July 18-24

Overall Color for the Week:    Cloudy White

There is much stuff that is going n this week on all levels, and this will be affecting  your overall reactions to things.  It will be hard to feel completely clear on anything this week.  Things will appear in shades of grey.  This makes it hard to make judgments or final decisions.  Put off those kinds of things until the moments of clarity that will undoubtedly crop up at certain times this week.  These moments of clarity, when the clouds part, are going to be intense and can be accompanied by emotions and feelings that you have not dealt with for some time, and in some cases can have a sense of loss attached to them.  This is a week in which you will be finding out just who really is your friend.  There are things that will be said and done that will leave you questioning what is going on.  When you are out and about allow extra time for getting places.  Do not get frazzled by traffic or people.  Be ready for any kind of weather.  And Breathe.  All in all, this is a good week to listen to your intuition.  There may be a time lapse between when you get the feeling of something about to happen, someone about to show up, the phone ringing, etc., but your intuition is keen these days. This is one of the unexpected perks of all the crazy energy around.

On the larger scale, there sill be much going on.  There will be conflicting reports about all sorts of things.  Again there can be mention made in the news of UFO’s which will first be reported seriously, then an attempt will be made to explain these things away as hoaxes.  The earth is shifting again, and there is pressure building up below the sea floor.  This can cause movement along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Things are reaching a kind of tipping point in that area as the sea bed begins to move and shift.  There will be an upper atmosphere disturbance  that will cause odd weather events, especailly in flat areas.  There is also the possibility of an ocean surge in the area of Asia.  It seems that there will be more volcanic activity will be increasing.  Financially this will be ups and downs, but no one will be paying much attention.  There are going to be reports of things being better, but there will be no reaction ot this.  People generally are turning inward.  Because of this there can be some announcements made by public figures to increase the fear level.  Once again, there is that galactic energy that is coming towards the planet in waves.  It is not related to sun activity, however it can effect the intensity of the solar emissions as they head towards the Earth.  This can result in some weird physcial reactions.  The possiblity for blips in electornics adn electrical outages is high.

Just a note for those of you who work with crystals or just like to have them around.  There is a change in the energies of the planet that is affecting the crystal people.  This is a good time to get out your crystals and cleanse them, through sunlight or water.  You will find when you reintroduce them into your environment, that there is a change in their vibrations.  Being in this new energy will help you also as you adapt to the changing energies of the planet.

Sunday, July 18:    Brilliant Blue

Things will be coming out in the open today, and many of these revelations can be accompanied by  emotions and misunderstandings.  Be the observer, step away from the drama and see things for what they are.  There is a plan afoot in all this.  It is time to get a lot of things straight.  This is a day for looking at yourself honestly and candidly.  There are many things that you feel are missing, things that you are holding onto, things that you are using for excuses.  The brilliance of the day will allow you to bring each and every one of those things into focus, and then deal with them.  There are no mistakes here, only opportunities for change if you so wish.

Monday, July 19:    Green-Blue

There is something in the air today. and if  you keep your eyes and ears open, you can learn a lot.  Friends, relations, even co-workers are looking to get things off their chests — confessions, secret, sorrows, desires, and they feel that you will be open to listening.  Be aware that if you choose to become their confidante,  it is important not to take on yourself any of their stuff.  It is fine to listen, but through it all know that what they are saying is being said for their own good.  You do not need to judge, comment, or offer an opinion.  You may find yourself, likewise, wanting to make a few admissions. Think first.  Maybe these are things that you have dealt with already and just need to recognize that you no longer need to be bothered by them. On a more positive note, there is a bit of joy that is coming your way in the afternoon or evening.  It will make everything today worthwhile.  There might even be a pleasant surprise attached to this.

Tuesday, July 20:    Kelly Green

This is going to be an easygoing kind of day.  People will be feeling better, and there are lots of possibilities in the air.  What do you want to do?  It is a good day for trying out something you have been putting off.  You are into your power today, and who knows what you will be attracting.   There will be help there for you if you just reach out for it and/or let it come.  There is a new sense of community in the air today, and people are feeling more open than they have in a long time.  It s a good day for a fresh perspective, because in looking at things differently, you might just find that what you had been wanting to manifest is just not as hard as you thought.

Wednesday,  July 21:    Purple

There is something that does not seem quite real, and it is making to people, places, and things seem odd, out of place, and perhaps even slightly sinister.  Stay on top of your emotions today.  Consider carefully your actions and options.  There is a goal that you have been working on for a long time that is nearing its completion, but you are feeling that, in fact, there are more and more obstacles in the way.  Today is a good day to step into your power, be the  warrior, and go forward.  If you can take that attitude, you will find that all those earlier feelings of uncertainty will disappear and that you will be able to achieve incredible things by the end of the day.

Thursday, July 22:    Dark Lavender

Happy Birthday, Leo:    Do not feel surprised if you are feeling nostalgic today.  You will find yourself encountering situations, smells, sounds, etc., that can remind you of things past.  This is a good day for taking a look at those memories, honoring the good in them and letting go of the rest.  Take time also to look at WHO you are and what makes you tick.  Focus on that and let go of the distractions that come your way.  At the end of the day, you will be acknowledged for what you have done and/or just WHO you are.  There is a pleasant surprise around some project that you were working on or some item that you have for sale.  This is also a great day for being with the ones you love.  There is comfort and joy in just being together.  This is a day for appreciating the little things, because they are, after all, the things that make it all worthwhile.

Friday, July 23:    Milky White

Things can get quite confused today, so think things out before you act or voice an opinion.  Be careful in traffic, patient in public, and vigilant in what you do, especially if you will be working with potentially dangerous stuff.  Watch out for anger from people around.   There is a lot of uncertainty in the air today, and it can translate into laughter or tears.  Be the observer.  If you just take a laid back attitude about it all and do not get caught up in all the stuff out there, things will be okay. Then tonight, just veg.  This is not a day on which to look to get too much done, so why not relax!

Saturday, July 24:    Peacock Blue

This is a good day to be aware of all that you can do, have done, and are working on. Appreciate WHO you are and know that if you do your best in everything, then it is all good.  There is the possibility that a feminine energy/person will be contacting you about something that you had been planning.  Also a voice from the past may surface.  This is a day on which communication will be key, and plans can be set out for new ventures.  But it is important that you be clear and focused in what it is that you are wanting.  Once again, the energies of community are in the air, with the possibility of seemingly random encounters in time leading to important contacts. You are part of some endeavor that is beginning to manifest itself, and that is good news.  The bad news is that there is still more work to do.