July 4-10

Overall Color for the Week:    Sky Blue

This is a week of unknowns.  But you can expect some of those unknowns to become known.  This an cause a lot of distress for some people and relief for others.  It is important in these days, as always, to stay centered in WHO you are and to be grounded and aware in all that you do.  There is new energy coming in and it has the potential to pull the rug out from some time-honored things.  Stay aware and be guarded in your relationships with people.  Take time to see the big picture before making any decisions or judgments, and do not be surprised by some of this week’s happenings.  Know also that some of those people who are working so hard to form your opinion according to their own agendas are only doing so for their own good, and they have no real care for you as a person.  Also it is a good time now to back up your files on a regular basis and make sure that you have in duplication anything that is dependent solely on electronic file.  The galactic oddity that I have mentioned previously is making itself felt more and more.  Do you really think that TV signals caused the supply ship to miss its rendezvous with the space station?

On the larger scale, a lot of those things that people were hoping would be kept hidden are going to be o0ming out into the open.  Once that happens, there will be no turning back.  There is the possibility of a general outcry from people in all areas. A picture will begin to emerge of just how far things have deteriorated.  Add to that the earth shifts and changes, and you will find that insecurity, doubt, and worry will be some of the major themes.   There is something more brewing in the Gulf, and there  are those who know about it, but who do not wish to make it public.  There are also faults in the Earth that are beginning to weaken and which can, in the next few weeks, cause earth movements in unexpected places.  The weather will be a factor this week all over, but the news media is going to work very hard to keep potentially disturbing news out of the public eye.  Meanwhile, the financial situation is getting worse, but you will not be hearing of that, rather they will tell you how the larger corporations are having banner quarters.  You can believe what you want to believe, but known that the truth of anything you want to know is out there.  It is up to you to go looking for it.  Oh, and more crop circles.   And new events in areas of ancient civilizations.  Whew, this is shaping up to be quite a hot summer.  Do not count on any of your weather being the same. Prepare for anything.  And back up your files regularly.  Also, power outages are possible, so keep some candles around.

This is not a time for excessive worry, rather it is a time to be strong within yourself and to keep an objective, yet open, eye on things that are happening.  You have the power and knowledge to deal with whatever is coming.  these are times that can cause you to question.  Certainly do that, and be ready for the answers that you find within your heart.  This is a time when intuition is getting very strong. Follow those urges.  At first you may find yourself wowed by the fact that by following your intuition things turned out a lot better than you expected.  After a while, you will be firm in the knowing that by listening to that inner voice things can turn out a lot better than you expected.

Sunday, July 4:    Magenta

Independence Day:     You will feel yourself hurried today, but let that go. This is a day for taking things slowly and as they come.  It is not a day for anticipating results, rather it is a day for just letting things happen as they will.  If you choose to anticipate things, you will find that you are not able to react to what is actually coming your way.  Things can happen today that were not supposed to happen, so be aware of that and be ready to respond to what actually does come your way.

Monday, July 5:    Dark Purple

There is something that is not quite right, and you will be feeling that from the moment you get up.  Your dreams were crazy, and even if you do not remember them, you will have a sense that something was going on there.   This is a day when a lot of things will be hidden from sight, so do not expect to get the full story on anything.  Take care in your driving and your dealings with others.  There is a potential for clashes and crashes.  As the evening approaches, you will feel as though everything has cooled off and that the whole day was somehow not real.  Take time then to relax and enjoy the company of friends, family, pets, or just yourself.  There is something that you will understand by the time the day is over.

Tuesday, July 6:    Bright Green

Look for some ups and downs in your experiences today.  The best way to approach things, is to tighten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.  There are a few things coming to light that can make you feel uncomfortable.  Some will deal with things you started  in the past, but never resolved.  There is the possibility of an encounter with a person that you have always seen as superior to you.  Do not let this person have the upper hand in your dealings. Stay firm in what you know and WHO you are.  It is not their place to dictate to you how they want you to be.  This is not a good day for over-indulgence. Also there is a message that is coming your way about some issue that you have been desiring.

Wednesday, July 7:    Dark Lavender

There will be some news coming today that will be upsetting not only to you but also to those around you.,  Keep your mind open and listen to what each and every person has to say.  It is important now for the emotions to be expressed, because by so doing there can evolve a community of people with a common vision.  There are people who want to join with you.  If you look inside your heart and follow its guidance, you will know your true kindred spirits.  Be aware also that your emotions can  surface unexpectedly today.  When that happens, take time to know their source.  It will bring new revelations about yourself.

Thursday, July 8:    Slate Blue

Things are going to be in your face today.  This is not a good day for investing too much of yourself into anything because things are going to be falling apart.  Certain plans and activities that you had in the works are not going to happen.  Keep a sense of humor and know that it is actually a good thing.  Take time this evening to go within, journal, paint, write a poem, dream a dream.  It is time to get in contact with your core self.  There is much inside of you that will help you through the crazy times that are coming up.

Friday, July 9:    Yellow-Orange

This morning will have an odd sense of unreality, and it will take you quite some time to ground yourself and get a grip on just what it is that is going on. Once you do, you will see that some of the things that you had thought were dead in the water are alive and well.   There is a project that you have been working on or thinking about, and there will be good news about that.  This is a good day to reward yourself, so do a bit of splurging, knowing the whole time that you deserve it.  And what you had been planning, there definitely is a light at the end of that tunnel.

Saturday, July 10:    Linen White

You know all of those celebrations you should have been having on the 4th?  Well, today is the day to party.  This is a day to take stock of all the great things that you have gone through in the past month and congratulate yourself for what you accomplished.  Know that in everything, you did the best you could.  These are times when it is important for the individual —YOU – to be firm in what you know and believe.  You have had some tough times in the recent past, but they have all worked to bring you to this point where you are able to take control of  various parts of your life that you thought were too much to handle.  You will also see today that there is a support network there for you.  So, hurray, go for it, and do a little celebrating tonight.