July 11-17

Overall Color for the Week:    Frost White

This is a week of small steps, small things, small shifts, and small changes, but know that lots of little small things can add up to big effects.  This is a week for patience and stepping back to look at the big picture.  Yes, there is a larger plan and everything that is going on is part of it.  but it is hard to see the big stuff when you get too embroiled in all the little stuff.  Be prepared also for ups and downs, blips and burps in electronic equipment and the power grid.  There is the potential for earth shifts and changes that can cause more problems with water issues.

Your emotions are going to be challenged this week, as a sense of things not being quite what they seem pervades the energy fields.  It is a good week to be the observer and take time to consider options before making decisions.  There is also a lot of serendipity in the air, which can favor the resolution of some long term goal and/or a chance encounter which leads to community or companionship.  Do not allow the serendipity, when it comes, to be short circuited by fears and anxieties that do not belong to you.  Know that through all of this, you are in control.  Oh, and do not be overly flustered if things seem crazy.  Expect stuff just to fall down, things to be out of place, calls to be made at the  wrong time, etc.  It is just what is happening this week.  There are a lot of conflicting energies in the air, and that is just part of what is making everything seem so odd.  Be alert to your body, and spend time working on WHO you are.

On the larger scene, there will be so many ups and downs, miscommunications, weird stories in the news, contradictions in the media, potential flare-ups, weather anomalies, financial woes, etc. that if you spend your time paying too much attention to everything out there, you are going to find that you have no energy left for anything.  The solar eclipse that starts the week will give way to solar activity on an unprecedented scale.  It can lead to political declarations that have long term and somewhat scary implications.  The oil in the Gulf is flowing farther and farther away from its source, as it tags on to underwater currents that heretofore had not been recognized,.  There is the possibility of an upsurge of oil in areas seemingly unconnected to the predicted flow pattern.  There will be more and more earthquakes and a few in very odd locations,  There is also the possibility of some kind of earth activity in a part of the globe that is not completely mapped and analyzed, so that when this happens, there will be no direct knowledge of what has just occurred and the event will only be know by its consequences.  The Earth is shaking this week, and it seems that people in central locations will find that a number of earth events, such as tornadoes,hail, and earthquakes all coincide.  On the other hand, there is a movement towards a new consciousness that will be making itself known as more people lend their energies to it, sometimes with out even knowing that they are so doing.  This is reflective of the growth of a new compassion within people’s hearts. Look also for reports of UFO’s and stories about ET’s among us.  And for those of you who work with crystals and minerals, know that they are all being recharged these days as the new energies arrive and the resonance of the Earth shifts.  it is a good time to start working with them again if you have stopped.   You may find that a lot of them have new personalities!

Sunday, July 11:    Mauve

New Moon, Solar Eclipse:    There is slipping and shaking in the air today.  This is not a good day for setting things firmly on their feet.  Do not attempt to get the facts because there will be a,much uncertainty behind what is coming your way.  expect friends. to be unreceptive and distracted.  Also you my be feeling physically out of sorts.  Do not worry about that.  This is a pivotal kind of day when things will not seem completely right.  If you accept that and go with it, then all will work out.  Do not expect too much of today, and you will not be disappointed.  Nighttime s a good time to relax and just enjoy the things that make you happy —  a good movie, a nice dinner, a great read.

A note about this solar eclipse:  This eclipse is a gateway eclipse.  It is an opening to new energies.  Its path falls on some of the least inhabited areas of the globe and covers largely ocean areas.  This is no accident.  There is a new chruning in the waters of this earth, and the energies of the eclipse will be awakening new currents and flows that will begin to be felt within the next two weeks.

Monday, July 12:    Pale Blue

Energy levels are going to be low today.  You may find it hard to get out of bed.  After that you might just feel yourself doing things by rote, and without a lot of concentration.  That is okay.  If you just allow your automatic pilot to kick in today, you will find that everything will work out fine.  Moreover you might just get a surprise at the end of the day that will bring a bit of clarity into an issue you have been working on for some time now.

Tuesday,  July 13:    Orange Amber

Today there is a bit of reality that is going to be coming your way.  It is best to be ready for it.  It is something that you have expected but had put off thinking about. Now it is here.  Take time before reacting, and take counsel from within or from good friends.  There is help all around you, and if you choose to recognize it and take advantage of it, you will find a new feeling on inner calm and rightness.  Know always that when you call for help, it will be there.

Wednesday, July 14:    Orange Yellow

This is a good day for getting things done.  The energy and ambition are there to finish up a lot of things that you have started.  There will be a positive result also to some kind of an issue you have been having with a relatively important person in your life.  You are going to feel yourself more relaxed than you have in a long time.  You will also find that you are finally ready to make some long term plans.  Go for it today, and if you are wanting to make some changes in your life, it is a good day to sit down, set out a program, and know that you have the power and the drive to get done whatever it is you desire.

Thursday, July 15:    Electric Pink

Things are going to look great today, but you will find yourself unable to shake a nagging sense of something not being right.  Pay attention to that sense for it is alerting you to some unexpected results and outcomes.  A lot of these can be attached to your work.  It is well to be aware that much of this is due to the actions of other people, and therefore out of your direct control.  Some of your activities will be taken out of context and be interpreted in a negative sense.  Because the energies of today do not favor predictability in people’s actions, your best bet will be to take the position of the observer.  Think before you act, and get all the facts before you voice an opinion.  If you can do this. at the end of the day, there will be no regrets.

Friday, July 16:    Deep Pink

Keep your eyes open today for signs and serendipities.  There is a bit of the trickster around today, but he is walking hand in hand with Lady Luck.  This is a good day to keep your sense of humor about you, and know that what lies on the surface mirrors what is underneath.,  By taking that kind of an attitude, you will find that there is a lot about today that makes you smile.  There will be synchronicities, and you will find that something you had hoped for materializes, seemingly against all odds. There is laughter in the air today, and it is best shared, so find some good compatriots and enjoy.

Saturday, July 17:    Violet

What the heck is going on?  The morning seems confused.  It is difficult to focus, even more so to get things done.,  You have a sense that you do not feel quite right, but you cannot hone in on any part of your body that really feels out of sorts.  It is just hard to get comfortable today.  Things will seem too loud, too long, not spicy enough, boring, etc.  This is just a passing phase, but you need to be aware of all these kind of odd sensations.  There are challenges coming your way, and it is a good time to know what is real from what just seems to be real.  This is a good day to spend some time working with yourself in journaling, painting, writing poetry, making a sand castle, meditating, baking cookies, whatever it is that lets your mid disengage for a bit and allows you heart to take center stage.