, I asked what he meant. He responded “I want to know if there are past lives or not.” My father served for a time as the President of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies.

It remains thrilling to me, the candid omission of a spiritual teacher, expressing his uncertainty in private conversation with his son. The conversations I have with my clients, students, friends and family feel to me as if I’m still in the car with my dad. There we can comfortably express our doubt and marvel together at the mystery. If past life regression has taught me anything, it’s that we are all in this together.

from:    http://realitysandwich.com/318287/advancing-past-life-regression/

On Self Healing and Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare | In5D.com
The Future of Healthcare

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC

Planet Earth has healed herself and has shifted into a new vibration. She is patiently waiting for humanity to remember how to heal themselves and to join her on what has been labeled “New Earth”.  The body has known how to heal itself in the past and the future of healing will take on a whole new meaning. Imagine what the world will be like without disease, sickness, viruses, etc. That reality has already been created on the New Earth and it is up to us to manifest this into our reality.

In the time of Atlantis people visited the Temple Beautiful in order to regenerate and heal. The priestesses used crystal lasers that were programmed by the priests for healing, along with sound and color. The telomere, The Future of Healthcare | In5D.comthe biomarker for cellular marker for aging, was changed at the time of the fall of Atlantis. If the telomere were repaired, the body’s cells would regenerate themselves automatically, just like a lizard re-grows its tail. However humans always had the need to clear the body of energies because of the unique emotional body that we carry.

The future of the health and well being of humanity involves the remembrance of how to help the body heal itself. As we bring in more light, we raise our vibrational level and our dormant DNA is being activated. Because we are bringing more of our light essence as multidimensional beings into our physical bodies, intention is the key to standing in our self empowerment. The power of self healing is one of the most powerful gifts of returning to source that we can experience in physicality.

We have seen many forms of holistic healing emerge that include tools coupled with intention. According to Dr. Leonard Caldwell, there are over 300 holistic cures for cancer, and all cancer can be cured in less than 10 weeks. We are being reminded that every disease in the body is a manifestation of a negative energy in the emotional, spiritual, or mental body. Holistic healing involves the clearing of all of the energies in these three bodies in order to manifest perfection in the physical body.

The future of healthcare will bring about “walk in” clinics in your community where you can adjust your energy, clear your chakras, and receive counseling. Psychics can use their sixth sense in order to find out where you are carrying negative energy, and healers are available to help clear those energies. Counseling will uncover the situations that are leading you to carry these energies so that you can make better life choices in order to keep your energy fields clear. The main focus would be on teaching self healing and awareness.

In order for healers to be healers, they must first heal themselves. This takes work and is spelled out in the series “How to Ascend”. Once people heal themselves, it allows for the capability for others to help themselves heal, and in turn each one of us can help heal another. One turns into millions, then millions turns into billions. It all starts with the one. Everyone has healing capabilities.

A great example of self healing is shown in this story by Cindy Staffin*:

“On July 6, 2003, I took my mother to a popular gathering place on the lake to watch the fireworks.  Shortly after arriving I needed a bathroom, but the closest one was a mile away.  Under normal circumstances I would have been able to wait, but after two chemo treatments waiting would be difficult.  I eyed the woods nearby and although it had been years since I peed in the woods, it was my only option!

As we walked towards the woods, my inner guidance repeated, “Don’t go down there … don’t go down there.”  My reply was, “I don’t have time to get to a bathroom.  I’ll be extremely careful.”  “Don’t go down there, don’t go.”  Typically I would have stopped in my tracks and followed what my guidance was telling me.  But at that point my bladder was going to empty where I stood!

I walked down into the woods and did what I needed to do.  All of a sudden I was rolling down hill towards a 15’ drop off into the lake.  I could hear and feel what felt like my knee shattering.  Then suddenly I realized that I had started rolling uphill away from the water.  I heard Snap! Snap! Snap! As I watched my left leg swing through the air above me.  I knew I had injured my knee and broke my ankle in three places.  It was all very surreal and in slow motion.

I calmly called out to my mother to walk to the closest group of people and tell them that I needed an ambulance.  Then, as though I had done it a hundred times before, I held my hands up towards my leg and repeatedly chanted, “Back in time – back in time – back in time.”  It was getting really dark and I had started pulling myself up to the path while keeping time with my chant.

Some people had come to help me and were waiting to direct the ambulance. They were kind and compassionate and trying to have a conversation with me.   Although I was appreciative, it was all I could do to stay focused and keep chanting to myself.  Back in time, back in time….

The paramedic thought it was just a sprain since there was no swelling and she put a boot on my leg and off we went to the ER.  The pain was excruciating and I just wanted to scream.  But I kept still, calm and focused on reversing what had just happened.  I could hear the fireworks blasting and thundering as the ambulance moved slowly across the property filled with people.  I felt like a wounded soldier being transported through a war zone.

The ER doctor couldn’t tell the extent of the injuries from the x-ray, but he told me that surgery is common with similar fractures.  That’s when I heard a sound that seemed to come from miles away.  It was me screaming, NOOOOO!  I had reached my breaking point, pun intended, and I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Two days later I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.  More x-rays were taken and when the doctor came in to examine the films he looked at me, then back at the films, then back at me and back at the films, like he was being pranked!  He asked me when this happened and he looked at me with disbelief when I told him two days ago.  “I’ve never seen anything like this before.  Your ankle is broken in three places and it looks like I had already set it and it’s been healing in a perfectly straight line.”  I asked about my knee and he told me that my knee was fine.

I am convinced that I had healed my knee and had almost healed my ankle.

When I have a life changing experiences, I reflect back to see what synchronicities led up to the happening.  Earlier in that week, I was hiking and decided to follow a stream.  I realized that it would be getting dark soon and since no one knew where I was it would be smart to head back.  I looked around and saw that I was surrounded by steep hills and had to either climb up or walk back to the trail.  Suddenly, I was climbing up the hill like a spider.  Literally!  I don’t know how I did it so effortlessly, but I remember thinking that I had to hurry so I don’t break my ankle!  Thank you Spirit for guiding me away from what could have been a long and painful night.  Oh yes, and for helping me shapeshift into a spider and climbing out of there!

A few weeks after the injury, I was lying on a massage table receiving a healing treatment when one of my guides, Ten Feathers, rushed to my side.  I asked him why he was there and he reminded me that I had asked why I had broken my ankle.  He told me that I had thoughts of leaving the area and that I had to stay here on this land for now.  Ten Feathers was right, of course, I had thought about leaving to live with a friend who lived a few hours away.  The reason that I needed to stay became clear to me years later.

My healing, as it turns out, goes back in time farther than I thought.  Several months earlier, I was having weekly sessions with a healer for what was later diagnosed as lymphoma.  One day she mentioned that there was a past life connection with my left foot.  I knew that it was linked to the reoccurring war dream that I had been having for years.  In the dream, I am a soldier running from a parade of army tanks and soldiers that were showering us with bullets.  I was hit in the left leg as I was crawling under rolled barb wire.  I got up to run and the other soldiers were shouting for me to stay down.  Each time I tried to get up and run I got shot in the leg.

My “back in time” healing technique actually healed something that was farther back in time then I had realized.  I never had the war dream again.  Now, any time that I hurt myself, I chant back in time over and over knowing that I could be healing far beyond the here and now.”

*Cindy Staffin is a Psychic Consultant, Healing Practitioner, and Owner of Essential Awakenings currently operating out of Oneonta, NY. Her areas of practice include Psychic Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, The Reconnection Facilitator, Paranormal Investigator, and Empowerment Facilitator. Among the many talents she has, Cindy is able to scan the chakras and describe what she “sees”, and can perform healings and clearings along the way. She brings messages from the Ascended masters and from the client’s highest guides and angel family. Her Facebook page can be found here.

We come from the future to heal the past

Many of us are time travelers. In linear thinking, we have already been to the future and we have travelled back to the past to correct what we needed to in order to move forward. In doing so, we can correct our DNA lineage of our bloodline ancestors as well as our children and their future children. Never in the history of our Universe has such a feat been accomplished on this scale. Most fifth dimensional planets have light body humans, whereas we will have more physical light bodies. We are merging the physical and the light body by raising our consciousness to meet the light body while still existing in the physical. In doing so, we will appear more solid than most beings of a fifth dimensional vibration. However as we continue to increase our vibration, eventually we will not need our bodies anymore.

The current U.S. healthcare system is backwards

Everything is wrong with the current healthcare system in the United States. It is all about the money. Ridiculous rules and regulations have been created in order to manage the backwards system of healthcare. For instance, someone who is recovering from brain surgery can only stay in a rehab facility for 100 days under Medicare. What are they supposed to do if they have not been healed? Many times people who have spirit speaking to them in their head are misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and either hospitalized in a psych ward and/or heavily medicated to keep them numb. Children are mis-diagnosed with ADHD, when the accurate description is that they are having a hard time conforming to the third density lifestyle. These children are vibrating at a much higher level and have difficulty sitting in a classroom all day learning left brained academics. The list goes on and on, but everything can be turned around with knowledge and truth.

The system is so backward that the only way to correct it is for the people to learn to heal themselves. We can no longer afford health insurance premiums and we can no longer count on medical practices driven by big pharma. The Native Americans have been using healing herbs for decades, and the reservations that are miles away from fast food restaurants have a lesser incident of obesity and disease. There are no hospitals in the bush where the Aborigines reside. It is all a grand illusion and the bubble must be popped.

Knowledge of self healing for humanity is imperative in order to move forward, as we can no longer function is the society spun for us. We have to take action, spread the word, and heal ourselves first. 

There are many holistic practitioners in the forefront. Dentists, massage therapists, psychic healers, and acupuncturists, just to name a few, have been laying the foundation for the future of healthcare on the planet. There are even holistic veterinarians to keep our pets healthy. The main fear in society is the fear that using a holistic remedy will fail therefore without taking the medically diagnosed treatment, the person will die. How will we get past this fear? By example and by information. There are hundreds of thousands of people with success stories on the internet. We need mainstream media channels that focus on holistic healing to share remedies and the success stories. If we were to take control of mainstream media we could change the world in an instant. Until then it is important to document the success stories and to open holistic community walk in clinics. Very soon the media will not be able to ignore all of the miraculous success stories of people healing themselves anymore, and newscasters will wonder why they are not getting to report these stories.

If you are a healer, the bursts of galactic energies being sent to us from the great central sun- Alcyone, are here to help us clear out the last of our baggage. We can then step into our power with our specialized form of healing and counseling that will change the planet from the inside out. If you are feeling drawn to learn a new way of healing then follow your heart and take action. Speak up if you have a miraculous healing story to share. Visit the many pages on In5d.com for alternative healing modality articles, updated daily!

About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events and as a contributing author for www.in5d.com. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.


Seth on the Past and Power

Seth: Challenges set up in our past lives

Seth: Challenges set up in our past lives

Story by: Jane Roberts

“As you know yourselves; you only accept those suggestions, ideas, and 
hang-ups that suit your purposes at this time. You are not, 
therefore, at the mercy of any neurosis from a past life, nor are there any 
fears from your present lives you cannot conquer. I have not said that you 
will necessarily conquer them, but it is within your ability to do so.

The decision is your own according to your understanding. You cannot 
be hounded from one level of reality to another by a fear that you do 
not understand. You cannot be threatened in this life by fears from your 
early childhood, or by so-called past existences, unless you so 
thoroughly believe in the nature of fear that you allow yourselves to 
be conquered by it. Each of your personalities are free to accept and 
develop, from the miraculous banks of reality, those experiences and 
emotions that you want, and to reject those you do not want.

Let me give you an example that each of you can use in your own way. 
Suppose the worst, that in this life you have the following 
You are poor, you are of a minority race, you are not intellectual, 
you are a woman, you have a severe physical defect and you are no beauty. 
Now you set these challenges for yourself in a so-called past life. 
This does not mean that you cannot use all of your courage and resolution 
to solve these problems. You set them in the hope that you WILL solve 

You did not set them like millstones about your neck, hoping ahead of 
time that you would drown.

All you have to do is realize your own freedom. You form the reality 
that you know, not esoterically, not symbolically, and not 

Some great over soul doesn’t form it for you- you cannot put the 
burden there, either. You have in the past, collectively and individually, 
blamed a god or a fate for the nature of your personal realities- 
those aspects, indeed that you did not like.

The personality is given the greatest gift of all; you get exactly 
what you want to get. You create from nothing the experience that is your 
own. If you do not like your experience, then look within yourself 
and change it. But realize also that you are responsible for your joys 
and triumphs, and that the energy to create any of these realities comes 
from the inner self. What you do with it is up to the individual 

Seth, from ‘Seth Speaks’ (Jane Roberts)

And for Dessert

Seth quote:
“There must be an open-minded, and openhearted attitude here. You must 
not try to use what you have learned in a narrow, limiting way. This 
hampers your own development. It closes your eyes to many 
possibilities that will be important to you. It is natural, perhaps, 
to want to use what you have learned, this information, as a 
technique to achieve what you at any particular time think desirable, 
a particular person, a particular thing. But what is important is the 
inner development. If this is taken care of, it will automatically 
lead you to the person that is best for you and to the circumstances 
that will help you develop. To insist that a specific individual or a 
specific goal be attained through these methods is limiting. There 
must always be the acknowledgement that you do not consciously as yet 
realize the depths of yourself, the goals you have set and the 
challenges, and this material should be used to open up your inner 
horizons and to lead you in those directions toward which your inner 
self has already set you. If you then egotistically, say – No – this 
particular situation is what I want, then you may be blocking the 
inner direction which has been meant for you.”

Seth (Jane Roberts) from The Early Sessions, Book 8

Jane RobertsJane Roberts
Jane Roberts was an American author, poet, psychic, and spirit medium who, for the last 20 years of her life, channeled spiritual information from a personality who called himself “Seth”. Her publication of what came to be known as the Seth Material established Seth as the Father of the New Age Movement, and established Ms. Roberts as a pre-eminent figure in the world of paranormal phenomena. Jane Roberts died in 1984. Her work, and all of the documents pertaining to her psychic research have been archived and preserved at the Yale University Library.

from:    http://spiritofmaat.com/magazine/july-2013-the-clear-light-of-truth-issue/seth-challenges-set-up-in-our-past-lives/

Accessing Past Lives

How to See Into Your Past Lives Using Multi-Level Awareness

HJ: Seeing into your past lives is not an ability that is limited to psychics, clairvoyants and other mystics.  It is actually a skill that you possess which simply needs to be developed just like any other thing in your life you wish to become proficient at such as a sport or creative activity.  We present below a powerful technique that you can use to begin to explore your own mind and soul history, known as past lives.

If you wish to practice this on your own, we recommend making a recording of yourself dictating the instructions and simply play this back at your convenience.  Make sure to leave extended pauses between commands to give yourself the time to explore and keep the pace relaxed.  The last thing you want to have happen is have a vision interrupted by more premature commands and guidance.

– Truth

Multi-Level Awareness

By William Swygard | Journal of Borderland Research

The following technique is not to be taken lightly, because it is the beginning of a mental-spiritual experience that will allow you to know yourself. By this it is meant that you, without the aid of a teacher or assistant of any kind — after a few preliminary exercises — can bring into your physical consciousness your entire past.

You can recall your incarnations on this planet, your experiences before you came to this planet; in fact, you can see for yourself everything you have experienced since your spirit was released from the Creator.

This designation, Multi-Level Awareness, is the correct nomenclature — a direct translation of its designation through more solar systems and galaxies than the present awareness of mankind on Earth understands.

This technique, Multi-Level Awareness, is simple. There is nothing you can add to it to make it work better or quicker. It works with everyone.

1. Make a person comfortable. Have the person remove his shoes and lie down. Clasp his legs, one at a time, just above the knee and manipulate your hands downward, stopping briefly at the knee to make certain the knee is relaxed. Then rub on down, to the ankle and bend the ankle; then massage the foot, and then the toes briefly and vigorously. Repeat this manipulation quickly. Next, place the palm of your hand on the person’s forehead, and with a little pressure move the skin of the forehead up and down and sideways for a few seconds. This relaxation process should not be overdone.

2. Ask the person to close his eyes. After a brief moment, ask him to become a few inches taller by allowing himself to stretching out through the bottom of his feet. Then, say to him, “Tell me as soon as you have done this.” When he says he has accomplished this, pause a few seconds and say, “Go back to normal size. Tell me as soon as you have done this.”

Ask him to repeat the exercise, only the second time ask him to become “a foot” taller. “Tell me as soon as you have done this.” When he agrees, pause again and tell him to go back to normal size. “Tell me as soon as you have done this.” Repeat the foot tall routine again. Each time ask him to tell you when he has accomplished the exercise.

Now go to the other end of the body. “Become a few inches taller by extending yourself out through the top of your head. Tell me when you have done this.” Then back to normal size again. Then, do a foot taller three times through the head. Always ask him to tell you when he is done.

The next step requires further exercising. “Now, this time extend yourself through the head, face, body, arms, legs and feet. In other words, blow yourself up just like a balloon. Tell me as soon as you have done this.” Then go back to normal size. All of the time, throughout these exercises, be jovial and keep your voice firm and convincing, yet be ready to laugh, and keep the person going quickly and smoothly through these preliminaries. Once he has done them well, there is never a need to repeat them.

Next, tell him to blow up use like a balloon again, only much larger this time. When he tells you he has done this, ask him to go quickly and stand in front of the building where he lives. “Tell me when you are there.” As soon as he says so, start him talking. Ask him to see this and that, and to describe what he sees. Tell him to look for, one at a time, the door, door knob, windows, walkways, trees, shrubs, marks of any kind. After he sees and describes to you, these objects, tell him to “go quickly and stand on the roof of the building and look down into the road (or yard) in front. Tell me as soon as you are there.” Ask him to see and describe such objects as cars, trees, etc. When this is completed tell him to go about 500 feet up into the air and look down. (One in a hundred may object at this point but remind him quickly that he is still safe in the room.) Then repeat the request. “Tell me as soon as you are there.” Ask him to see what he can observe and report it to you. Keep him talking.

The person may tell you throughout this phase of outdoor work that he is “imagining things”, but remind, him gently that this is an exercise in awareness and continue, as if he had said nothing.

3. After he has described to you the things he sees from this advantage of altitude, ask him whether it is daytime or nighttime. When he tells you it is one or the other, ask him to tell you why he thinks so. He will say something like, “It is daytime because everything is light, and I can see just as if it were daylight, so it must be daytime.” Or, “It is sort of twilight, you know, just like after the sun has gone down.” If it is nighttime or twilight in his vision, ask him to make it daytime — bright as sunlight. “Tell me as soon as you have done this.” Then ask him to tell you why he thinks it is daytime. Keep him talking, talking all the time. If it was daytime to begin with, ask him to make it night; and then ask him why he thinks it is_night. Turn the days into nights and back again at least three t1mes, but be certain that you finish this phase by having it daytime — a very bright, sunny day.

Then quickly ask him, “Who is making it night and day?” Most will quickly answer, “I am!” If he hesitates more than ten seconds, ask him, “Are you making it night and day?” He will agree. It is very important that he understands that he is causing the change.

4. “Now, are you still high in the air?” The answer will be, “Yes.” “Please keep the scene very bright. Come back to earth in another lifetime that you lived many years ago. Come down quickly as you go back in time; bring your feet down quickly and firmly, but gently, and stand on the ground. Tell me as soon as you are there.”

The person is now experiencing a good vision of a previous life.

Remind him frequently to, “Look out through your eyes and listen through your ears.” Ask, “What are you wearing on the lower part of your body?” Wait for descriptions, but keep the person talking. The more talk the better he will see in the beginning. Insist that the person do only what you tell him to do and answer your questions; remembering to keep the questions in some semblance of chronological order. Move the person onward in time — skip a day, a week, month or year in his lifetime, but keep him moving and talking.

At the end of the lifetime, ask the person to go to an earlier lifetime by requesting, “Come down in an earlier lifetime — look down at your feet and tell me what you are wearing on them.”

At the end of the second or third lifetime you have run through ask him to “die” and follow through the death, asking, “What happens next?” (When you do not have specific questions.) No matter what he reports, do not question the validity. This is new material for people to understand.

After you have run a few people through several lifetimes you will understand that this material is valid. When he has run incidents between his lives, ask him to go back and find his present parents, from the first time he saw them until after he was born. Ask questions, questions, questions.

When you discontinue the running process at any time, ask the person, “Do you see any need to continue at this time?” Let him decide when to stop.

When you continue with this person at a later time, make him comfortable (but no need to rub), tell him to turn the lights on inside, and go quickly back to where he left off last time.

After three to five hours of “coaching” or assisting a person, he should be quite ready to run himself. It takes a person a little time to learn to ask himself questions. As soon as he can ask himself questions, he is ready to go alone. If he reports back to you that he is “stuck”, run him a little more, but make him ask the questions. Practice is of the essence. Soon an entire lifetime can be seen in a few minutes with all senses in force.

There are no wasted words in the above. Failure to succeed is failure to follow instructions. It is fun to run and to be run. Change off. The more you run, the better coach you become. Do a lot of both.

The article closes with an offer for two additional courses, offered at no charge: “As this technique of Multi-Level Awareness is mastered, write to the address below and receive at no charge, the technique, Multi-Plane Awareness. Upon completion of this, request Perfecting The Spirit. A stamped, self-addressed envelope would be appreciated in each case. Mastery of these three easy techniques will prove that mankind, his beliefs, ideals, goals and performances on this planet are obsolete. William Swygard, PO Box 3510, Miami, Florida, 33101″ — likewise, it is very likely that the offer in question is obsolete. However, used copies of three volumes of Mr. Swygard’s “Awareness Techniques” series are readily available on Amazon.com: Book 1 – Book 2 – Book 3

– See more at: http://www.thehealersjournal.com/2013/06/20/how-to-see-into-your-past-lives-using-multi-level-awareness/#sthash.XUpprRyd.dpuf