Now is the Time to Prioritize

With the energetic shifts and changes that are going on at this time, it is very important for everyone to know what is truly important for them.  This involves talking time to sit down and review what it is that makes your life truly fulfilling.  And this means prioritizing — what is it that you positively cannot live with and what are the things that are there because they are there, props and settings, cast members and contexts.  IT is time to know the difference and make some decisions as to what you do and/or do not want.  You get the idea.

This is not an easy thing to do.  We spend much of our lives explaining why we have certain place, people, and things in our life and why they are important.  We spend a lot of time justifying relationships, jobs, locales…  But that is the world outside.  It is time to get to know the world within.  Once you are clear, centered, and focused on what it is that truly brings you fulfillment, then you can see all the other things as what they truly are.  Moreover you can make informed and self-empowering choices as to what you do and do not want around you.

So get ready to sit down, center, ground and be with WHO you truly are.  It is time to have some fun.  It is time to make lists, drawings, songs, whatever it is that allows you to get in touch with your heart’s knowing.  There are no rights or wrongs, no goods or bads.  No one will be grading you.  No one needs even be aware that you are brave enough to do this.  This is all about you and being WHO you are.  Give yourself time and intention as part of this exercise.  Get some paper, pen, pencil, crayons, paints, clay, and let’s go:

Step One involves the intention.  Find a comfortable place, where you feel safe and supported.  Turn off the phone, all those external distractions and devices that give you excuses, that pass your time.  Now, perhaps a bit of soft music.  Tea, water, if you are so inclined.  The important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable.

Breathe in, and go to your Heart center.  Stay there for the time it takes to get to know how this feels and what this means.  Then allow the wise one of your heart to take you to your core.  Breathe in the energy of the core. and say hello to WHO you are.  Sometimes approaching this as a dialogue makes it flow more freely.  You might be a bit surprised to see your WHO, so strong, so capable.  That is you in your own power.  You are always there.  It is time to be aware of that.

Now open, focus, and allow.  You are safe here for you are in your own center where no external things can disturb or harm you.  It is time to see things for what they are, behind the seeming and the gleaming of the physcial.

In your perfect world, where you are not trapped to the demands, schedules, rigors, schedules, bills, etc. of this life, what would you do, what are your deepest wishes, how do things look to you?  Put aside all external elements, badges, definitions, etc.  Go deep within to your heart.  Be brave.  This is not an exercise for the weak. You are strong.  Know this.

Be centered  in your core.  Ask yourself what it is that brings forth your light and your joy.  Then just experiences how this feels to you.  Be with it for a time.  Then come back to your body and record the place you went, the feeling you got, and the intention that goes with this.  Breathe.

Take what you have created at the end of this exercise, and put it up somewhere that you can see it on a regular basis.  It is your talisman.  It is your key to unlocking that place where YOU are truly WHO you are, your YOU-WHO!

STEP TWO:  In process.

Step Two is the action step.  Now that you have the intention and the outline, it is time to know how to make this real in your life.  THis is an important step, for once you accept and allow what you truly are to be WHO you truly are, then you can go about creating and manifesting this.

FInd a quiet space, and take time to center and ground.  Express your intention and make it the focus of this meditation.  See yourself as you wish to be with the things around you that bring your fulfillment.